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Gifts That Give Back – What You Need to Know about Responsible Gift Giving for Your Sustainable Business

What could be better than improving relationships with customers, employees, and business partners than a gift basket full of carefully selected products and treats? We think it’s doing it in a sustainable and responsible way that not only “wows” your recipients, but that also contributes to society’s well-being and their own. So today, we dive into corporate Gifts That Give Back and ways you can leverage them for your business.

Responsible Gift Giving - Gifts that Give Back

How to Incorporate Gifts That Give Back into your Corporate Gift Giving

There are several ways you can incorporate a responsible gifting approach into your loyalty programs and corporate gift giving projects.

1. Commit to natural, organic, and eco-friendly gifts with sustainable packaging

Sometimes your business can become more friendly to the environment in a subtle way that will not require expensive product line upgrades or process re-invention. For instance, a change in the type of gift you send can do wonders. Instead of choosing gifts with lots of extra packaging, send from a variety of fruits, nuts, and healthy grazing snacks in a re-usable basket.

Healthy, green, and nutritious gifts do not have to be dull and boring! When you send business gifts as a part of a loyalty program, marketing efforts, or in recognition awards, it’s wise care for the recipient’s well-being and the environment’s safety all at the same time.

Gift Baskets Overseas has your sustainability goals covered. We’re working with our regional managers around the world on an eco-friendly packaging project. Our goals are to minimize use of plastic in gift wrapping and substitute it with earth-friendly, 100% recycled materials, while keeping our gift designs gorgeous.

From our first day in business, most of our baskets have been designed with full-sized products. Unlike most gift basket companies that use lots of packaging and small products, our designs result in less waste.

Bonus Tip: When choosing gifts for your team, business associates, or clients, consider their religious and dietary restrictions and preferences. There are kosher, vegan, halal options available at GBO for your programs.

2. Minimize transportation miles even for international gift delivery

It’s no surprise: every mile your gift or its contents travels counts. Because of this, efforts to minimize food and goods’ transportation miles are a part of many sustainability projects globally. You can contribute to the movement with your gift delivery by using local gift options for your international recipients. There is no need to research all those buiness though: Gift Baskets Overseas has done the work for you. We offer our sophisticated logistics chain that covers more than 200 countries and 50,000 cities and towns on all continents. We maintain local offices in our delivery regions, so you don’t have to search for local vendors anywhere you send a gift.

Using this type of delivery for your programs drastically reduces the transportation miles and related CO2 emissions. As a bonus, it also allows you to have your gifts delivered in just 2-3 business days.

3. Support local communities and business

Closely related to minimizing transportation miles, the next approach to responsible gift giving is contributing remotely to the success of local communities and small business. Gift Baskets Overseas organizes your gift delivery worldwide using local florists and gift businesses’ capacities. This ensures your gifts are fresh, that there is minimum transportation, and you receive the fastest international delivery available in the industry.

4. Make sure your gifts give back to meaningful causes

A very sustainable approach to gift sending is to make a donation to a charity that’s dependent on your budget. Though the selection process can be rather time- and effort consuming. At Gift Baskets Overseas, we conducted thorough research and partnered with one of the most reliable and trusted charities*, Rainforst Trust. Now, purchasing selected gifts from Gift Baskets Overseas contributes to the Rainforest Trust’s projects for rain forest conservation around the world.

Sending sustainable gifts to your employees, business partners, and clients in the most responsible way can be a significant part of your organization’s sustainability project. Gift Baskets Overseas is here to help with creating and supporting the program for you. Wonder how to start?

Good luck with your Gifts That Give Back initiative!

*based on the CharityNavigator index