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Gifting in Business: How Gifts Help Drum Up Business in 2022

One of the key factors to long-term growth and success is committing your enterprise to its core values. Aside from quality and business strategy, it is the quality of interpersonal relationships that ultimately run an enterprise. Today’s buyers want to be associated with a company that puts people first. One that values its clients and employees’ contribution to its overall success. Yes – gifts can improve your business – because gifts are more than just things.

Understanding the benefits of gifting in business can help you plan an effective corporate gifting strategy that helps your business grow. By gifting in the business setting, companies and CEOs can influence the psychology of their customers and employees. Let’s take a closer look at corporate gifting and how it can positively impact your business.

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What is Gifting in Business?

Gifting in business is sending a gift to an employee, prospect, or client to create a connection with the recipient. Whether you are thanking loyal clients, a hard-working employee, or reminding someone of your company, a gift can make all the difference.

Gifts are intended to strengthen corporate relations and personal connections between customers, clients, and workers. The best part? Most research agrees that corporate gifts improve business in many ways that business giants are sure to utilize.

Why is Gifting in Business Important for Your Company?

The fundamental goal of every business is to attract more customers and acquire a larger market share through the use of the best marketing and sales strategies. Gifting in business is a fantastic marketing technique and plays a significant role in most business cultures. Receiving a gift is a powerful experience; it fosters a bond with the giver and can create a good association with a person or a business. Companies and marketing teams have long depended on the power of giving to strengthen business relationships, as well as to express gratitude for their loyalty. As a result, gifting can be extremely beneficial in terms of ROI and customer satisfaction when utilized as a part of your annual marketing or sales initiatives. 

Gifting in business is a powerful tool for promoting established and new company operations. Receiving a gift can directly affect a person’s feelings and thoughts towards a company or brand. Creating an almost instantaneous positive association with the business is beneficial in sustaining and growing the current collaboration.

Four People in business attire sitting with flowers and coffee

Four benefits of Corporate Gift-Giving

If you’ve ever received a surprise gift, whether in person or by mail, you’ve experienced the wonder of opening it. Everyone loves gifts; they are thoughtful, surprising, and bring about warm feelings. Corporate gifts are an excellent investment because they benefit the giver as much as they excite the receiver. So we have created a brief list of some of the ways corporate gifts can benefit your business.

1. Boost employee productivity and morale

Corporate gifts are not exclusively for long-term customers and prospects. It can also be a thoughtful way to appreciate your employees’ contributions and productivity during a stressful year. Good corporate gifting policies help to spread positivity within the workplace and inspire employees to adjust to current socio-economic changes. A high-quality and well-personal gift generates a sense of connection and belonging to the company. This will ultimately motivate your team and boost productivity. 

Gifting your employees is a great way to remind them that they are an invaluable resource to your brand. While simultaneously boosting morale and encouraging professional development within the company. According to research, 57 percent of respondents say that receiving direct mail from their employees helps them feel more valued. 

2. Build long-lasting customer relationships 

Investing in developing long-term customer relationships will encourage growth within the enterprise and increase customer value. Sending gifts, big or small, shows your appreciation, and will help strengthen old relationships and build new ones. 

Sending a ‘remember me’ gift to your past customers is a smart way to keep your business at the forefront of their minds. While subtly inviting them to continue doing business with you. 

3. Gain reviews and referrals 

Whether in person or by direct mail, sending simple and effective corporate gifts grabs the recipient’s attention. And a well-timed gift can excite the recipient and make them share their happiness with their friends and colleagues. This creates a positive association with the brand. This act creates positive word-of-mouth, paving the way for repeat business and referrals. The more people who speak positively about your brand, the more you gain visibility and traction. Corporate gifts are one of the most effective ways to stay at the top of people’s minds.

One of the most effective ways to increase positive brand association is through thoughtful, personalized corporate gifts. This is how you let your clients know that you always have their best interests at heart. 

4. Save time and money 

Planning an annual gifting campaign for your employees, clients, and prospects should be simple and effective. It’s important for clients and employees to feel as though your gifts are intentional and personal. It’s not so much about the price of the gift but rather the relevance of the gift. So, when people genuinely love the gifts, will you enjoy brand improvement. 

Always remember that personalized gifts indicate your care and attention to clients/employees, making you a relationship-driven business enterprise. In addition, the act of sending corporate gifts will encourage more investors and the public to try your services. 

Now You Know How Corporate Gifts Can Benefit Your Business: What’s Next?

For any questions about corporate gifting, request a consultation with one of our team members.