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Gift Baskets Overseas in Belgium — Behind the Scenes Series

We are glad to invite you again to our very own Behind The Scenes series! This time we’re visiting Brussels with GBO’s Supplier Relations Representative Katrina Shelton and meeting with Gift Baskets Overseas in Belgium.

Gift Baskets Overseas in Belgium: it's a family business there!
Gift Baskets Overseas Team in Belgium: it’s a family business there!

Gift Baskets Overseas in Belgium — unique personal touch

Just like the Gift Baskets Overseas French team that we interviewed last year, in Belgium that’s a family business working with GBO for many years now.

Miriam and Thierry are a married couple living in Brussels. They are utterly dedicated and passionate about their business: creating and delivering gifts.


Throughout the year, and even during the holiday season when orders for Christmas gift baskets and corporate gifts are coming in hundreds at a time, Miriam arranges them herself adding charming personal touches and seasonal decorations to every gift basket depending on each customer’s requirements.

Look at this wonderful Christmas hamper ready for delivery! It’s not only tasty with its selection of wine and sweets, it actually creates a festive mood for the recipient.


But what happens after the basket is made and wrapped?

In Brussels and the metropolitan area, Thierry delivers these baskets himself immediately after they are ready. Gift Baskets Overseas is proud to be able to offer delivery in 2-3 business days to virtually every country in the world, and because of Theirry’s efforts, Belgium is no exception

True to their family business nature, Miriam and Thierry create and deliver gifts with the attention to detail and dedication that’s so important to Gift Baskets Overseas corporate culture.

Now that you’ve met the Gift Baskets Overseas team in Belgium, what’s next?