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Creative Approach to Corporate Gifts for Leads or Clients: My Very Own First Attempt to Build a Basket

When a request for an interview came in, I was quite excited. What are the questions going to be? How exactly should I look and sound? The host of Real Life Matters, Darlita DBoss Bostic, is a popular video blogger and podcaster among the immigrant community in Toronto. She wanted to tell her audience about Gift Baskets Overseas and how we make corporate and personal gift delivery happen so fast to any country in the world. That was definitely a topic of interest for her followers who are newcomers to Canada, with families and friends around the globe. Plus, I was eager to share, and try a creative approach to corporate gifts myself!

Creative approach to corporate gifts: Let’s try handmade!

Immediately, I decided that showcasing a product is a good idea. I also knew this would make a nice gift to the host! At the same time, I wanted to try to represent the whole process that Gift Baskets Overseas offers, which is not only a speedy delivery, but also building a perfect gift for your leads, customers, or even a partner.

Don’t get me wrong: usually digital marketing specialists don’t build and deliver gifts. Yep, we build campaigns and deliver messages, and then, once you are persuaded, our very experienced customer service team makes sure your order is ready and delivered on time to your recipient. But this time, armed with all the expertise I could borrow from my colleagues, I committed to build a gift basket myself.

Let’s think about it for a moment. Handmade or custom made corporate gifts for employees and clients can show greater appreciation and respect to those who matter most for your business. In many cases, a corporate gift can also offer an opportunity to showcase your product or service in an unexpected way and stay top of mind for them.

Of course, it is easier to use a creative approach to corporate gifts when you are located near your clients and partners. In the case of international business, you will need help to make this happen, but still it’s possible to create unique gift baskets tailored to your recipients’ needs. For example, look at this gourmet gift basket builder. It allows you to select items to display in a special hand-weaved basket or a gift box. Then, you can send it immediately, or easily organize gift deliveries to multiple addresses.

Try this yourself! Building a handmade corporate gift for employees or clients

But back to my basket. I knew that DBoss is a busy business woman who would enjoy healthy products that boost energy and lift up mood. So I decided to fill my basket with fruit, vitamins, gourmet snacks, and imported wine. Arranging the gift selection appeared to be an art in and of itself! What really helped me in the process was insight from all the interviews we had inside the Gift Baskets Overseas team around the world last year. By the way, if you didn’t have a chance to read them yet, try this one: Interview with Mickael Paul, Gift Baskets Overseas in France.

Actually, it took me much longer than it takes our gift specialists to deal with a bunch of orders. For sure it’s not my strong suit, though I utterly enjoyed the process and now can recommend you try this as a team activity in the office! If you try it, you’ll see it’s a nice stress reliever and allows you to take good care of your staff or partners in a whole new way.

Creative approach to corporate gifts: what to take into consideration

I think there are few key things to keep in mind when building a custom corporate gift, whether it’s a gift basket or any other handmade present.

  • Relationship to the recipient: Depending on who they are, product choice, brands, decoration will be different
  • Their interests and tastes: Just like I knew beforehand  who was getting this basket and something about their lifestyle, you need to understand what exactly can make the day for your gift recipient
  • Special needs and requirements: This kind of information is not always readily available, but do your due diligence to know if they have any food sensitivities, if any particular types of product should be avoided

My small gift basket was a hit at Real Life Matters; you can watch the whole interview below!

What’re the next steps?

And don’t forget: the more thoughtful your corporate gift is, the more top of mind you are for your partners and clients!