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Corporate Gifting Tools That Help You During The Holiday Season

To help our customers prepare for the upcoming holiday season, the Gift Baskets Overseas team continues rolling out and updating corporate gifting tools that make your order experience seamless. This year, we have already introduced a number of them and promised more to come. So, to wrap up 2021 we’ve put all of this exciting news into one convenient list.

Corporate Gifting Tools That Help You During The Holiday Season

Corporate Gifting Tools: Get Timely Reminders to Send Gifts

First of all, we are thrilled to announce some updates to the My Account features. Now you’re able to set up reminders for yourself about dates that are important to you and specific recipients. It’s really easy for a few important dates to slip through the cracks when you have so much on your schedule! With timely reminders, you will never be late to congratulate your colleague, business partner, or associate and surprise them with something unique. Keep track of dozens of different birthdays, work anniversaries, and more confidently, knowing you’ll get an email reminder to order a gift for your recipient’s special day!

Corporate Gifting Tools: Get Timely Reminders to Send Gifts

Check out your address book and start setting up reminders to send gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions in each of your recipients’ lives. Below, find the video explainer for Multiple Order Scheduler, another cool feature that we introduced this year.

Address Request Tool: Send Gifts Without Knowing Their Addresses

Long since gone are the wonderful old days when knowing one corporate office address meant you could deliver to hundreds of your colleagues or clients. In the Work From Home era, collecting the home address data from all recipients on your list is becoming the most daunting and tedious part of the process.

Don’t let it ruin your holiday season! The new Address Request Tool from Gift Baskets Overseas has been successfully tested in thousands of corporate gift deliveries and will help you skip this step entirely. This is how it works: We create a landing page for you to send to your recipients. If you want to get real fancy, you even have the option to let your recipients pick from a variety of gifts you pre-selected. They’ll fill out their address and the best time for them to receive the gift.

No more wondering if they’ll be traveling for the holidays, or if they moved and didn’t tell you. You choose if you would like for our Corporate Gift Specialists to send your recipients your landing page link. If you prefer to send it yourself to ensure the email or text comes from someone they recognize, you absolutely can. Once we’ve collected their responses, we’ll handle the follow-up with the recipients if more information is needed. You can see the Address Request demo here >>

E-Gift Campaigns: Your Customers Can Choose!

When you need to send a gift card, you’re giving your recipients the power to choose what gift they want, and when they want to get it. That’s pretty perfect for the holidays. Now, we can help you launch an E-Gift Campaign that will help you quickly and easily handle surprising everyone on your list.

The workflow for using this tool is pretty straightforward.

  • — First, decide if you want to send your e-Gift Certificates with an Email blast or via SMS messages.
  • — Then, fill out the Bulk Order Form with all your recipients’ names, email addresses (or their phone numbers if you choose an SMS campaign).
  • — Next, craft your message that will go out with the gift. At this point, you can even add your company’s logo!
  • — Choose the amount to send in your e-Gift Certificates, and save on the value of each gift.
  • — Send us your order for processing.

It’s that easy! Learn more about E-Gift services here >>

Save Your Budget With Store Credit

When you are closing out your accounts for the end of the year and realize you have an unspent marketing budget, don’t panic! You can now invest in future gifts that can help set you up for even greater success the following year. That’s especially important now that the year is coming to a close.

All you need to do to secure your budget is fill out a form here>> We’ll get back to you with an invoice and secure payment link so you can finalize your purchase and add the amount to your account. Your funds are now available for you whenever you need them!

Corporate Gifting Tools: Save Your Budget With Store Credit

Corporate Gifting Tools: What’s Next

To wrap up our corporate gifting tools overview, we wanted to remind you that when it comes to ordering holiday gifts: the earlier you order, the better! Take a look at the holiday list on our main page to get an idea of the best time to order if you want your gifts to arrive before Christmas.

I hope this overview will help you manage corporate gifts during this winter season. Happy upcoming holidays!