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Corporate Gifting Tools 2023 – Updates to Streamline International Gifts

With over 20 years of experience in delivering international gifts, our team at Gift Baskets Overseas has had a lot of time to learn the ins and outs. This is exactly why we offer corporate gifting tools that make your life easier.  Each year we update and release new tools to ensure that you have everything you need at your fingertips to run a successful corporate gift campaign.

This year, we’re proud to announce a few of the standouts in our corporate gifting tools 2023. Designed to help you stand out not only with holiday gifting, but with year-round gifts your Sales and Marketing Teams can use to help your brand break through the noise.

Corporate Gifting Tools - Keyboard with a gift key

Corporate Gifting Tools 2023 – Calculate Your Savings

The first tool we’ll discuss in this blog is likely the most convincing for your accounting department. The Gift Savings Calculator is designed to give you a quick and easy look at all of the savings you’ll enjoy when you buy your gifts in bulk.  With the ability to order your gifts up to a year in advance, you can show your team the cost-benefits of ordering all of your birthday, holiday, anniversary, and VIP appreciation gifts at once by filling out some basic information.

Corporate gifting tools - calculate your benefits landing page

Once filled out, the Gift Savings Calculator shows you how much time and money you’ll save. Breaking it all down into one easy-to-read landing page! This page is perfect for a 5-minute elevator pitch you can give your boss and accounting department.

What to Give – Gift Recommendations Based On Your Needs

When it comes to corporate gifting tools, nothing beats getting some help selecting your gifts for your lucky recipients. The What To Give tool helps you narrow down your gift search in one country based on the following criteria:

  • – Your Budget
  • – Where you’re sending gifts to
  • – Who you are sending the gifts to
  • – The occasion
  • – Your preferences for the kinds of goods included in the gift baskets

Armed with this information, the What To Give tool cherry-picks the most appropriate gifts for you. It’s like getting a custom gift catalog curated just for your needs.

Corporate Gifting Tools - What to give landing page screen shot

Updates to the Address Request Service

Our Address Request Service has been one of our most popular corporate gifting tools since its inception. The past year has seen a lot of updates to this particular tool. The process is now even easier for you and your recipients. The perks remain the same, you are able to send gifts to every recipient on your list, even if you don’t have their physical address. All you need is their full name, the country they live in, and email address, and our team can handle collecting their current address for you.

Even better, you and your team now have several options when it comes to selecting gifts. You can hand-select your gifts for each recipient as you usually would. Or, you can give them options by selecting three different gifts you think your recipients will enjoy, and they’ll be invited to pick from this selection. Finally, you can take advantage of our custom gift collections. You can let us know your budget per gift, along with the occasion for sending the gifts, and we create a custom gift collection for you. Your recipients will then be able to select from the gifts available in this selection.

Corporate Gifting Tools - Address Request Example

Classic Corporate Gifting Tool – Gift Wizard

The Corporate Gift Wizard is our first automated gift selection tool, and still one of the favorites of our corporate customers new and old. With this tool, you can quickly and easily generate gift catalogs for multiple countries based on the following:

  • – Countries of delivery
  • – If you want to include alcohol or not
  • – Budget per gift
  • – Occasion
  • – Number of people sharing the gift
  • – The goal of your campaign

This will narrow down our catalogs of hundreds of gifts into those that are most relevant for you and your team. Or, if you’d prefer, you can even check a box that will instruct one of our Corporate Gift Experts to select gifts for you. The team will reply to you via email and guide you through the rest of the gift order process.

Corporate Gift Vendor – Streamline Your Year-Round Gifting

While it’s technically not part of our corporate gifting tools, this last page is still designed to save your team time and effort. If your company requires forms to be filled out and pre-approved each and every time you buy gifts, you might consider onboarding Gift Baskets Overseas as an approved corporate vendor.  Our team is ready and waiting for you to tell us the steps we need to follow to be onboarded as an approved vendor for your company.

What Next

If you want to hear more about our corporate gifting tools feel free to contact us using any of our international phone numbers or email us at [email protected]. We’re standing by 24/7, ready to answer all of your questions and to help you impress your VIPs with international gifts!

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