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Corporate Gifting Strategy: How to Gift Beyond the Holidays

In today’s competitive business world, building a robust company culture is crucial for success. One strategy often overlooked but can have a significant impact is implementing a year-round corporate gifting strategy. This approach goes beyond the traditional holiday gestures and seamlessly integrates appreciation and recognition into a company’s culture. It helps to create a positive work environment in the long run!

Our latest blog unpacks everything you need to know about the importance and benefits of year-round corporate gifting. We cover corporate gifting occasions and choosing the perfect gift, as well as how to execute your corporate gifting strategy. Read below as Gift Baskets Overseas offers their expertise in corporate gifting beyond the holidays. 

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Why Invest in a Year-Round Corporate Gifting Strategy: The Evolution of Corporate Gifting 

Research shows that almost 60% of businesses are gifting more now than in 2020. And, many studies support that this surge in corporate gift-giving is linked to the global pandemic. Amid social distancing and, eventually, remote working, the pandemic completely reshaped the professional landscape as we knew it. It is here where fostering connections and meaningful relationships became paramount. 

We are now witnessing a conscious endeavor by businesses to humanize interactions, express empathy, and fortify relationships. They are recognizing that in an increasingly digital world, fostering genuine connections is not just desirable but fundamental to thriving in the modern business landscape. And this is where investing in a corporate gifting strategy comes in! 

Beyond seasonal festivities, regular corporate gifting is a vital conduit for reinforcing connections and fostering lasting relationships. By acknowledging milestones, commemorating achievements, and celebrating noteworthy occasions irrespective of the calendar, such a strategic approach cultivates a sense of appreciation amongst your employees. 

The Benefits of Giving Your Employees Gifts Year-Round

Embracing a year-round gifting strategy isn’t just about occasional acts of kindness; it’s a savvy investment that pays dividends in the long run! Consistently gifting employees throughout the year fosters a culture of appreciation and recognition. And it lays a solid foundation for employee satisfaction and retention. Below are a few ways your company will benefit from giving your employees corporate gifts

Enhanced Morale and Satisfaction – Continuous gifting fosters a culture of appreciation, boosting employee morale and satisfaction throughout the year. This ongoing recognition leads to a motivated workforce.

Reduced Turnover and Recruitment Costs – A culture of appreciation significantly reduces turnover rates as employees are more likely to remain loyal to a company that values them. This cuts down on expenses related to hiring and training new staff.

Long-term Business Growth – Prioritizing year-round employee gifting lays the groundwork for sustained employee satisfaction, high-performance teams, and a vibrant company culture. This, in turn, becomes a crucial element for driving long-term business success and expansion in a competitive market.

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Planning and Executing Your Corporate Gifting Strategy: A 4-Step Guide

When it comes to creating an effective corporate gifting strategy, there is no such thing as a  one-size-fits-all solution. However, you should take a few steps to ensure you’re gifting your employees with intention and reaching your corporate gifting goals. Take a look at our 5-step guide for creating a sustainable yearly corporate gifting strategy no matter the size of your business: 

Step 1: What is Your Budget?

You probably know by now that budgeting is always the very first step for any new business venture. Knowing how much you can invest financially into corporate gifting also helps fill in the blanks for other important considerations like: 

  • What kinds of gifts are you able to offer your team?  
  • How often are you able to send gifts throughout the year?
  • How much are you able to spend on each recipient?

Creating a budget first ensures that your corporate gifting strategy is not only effective but efficient too! So, remember to take intentional steps during the planning process. 

Step 2: Sourcing and Branding Your Gifts 

With so many online stores and gift options flooding the market, choosing the perfect gifts for your team can feel overwhelming! But, the good news is that all you really need is a reliable and trustworthy international gifting service to do the work for you. And, yes, we’re talking about ourselves,! Here are a few ways we make corporate gifting a stress-free experience: 

Step 3: Employee Satisfaction

You wouldn’t buy any recipient a gift without having an idea of what they like, and the same should apply to your employees. While it usually isn’t cost-effective to offer every member of your team their own personalized gift, there are a few ways to ensure everyone feels appreciated: 

  • Asking your team for input on gift preferences. 
  • Adding personalized messages and thank you notes to their gift. (Learn how to write a business thank you note!) 
  • Prioritizing quality over quantity. 

By considering your employees’ preferences and adding a touch of personalization, you’re more likely to impress them with your gift selection. 

Step 4: Tracking Your Success 

Tracking the success of your corporate gifting campaign is crucial to understanding its impact. By measuring the effectiveness of your gifting initiatives, you gain valuable insights into their influence on employee satisfaction. Metrics such as recipient feedback, engagement rates, and retention numbers provide tangible indicators of how well your corporate gifting strategy resonates with your recipients.

Additionally, tracking the return on investment (ROI) in terms of increased productivity and employee morale helps quantify the campaign’s success. And, finally, measuring your success can also help you make informed decisions to refine future strategies. This ultimately ensures that every gift contributes meaningfully to your company’s goals.

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How to Execute Your Corporate Gifting Strategy Throughout the Year: When and What to Gift 

Now that you know how to create a corporate gifting strategy, you may still be wondering when and what to gift your employees. We’ve curated a list of appropriate occasions as well as gift ideas so you can spoil your team year-round: 

Thank You Gifts

Express gratitude for every hurdle conquered, achievement unlocked, triumph celebrated, and setback faced during the journey. Whether it’s recognizing outstanding work, honoring a significant project, or commending those who exceed expectations, thank you gifts serve as an exceptional gesture to demonstrate appreciation to your team members.

Gifts we suggest: 


Birthdays present an excellent chance to acknowledge the vital individuals within your business on a personal and individual level.

Gifts we suggest: 

Employee Rewards and Recognition

Your employees dedicate themselves to your business, making it essential to demonstrate your appreciation. Evolving work methods demand fresh approaches to nurturing robust workplace connections among colleagues, teams, managers, and staff members. Seek out novel chances to celebrate achievements—whether it’s hitting sales milestones, recognizing mid-year or quarterly excellence, honoring employees of the month, commemorating successful seasons, or applauding product and project launches! 

Gifts we suggest: 

Just Because and Other Occasions

Work-life balance is more important than ever before. So, craft new opportunities throughout the year that offer a refreshing break from work obligations. Workplace team-building activities accompanied by gourmet food gifts serve as an excellent means for you to uphold your company’s values. While also allowing for employees to reflect, celebrate, and socialize.

Gifts we suggest: 

The Future of Corporate Gifts Goes Beyond Holiday Gifting, and So Should You

In today’s dynamic corporate landscape, fostering company culture and nurturing strong relationships with employees is paramount. Embracing the power of strategic year-round corporate gifting is an essential step for any forward-thinking business! From celebrating milestones to promoting work-life balance, the impact of thoughtful gifting extends far beyond a mere gesture. It becomes a cornerstone in propelling long-term business growth. 

And, by choosing the right gift delivery service, you can ensure that your appreciation efforts resonate effectively. Start your corporate gifting journey by sending us a corporate inquiry today!

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