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Gift Baskets Overseas vs Teleflora: A Comparison of Two International Gift Delivery Services

On the long journey of exploring international gift delivery services, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. That’s why we’re exploring two of the Top 10 Global Gift Delivery Services. To help new shoppers understand what the best of the best looks like – and make informed decisions on who to trust with their precious gifts.

Today is a deep dive into Gift Baskets Overseas vs Teleflora. These two international gifting giants each boast quality service, unique features, and charming international gifts. In this blog, we’ll break down the key differences between these two companies. Doing a side-by-side comparison of  6 key major points customers consider during gift shopping online.

Gift Baskets Overseas vs Teleflora online ordering

Comparing Gift Baskets Overseas vs Teleflora

As with our last comparison of two international gift delivery services – we’ve chosen to look at the following:

Each section carefully dissects the highlights of each company. Breaking down the pros and cons of Gift Baskets Overseas vs Teleflora. As well as highlighting unique and exciting features for corporate customers interested in launching corporate gift campaigns.

Gift Baskets Overseas: Your Global Gift-Giving Solution

Gift Baskets Overseas is a premier global gift delivery service that has revolutionized the way people send gifts to loved ones, colleagues, and clients across international borders. Founded with the mission of making international gift-giving seamless and personal, Gift Baskets Overseas has established itself as a trusted leader in the industry. This Gift Baskets Overseas profile highlights the company’s dedication to exceptional customer service, high-quality products, and a vast delivery network.

Gift Baskets Overseas demonstrates a strong commitment to social and global responsibility by prioritizing ethical sourcing and sustainable practices in all aspects of their operations. They partner with suppliers who adhere to fair trade principles, ensuring that their products are produced under humane and environmentally friendly conditions. This dedication to ethical business practices supports global communities and ensures that customers can feel good about their gift choices, knowing they are contributing to a more sustainable and equitable world.

Teleflora: A Blossoming Legacy in Floral Delivery

Teleflora was founded in 1934 by Edwin S. Douglas in Los Angeles, California. Originally known as Telegraph Delivery Service, the company revolutionized the floral industry by connecting local florists through a national network, allowing customers to easily send flowers across the country. This innovative approach set the stage for Teleflora’s growth and transformation into one of the largest and most trusted floral delivery services worldwide.

Teleflora provides an array of options, from traditional bouquets to contemporary designs. Additionally, they offer seasonal collections and customizable arrangements, allowing customers to personalize their gifts to perfectly match the recipient’s preferences and the occasion’s theme.

Gift Baskets Overseas vs Teleflora care package

Gift Baskets Overseas vs Teleflora: Product Range Comparison

At the core of any successful international gift delivery service lies the diversity and richness of its gift selection. The variety offered by a gift company plays a crucial role in shaping the customer experience. Gifts are deeply personal and intimate, and a wide selection ensures there is something perfect for every recipient and occasion.

This variety is even more critical for astute business professionals seeking to enhance their corporate gifting strategies. Business gifts must create a memorable impact and comply with specific guidelines when delivered to business addresses.

Gift Baskets Overseas: International Gifts for Every Occasion

Gift Baskets Overseas strives to make sending gifts around the world easy. More than this – the company excels at ensuring a rich and vibrant selection of culturally appropriate gifts for every country of delivery. This diverse selection of gifts embraces a wide variety of tastes, cultures, diets, and religious practices.

Popular Gift Baskets Overseas Offerings: Gourmet Goods, Cheeses, Sweets, Desserts, Fruit, Wine, Beer, Champagne, Liquor, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Technology Gifts, Flowers, Plans, Jewelry, Snacks, Care Packages, Spa Gifts, Health Care Gifts, Experience Gifts, International Gift Cards, Edible Bouquets, Gift Towers, Chocolate, and more!

Teleflora: Bouquets that Help Relationships Bloom

Teleflora’s rich catalog of flowers focuses on dynamic bouquets and bouquet add-ons. This dedication to all things flowers offers customers a uniquely diverse bouquet shopping experience. However, it also leaves a lot to desire when sending gifts to those with seasonal allergies or a distaste for flowers.

Popular Teleflora Offerings: Flowers, Balloons, Chocolates, and more.

Gift Baskets Overseas vs FTD: Pricing and Value

Continuing further into the comparison of these two international gift delivery services, it is vital to discuss pricing and value. After all, everyone wants to make the most of each dollar spent and ensure their gifts make lasting impressions.

Gift Baskets Overseas offers a wide range of luxurious gift baskets tailored for international delivery. Their pricing reflects the premium quality of products and the cost of ensuring timely delivery across borders. With Gift Baskets Overseas, you are investing in personalized, high-quality gifts that make a lasting impression, complete with exceptional customer service. Most importantly, customers can find gifts to fit any budget. With selections ranging from $50 – $1200 USD, customers can send everything from casual care packages to high-end electronics.

Teleflora’s specialization in floral gifts leaves very little room for making higher-end gifts. FTD’s pricing tends to be more competitive, with a focus on affordability and convenience. Customers enjoy the beauty and elegance of bouquets – and also their budget-friendly nature. With bouquets between $40 and $200 USD, most personal gift occasions are covered. However, corporate customers may find it harder to find something suitable for building connections in the business world.

Beyond the gift pricing lies the value the company brings to the gift-giving experience.

Gift Baskets Overseas: Corporate Tools and Cultural Tips

This company continues to go above and beyond basic gift delivery in order to empower customers to elevate their gifting game. The company offers a large blog collection on diverse gifting topics such as international holidays, gifting customs in various countries, and tips for corporate customers to elevate their corporate gift campaigns, employee rewards programs, and more.

Additionally – the company offers a loyalty program for customers that rewards them for each gift purchased. Beyond that, the company boasts a wide variety of corporate gifting tools dedicated to streamlining bulk orders and helping with gift selections. The address request service is a game changer for corporate clients – empowering customers to send gifts to valued recipients when you only have the recipients’ e-mail or cell phone number.

Teleflora: Customer Rewards and Flower Care

With so many years in the business – it’s clear Teleflora knows a thing or two about flowers. The company freely shares this knowledge with customers, offering flower care tips and tricks. Additionally, Teleflora also features a customer loyalty program, rewarding customers for each order they place.

Gift Baskets Overseas vs Teleflora: Delivery and Shipping

Selecting the perfect gift is only one part of a (hopefully short) journey of international gift delivery. The next and maybe second most important part is the actual delivery itself. After all – putting your trust in any gift delivery services means you expect quality and timely delivery. The whole point is to make the process as easy as possible so you, the customer, don’t have to stress about the logistics. Savvy customers, especially corporate clients, look for companies that can be a one-stop-shop for gifts around the world.

Delivery Location: Gift Baskets Overseas once again wins this category. With delivery to over 200 countries, it’s hard to beat. Teleflora offers delivery to 63 countries, which is still quite respectable.

Delivery Fees and Times: When it comes to comparing Gift Baskets Overseas vs Teleflora delivery fees and times – the race is much closer. Each company offers delivery in as little as 1 to 3 business days. Surprisingly, Gift Baskets Overseas offers slightly cheaper delivery fees, between $18 and $25 USD, while servicing over double the counties. Teleflora’s delivery fees range between $15 and $30 USD.

Gift Baskets Overseas vs Teleflora customer service

Gift Baskets Overseas vs Teleflora: Customer Service and Support

Both of these international gift delivery services put a huge emphasis on customer satisfaction. Both Gift Baskets Overseas and Teleflora offer 24/7 customer support and flexible payment options. However, Gift Baskets Overseas offers just a bit more than Teleflora:

  • Multilingual customer support
  • More payment options than Teleflora
  • More ways to contact customer service than Teleflora.
  • A personal human assistant for corporate customers


Gift Baskets Overseas vs Teleflora: Reviews and Feedback

The last, and possibly most popular way to decide which international delivery service is right for you is to check customer reviews. After all, customer feedback gives potential new customers the chance to see how the company actually performs. Even reports of gifts gone wrong can demonstrate the company’s willingness to make things right.

Once again – we’ve chosen to look at Trust Pilot reviews for each company.

First, we look at Gift Baskets Overseas. The reviews speak volumes about the company’s reliability and dedication to thoughtful gifts made easy. With a 4.6 star average out of 539 total reviews, customers applaud the company’s ownership and reliable speedy delivery times.  

Following up with a look at Teleflora – it’s truly a tale of two international gift delivery services. With over 11,000 reviews on and an average Trust Pilot score of 2.9 stars, it’s clear to see that customers are left feeling as though the service wasn’t up to par. Customers noted the dedication to follow up on order issues was lacking, and communication with the customer service team was frustrating.

Choosing What Works Best for You

When it comes to finding the perfect international gift delivery service – it truly is all about personal preferences. And it is clear that both Gift Baskets Overseas and Teleflora are dedicated to helping customers navigate gifts with ease. However, each company offers unique approaches to services and customer interactions.

Gift Baskets Overseas’ extensive and varied catalog of gifts delivered around the world ensures something can be found for everyone, no matter the occasion. While Teleflora’s nearly 100-year legacy of specializing in floral delivery certainly makes for an impressive record. Recent reviews paired with a limited catalog leave some customers with doubts.

* The information gathered here is based on the opinion of our writer and available public information as of May 28, 2024. It’s possible that some information mentioned here is inaccurate or incomplete. Please contact each company directly to inquire about their services and current prices.

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