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Gift Baskets Overseas vs FTD: Comparing Two International Gift Delivery Services

In the realm of gifting, especially in today’s interconnected world, the convenience of international gift delivery services cannot be overstated. Whether it’s celebrating a birthday, expressing gratitude, or commemorating a special occasion, the ability to send a thoughtful gift across borders seamlessly adds a whole new dimension to the act of giving.

Among the plethora of options available, Gift Baskets Overseas and FTD stand as top picks for people exploring international gift delivery options. Each boasts a unique set of features, services, and advantages, making them go-to choices for individuals looking to send heartfelt gestures across continents.

In this blog, we delve into a comprehensive comparison between Gift Baskets Overseas and FTD. From their range of offerings to delivery reliability and customer experience, we’ll dissect the key aspects that differentiate these two giants in the international gift delivery industry. Whether you’re pondering your next gift for a loved one abroad or simply curious about the best options available, join us as we explore the nuances of Gift Baskets Overseas versus FTD.


Gift Baskets Overseas vs FTD: Comparing Two International Gift Delivery Services


Comparing Gift Baskets Overseas and FTD

The journey of comparing international gift delivery services began in this blog: Best 10 Global Gift Delivery Services. Today, we dive into an in-depth look of Gift Baskets Overseas vs FTD. Once again, the focus of this comparison is on major points customers consider when shopping for international gifts.

Additionally, we’ll break down the features unique for corporate customers looking to launch corporate gift campaigns.


Gift Baskets Overseas: Connecting Hearts Across Borders

Gift Baskets Overseas emerged as a beacon of convenience and thoughtfulness in the realm of international gifting. Founded with the vision of bridging distances and fostering connections, this company has carved a niche for itself in the global gift delivery landscape. With a mission to make sending gifts across borders as effortless as possible, Gift Baskets Overseas has revolutionized the way people express their sentiments across continents.

With a focus on social and global responsibility, Gift Baskets Overseas carefully nurtures relationships with small businesses around the world to ensure culturally thoughtful gifts in every country. The company’s focus on diversity, dependability, inclusivity, and customer satisfaction helped the company emerge as an industry leader for the last 20 years.


FTD: Delivering Moments, Creating Memories

FTD, also known as Florists’ Transworld Delivery, is a renowned name in the world of gifting and floral arrangements, established in 1910. Today, the brand has leaned into the old-world charm with classic bouquet gifts delivered around the world.

From humble beginnings as a cooperative of florists exchanging orders via telegraph, FTD has grown into a trusted brand synonymous with beauty, elegance, and heartfelt sentiment.


Gift Baskets Overseas vs FTD: Product Range Comparison

At the heart of every international gift delivery service is its gift selection. The range and variety of gifts offered by any gift company is an integral part of the customer experience. After all, gifts are intimate and personal. A wide selection ensures that there is a gift for everyone and every occasion.

For savvy businesspeople looking to elevate their corporate gifting strategy, this variety is doubly important. Business gifts not only need to make the right lasting impression but also adhere to strict rules when delivered to business addresses.


Gift Baskets Overseas: Culturally Responsible Gifts

This dynamic company takes pride in its unique approach, forging partnerships with local small businesses worldwide to curate one of the most diverse catalogs imaginable. It’s not just about sending a gift; it’s about embracing the rich tapestry of tastes, cultures, diets, and religions that make our world so wonderfully diverse.

Popular Gift Baskets Overseas Offerings: Gourmet Goods, Cheeses, Sweets, Desserts, Fruit, Wine, Beer, Champagne, Liquor, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Technology Gifts, Flowers, Plans, Jewelry, Snacks, Care Packages, Spa Gifts, Health Care Gifts, Experience Gifts, International Gift Cards, Edible Bouquets, Gift Towers, Chocolate, and more!


FTD: From Flowers to Gift Baskets

Since its beginnings in 1910, FTD has grown to include gifts that go beyond flowers. Their bouquet selection is vast and clearly still a major focus of the catalog. However, the FTD catalog goes beyond the floral, including items one would naturally send as flowers, such as chocolates. But the additions haven’t stopped there: FTD’s catalog now boasts a wide array of gifts appropriate for romantic occasions, holidays, birthdays, and beyond.

Popular FTD Offerings: Flowers, Sweets, Chocolate, Tea, Gourmet Goods, Spa Gifts, Fruit Gifts, and more!



Gift Baskets Overseas vs FTD: Pricing and Value

As we delve deeper into our comparison between Gift Baskets Overseas and FTD, it’s essential to explore a fundamental aspect of any gifting experience: pricing and value. No matter if it’s a personal gift or a corporate gift, finding a good-value gift that fits your budget is integral. However, especially for corporate gift campaigns, it’s the additional value a company adds that can really make or break an experience.

Because at the end of the day, you are paying for more than a gift. You are paying for a service to provide quick and easy international delivery. And today, more than ever, such a service is expected to offer user-friendly extras to enhance the gifting experience.

In regard to pricing, Gift Baskets Overseas and FTD have similar ranges. Gift Baskets Overseas has a gift price range of $50–$1200 USD. FTD follows closely with a gift price range of $30–$1000 USD. This means the big differences can be found in the value each company adds to the user experience.


Gift Baskets Overseas: User-Friendly Tools and Tips

Gift Baskets Overseas’ impressive variety in its catalog speaks for itself. Still, the company goes above and beyond to empower customers to elevate their gifting to the next steps — with blogs and newsletters educating customers on international holidays, cultural gifting traditions, gifting trends, and more!

For corporate customers, the streamlined bulk order process has been a favorite of customers for years, saving them time and effort when sending gifts. Beyond that, the company offers an array of corporate gifting tools that help make for a more complete gift experience. Most notably, the address request service fills a growing need to be able to send gifts when you only have the recipient’s email or cell phone number. In a work-from-home world — with many people living a more nomadic lifestyle — this tool saves time and effort for busy clients.


FTD: Flower Care and Customer Accounts

With over 100 years in the business, it’s safe to say FTD knows a thing or two about flowers. And this is the first bit of extra value customers get from the service. The company offers many blogs and articles on flower and plant care — to help recipients ensure their flowers last longer!

Additionally, they also offer convenient bulk ordering, streamlining the checkout process for busy corporate clients.


Gift Baskets Overseas vs FTD: Delivery and Shipping

After selecting the perfect gift, it’s comforting to understand what exactly happens with delivery. Additionally, when coordinating international gift delivery, savvy customers look for a one-stop shop that can serve every country on their list. With so many different logistics surrounding international shipping, it’s crucial to know you’ve selected a company that handles everything for you.

Delivery Locations: Gift Baskets Overseas once again has the largest delivery area, offering gift basket delivery to 200 countries worldwide. FTD boasts full international gift delivery, but with 127 countries of delivery, it’s clear that Gift Baskets Overseas offers a more globally complete delivery service

Delivery Fees and Times: Once again, in the comparison of Gift Baskets Overseas vs FTD, the two companies show off their similarities. Both offer gift delivery in as little as 1–3 business days. Diving deeper, differences can be found in the delivery fees. With Gift Baskets Overseas, delivery fees fall between $18 and $25 USD. FTD charges a bit more, with delivery fees starting at $20 USD and reaching up to $40.



Gift Baskets Overseas vs FTD: Customer Service and Support

Both companies put a heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction. When comparing customer service and support options, both companies clearly understand the importance of flexibility and accessibility. Both Gift Baskets Overseas and FTD offer 24/7 customer support through phone, chat, and email.

Still, Gift Baskets Overseas has the advantage with a few helpful extras:

  • Multilingual customer support
  • Additional ways to contact the team through social media, WhatsApp, and Skype.
  • More flexible payment options, allowing international customers to use payment services more familiar to them.


Gift Baskets Overseas vs FTD: Reviews and Feedback

With so many similarities between the two companies, a look at customer reviews helps clarify which company makes the most of its team and services. After all, customer feedback is vital not only to businesses but also to their potential customers. It lets potential customers know exactly how well a company follows its promises. Additionally, with the best companies, feedback helps them grow and build a better overall business.

To compare each company once again involved looking into many Trust Pilot customer reviews.

Gift Baskets Overseas stands strong and proud with a 4.6-star review average out of its 539 customer reviews. Customers praise the company’s dedication to making gift delivery easy, noting that even when unexpected delivery obstacles arrive, Gift Baskets Overseas goes above and beyond to make every gift delivery happen.

FTD’s Trust Pilot reviews tell a much different story. With a 3.1-star average out of 975 reviews, it seems the long-standing company has gotten complacent in recent years. An overwhelming majority of customers (69%) rated the company as 1-star. Many customers note that what the website states versus what is actually offered rarely seem to match, with many customers stating customer service is impossible to work with — if not non-existent.


Last Thoughts

In the realm of international gift delivery, the choice between Gift Baskets Overseas and FTD boils down to a matter of preference, priorities, and personal touch. Gift Baskets Overseas dazzles with its extensive network of local partners, offering a diverse range of gifts tailored to various tastes and occasions, ensuring a truly global experience with every delivery. On the other hand, FTD impresses with its century-long legacy of floral expertise. However, some customers question if FTD still holds to the standards they once did.

Whether you prioritize variety, customization, or tradition, both companies have demonstrated their ability to dazzle clients, catering to the diverse needs of gift-givers worldwide. Ultimately, in the dynamic landscape of international gift delivery, the choice between Gift Baskets Overseas and FTD rests in your hands, guided by your unique preferences and the cherished moments you seek to create across borders.

The information gathered here is based on the opinion of our writer and available public information as of April 28, 2024. It’s possible that some information mentioned here is inaccurate or incomplete. Please contact each company directly to inquire about their services and current prices.


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