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Episode 2: Liquor and Long Distance Relationships – Yes or No?

What if we tell you that liquor can even connect people when they’re far away from each other? In our new episode of LongDistanceShort, we’ll show you how to get closer with the help of Drinkable Gifts! Our guests David Coyne and Sempronia Hobgood are alcohol experts here to share their favorite cocktail recipes, teach you how to deliver gifts with liquor in them, and discuss the etiquette of sharing a drink from afar.

Episode 1: How to Overcome Language Barriers in Long Distance Relationships

International relationships are no discovery nowadays, taking into consideration that they always existed in some form.  Nonetheless, it has always been a wonder how people fell in love with each other without the possibility to express themselves in their mother tongue. Our guests today are Ukrainian girls Liz and Liuba who have made their long way to international marriages through language and culture issues. They kindly agreed to share their life experience being a partner of a Mexican and Polish. Intrigued? Yes, this is not what happens to everyone though.
So if you want to know more about the struggles of international dating and communication pitfalls or think about finding the international partner – you are in the right place! Learn how Liz and Liuba made their language distance short and do not forget to take some notes, their advice is simply priceless.