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Episode 13: Love Coaching – does it work, can it help you?

Have you ever thought of registering for a matchmaking site? Or maybe you’ve already had such an experience? Our new guest Bonita of has worked in the industry of matchmakers and knows all the pitfalls of such services. Get to know why she gave up being a matchmaker and what might really help you create a successful relationship. She also knows the recipe for a successful long-distance relationship as well as which type of long distance partner is best for you. Click PLAY to learn more!

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Episode 12: Long Distance Relationships from a Male Perspective


Happy-endings: we all love them, don’t we? In our new episode of Long Distance short, we are talking about the ups and downs of Dillon Mitchell’s LDR. It took him and his partner nearly 5 years before they could finally start living together under the same roof. Learn his tips about maintaining a healthy long-distance relationship and overcoming struggles. OR you can simply enjoy a nice love story which can light up your day! Everything is possible if both parties make a move. Play now for more details!

Episode 11: Can A Personality Test Help You Find Your Perfect Long-Distance Partner?

Humanity has been interested in the topic of personality matching since the appearance of astrology. With modern psychology, we have designed a personality test that is often scary in its accuracy. In our new podcast episode of Long Distance Short, Ally and Greg Skloot are discussing the topic of personality matching in any type of relationship. You may finally find the answer to the most disturbing question: are you in an ideal relationship with your partner? You will definitely find the answer as well as learn a lot about yourself, so don’t hesitate to listen to the podcast NOW!

Episode 10: How to Dream Big & Deal With Toxic Relationships

Welcome to another episode of Long Distance Short,’s podcast where we talk to real people about the triumphs and tribulations in all kinds of long-distance relationships. Your host is Ally Winters, an international gift consultant who’s found success in her own long-distance romances and friendships. And here’s today’s topic: How to Dream Big & Deal With Toxic Relationships. Ally is talking to Emily Adams: Coach, Speaker, and Writer – and also the host of her own podcast, The Emily Adams Show. We’ll be talking about how to identify red flags in Long Distance Relationships as well as the risks of continuing bad relationships. Plus, we’ve got tips on ending toxic relationships, understanding yourself outside of relationships, and remembering what you truly deserve out of life. Let’s jump right in, Ally!

Episode 9: Long Distance Relationships in the Time of COVID-19

Have you run out of ideas on what to do during this quarantine? We can relate, and unfortunately so can most of the world! But together we will get through this.  Our new episode of Long Distance Short will be fully devoted to the golden rules of self-isolation: stay sane, be positive about the worst, be creative and productive without much effort. To get all these tips and more listen to the podcast or read our blog – click on READ MORE and don’t forget to grab some tea with homemade cookies!

Episode 8: One Immigrant’s Journey Across the World in An LDR

Migration has always been uneasy, but for a loving couple, it is even more challenging. Especially in the case when both need to migrate at different times, with all the uncertainty and risks being faced not once, but twice.  Our new guests Vrunda and Yatharth know how to get through such times best, and they are happy to share their story with you here, in our new episode of Long Distance Short! Don’t worry, their story has a happy ending, and this is awesome because they’ve managed something amazing! So why are you still on this page? Click on “READ MORE”! 🙂

Episode 7: Why should we listen to Ally, Our Host?


In our new episode of Long Distance Short, we answer such a vital question as “Why should we listen to Ally, our host?” Be the first to learn the touching LDR love story that crossed an ocean! Discover how to overcome the biggest challenges and recognize true love and what the pros of a long-distance romance are (yes, they exist!). Together with our frequent guest Sempronia, Ally opens up her soul and shares the experience with her beloved listeners. Don’t miss such useful information, who knows, maybe it will turn your world upside down!

Episode 6: Can I Love More Than One Person? Unboxing Polyamory

Just imagine that one day your loved one announces, “I want to be in polyamorous relationships from now on”. What will your actions be? Do you need to run away from it OR maybe you’re curious to give it a try? In our new episode of Long Distance Short, we’ll explain how things in polyamory work and what it really is. More than that, we will show you what and why you need to learn from people in polyamorous relationships. Don’t hesitate to learn about something that can be a future of social relations, all you need to do is to click a Play button!

Episode 5: The Story Behind


Have you ever thought about Long Distance Relationships as something that can happen at work? Maybe it’s between your boss and you?  Or this can be your client and you? It’s no wonder if the answer is “yes” since professional relationships are something that we take for granted and dedicate most of our efforts in, even without realizing it. In our new episode of Long Distance Short, we open up the founding story of the International Gift Delivery Company as well as define the best ways to navigate these kinds of long-distance professional relationships.