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Gift Suggestions for sending Gifts & Gift Baskets to various countries around the World

Global Holidays and Gift Ideas

Gift Baskets Overseas—the experts in International Gift Delivery—has created a unique Corporate Gifting Culture Library! Here in one and the same place you can find detailed information about holidays in different countries, gift giving suggestions and culture of gift giving in every part of the world!

Corporate Gifting Culture Library

Holiday Traditions of Sending Gifts to Germany:

Holiday Traditions of Sending Gifts to Italy:

Holiday Traditions of Sending Gifts to The Netherlands:

Holiday Traditions of Sending Gifts to Spain:

Holiday Traditions of Sending Gifts to Switzerland:

Holiday Traditions of Sending Gifts to The UK:

Holiday Traditions of Sending Gifts to Ukraine:

Holiday Traditions of Sending Gifts to Brazil:

Holiday Traditions of Sending Gifts to Israel:

Holiday Traditions of Sending Gifts to UAE:

Holiday Traditions of Sending Gifts to Canada:

Holiday Traditions of Sending Gifts to Mexico:

Holiday Traditions of Sending Gifts to USA:

Holiday Traditions of Sending Gifts to Australia:

Best Gift Idea Contest WINNER!

The second ‘Best Gift Idea Contest!’ at is up and we’re happy to announce the winners!

And the winner is… Tiffany Bradley from Knoxville, TN, USA! Her ‘Savory Gourmet Snacks’ basket was considered to be the best by most of the votes! She thinks that this basket is “The perfect gift for this time of year – great for a picnic” and we can’t but agree with her.

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“Savory Gourmet Snacks” by Tiffany Bradley

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Ramadan Gifts from Gift Baskets Overseas to Contemplate Spirituality, Practice Charity, and Celebrate Patience

World renowned gift delivery company Gift Baskets Overseas invites the world to discover patience, help the needy, and rise above petty concerns with sweet treats, fine foods, and beautiful flowers—all guaranteed to bring a smile—for Ramadan this year.

Arlington, MA (Press Release) August 10, 2010 – Ramadan is just around the corner, and to celebrate Gift Baskets Overseas—the experts in International Gift Delivery—has launched a line of exquisite gifts to send to Turkey, Egypt, and UAE – among others – to commemorate Ramadan around the world with style and beauty. This year, for the entire lunar month lasting from August 11th to September 9th on the Gregorian calendar, the Muslim people will refrain from food and drink during the day to cleanse their spirits and practice patience. During this holiday they also send gifts to those in need to commemorate the gift of the Qur’an to the Prophet Mohammed. At the end of the month, there is a great three-day festival full of delicious foods, beautiful clothes, and still more charity. This year, make sure you’re a part of the gift-giving and good works by sending gifts to Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan, Turkey, UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar – major countries in which Ramadan is celebrated.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the year according to the Islamic calendar; during this month the Muslim people refrain from eating, drinking, and smoking during the hours from sunrise to sunset each day. This difficult activity is meant to teach them patience, spirituality, and modesty. During this time of fasting, performed for Allah who is said to have made the practice obligatory, the Muslim people also pray more than usual to ask for forgiveness, request guidance, and cleanse their spirits. Although this is a time of spiritual enlightenment, the Muslim people are not expected to be superhuman; after the time of prayer at sunset, they are allowed to break their fast and eat whatever they want until sunrise the next day. This is the perfect time to share delicious gourmet gift baskets and decadent sweets hampers with friends and family in Turkey, UAE, and Egypt.

Charity work is also a very important part of Ramadan; during this time the Muslim people are commanded to give food, drink, clothes, and shoes to those who cannot afford them on their own. The holiest night of the year, Laylat al-Qadr (The Night of Decree, Night of Power, or Night of Measures), is celebrated on an odd-numbered date during the last ten nights of Ramadan; although the exact night of celebration can vary according to diverse traditions, most people will celebrate it on the 6th of September. It is said that this is the night that the Qur’an was revealed to the prophet Mohammed.

At the end of the month, the fasting is ended with a lush three-day celebration called Eid ul-Fitr (Festival of the Breaking of the Fast). At this time, Muslims dress in their best clothes, visit family and friends, and indulge in great feasts to celebrate the victory of Ramadan, the attainment of higher spirituality, and forgiveness. It is a time of great joy and charity, and people give gifts of rich foods and sweets to children, family, friends, and especially the needy – no one is to go without experiencing the richness of the celebration at this time.

“This Ramadan and Eid ul-Fitr we’re offering rich foods, delicious sweets, and wonderful gifts to people in UAE, Egypt, Turkey, and others so they can spend their time in prayer, fasting and feasting, and sharing spiritual enlightenment rather than worrying about how their gifts are getting where they’re going,” says David Skol, Chief Gift Officer at Gift Baskets Overseas. “We want to bring people closer together—even if they are on opposite ends of the earth—by sharing gift-giving practices and making it easy to participate in them. This year we’re offering a wide selection of delicious, fun, and beautiful gift baskets. We invite everyone to send gifts to their Muslim—and even non-Muslim—friends; we offer parents the opportunity to teach their children about diverse cultures; and we make it easy for corporations and business-owners to be sensitive to the religious practices of their employees.”

Ramadan and Eid ul-Fitr Gift Baskets from are designed to meet your dietary needs, make an unforgettable impression, and share your victories with quality, beauty, and elegance—not only on sacred days, but anytime you need to send a special message. Take a look at the new catalog and find the ideal gift for your special celebration today.

About Gift Baskets Overseas

Gift Baskets Overseas is a BBB accredited company based in the United States that specializes in delivering superior quality gifts all over the world. By maintaining professional relationships with established, local florists and gift delivery companies in each region, Gift Baskets Overseas has become renowned globally for its ability to provide online ordering convenience as well as multilingual customer service, and its dedication to providing secure payment options. Learn more about the company at

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About Gift Baskets Overseas

Gift Baskets Overseas is a BBB accredited company based in the United States that specializes in delivering superior quality gifts all over the world. By maintaining professional relationships with established, local florists and gift delivery companies in each region, Gift Baskets Overseas has become renowned globally for its ability to provide online ordering convenience as well as multilingual customer service, and its dedication to providing secure payment options. Learn more about the company at

Father’s Day Gift Basket-Builder Competition Winner!

We are happy to announce the winner of our first annual Father’s Day Basket-Builder Competition!

… and our winner is Amber Stickney! The frank and sweet Father’s Day basket name ~From Mom with Love~ along with a cute basket picture collected the most of the votes and helped Amber to gain an absolute victory!

We congratulate Amber and welcome to order a free Gourmet Gift Basket (up to $120 all-incl value) at our website!

From Mom With Love

Don’t get upset if you haven’t become the winner this time, because is about to launch a new contest soon! Follow us and good luck next time!

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Father’s Day Around the World Gift Tips

Another wonderful family holiday, Father’s Day, is around the corner. Celebrated in over 50 countries across the globe including the USA, the UK, Canada, Ukraine, Mexico, France, Japan, China, Argentina, India, South Africa, Greece, and many other countries on the third Sunday of June (June 20, 2010) this holiday commemorates fatherhood and paternal bonds.

Although the date and style of celebrating Father’s Day may vary slightly from country to country, the spirit of the occasion remains the same: it’s celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm all around the world. People take an opportunity to send greetings to their fathers and tell them how much they are loved and appreciated. On this day people can also pay tribute to grand fathers, fathers-in-law, uncles, stepfathers, and those who play the father figure in our lives. Along with indulging daddies with breakfast in bed, get-togethers, games, and various activities on Father’s Day, it’s a good idea to present them with cards, flowers, and, of course, .

By the way, this Father’s Day 2010 may be full of nice surprises not only for your dad but for you as well, since Gift Basket Overseas, an international gift delivery company, is offering a great chance to win the FREE Father’s Day Gift Basket of your choice (up to $120 value)! See the details here.

Father’s Day in the USA

Father’s Day in the USA is a joyous event celebrated with big enthusiasm. This holiday is a time for family reunions, lively family dinners, and outdoor activities. Pampering daddies with breakfast in bed and Father’s Day gift baskets filled with his favorite items is a conventional way of celebrating Father’s Day in the USA.

Father’s Day in UK

Father’s Day celebrations in the UK are very similar to those in the USA. Along with honoring fathers with much attention and Father’s Day gifts, different clubs, schools, and cultural societies in the UK organize Father’s Day parties and gatherings with games to give people an opportunity to celebrate the holiday in a joyous and fun-filled manner.

Father’s Day in South Africa

Like in other countries, people in South Africa don’t miss the opportunity to express their love and gratitude to dads on Father’s Day. Traditionally, children give the beloved parent Father’s Day gifts and enjoy time with family, going out for picnic, fishing, or simply go out for a meal in a restaurant.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Celebrating the importance of motherhood is a long-standing tradition that dates back to the ancient world. Nowadays a special day in honor of mothers, Mother’s Day, is celebrated in over 40 countries around the world, although it is celebrated on different dates. In a large number of countries—including the U.S., Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Japan, and Turkey—Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, but in many other countries Mother’s Day dates vary greatly. Whatever the date of Mother’s Day may be, the spirit of the holiday remains the same in every part of the world.

This special day is the time when people give thanks to their mothers, grandmothers, mothers-in-law, aunts, and any special maternal figures for their extreme devotion and love towards their children. It is traditional to present them with Mother’s Day gifts such as flowers, chocolates, cards, or any gift fitting for a special lady.

Flowers are certainly the most important gifts for Mother’s Day. All countries take part in the tradition of sending Mother’s Day flowers to the important women in their lives. Carnations as well as tulips, roses, and daisies have traditionally been the flowers of choice to send to mothers since these flowers were the first important symbols of the holiday’s meaning.

Another must-have gift for Mother’s Day is chocolate. Show your mum how special she is to you with a gift that’s as sweet as she is! Giving a mouth-watering gourmet chocolate basket for Mother’s Day brimming with luxury sweets is the best way to show your mum how much she is loved and appreciated.
Spoil your mum this Mother’s Day with an amazing flower basket or gift basket to show her you’ll always remember the special moments you’ve shared!

Mother’s Day Celebrations in Canada

Mother’s Day in Canada is the most popular festival after Christmas and Valentine’s Day. On this day, people pay tribute to their mothers and thank them for their constant support and love. In Canada, cards and flowers are the most commonly used methods of expressing love for moms. Many people also take their mothers out for dinner and bake special cakes for them. Usually, loving children pamper their mothers with lavish gifts and a day off from kitchen duties.

Mother’s Day Celebrations in Australia

In Australia, just as in the U.S., it is customary to wear a carnation on Mother’s Day. A colored carnation signifies that a person’s mother is living while a white carnation is used to honor a deceased mother. Besides their own mothers, children honor their grandmothers and other women who love and care for them as a mother does. Children ponder the role of mothers in their lives and acknowledge the hardships their mothers endure while raising them. As a mark of respect, children show their appreciation for their mother on Mother’s Day by treating them to breakfast in bed as well as gifts and cakes.

Mother’s Day Celebrations in the U.S.

Mother’s Day is the United States’ third largest holiday after Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Children usually express love for their mothers by preparing a sumptuous lunch or brunch, and many spouses take their wives to dinner. The practice of gifting flowers and Mother’s Day gifts is also widespread. It is most common to send carnations since they are the official flowers of Mother’s Day. People buy red or pink carnations for the mothers who are living and place white carnations on the graves of the mothers who have passed away. Children also perform skits, plays, and songs in honor of their mothers. Some also make cards and gifts at home to show their gratitude.

Mother’s Day Celebrations in Finland

Mother’s Day in Finland begins in the morning when the family goes for a walk and picks the freshest spring flowers to make a bouquet for Mom. Everyone seeks a special flower in particular for their Mother’s Day bouquets called valkovuokko. It is a sweet-smelling, small white flower that every mother loves. Appreciative families present their Mom this magnificent bouquet and serve her a delicious breakfast in bed.

Mothers Day Celebration in Japan

Mother’s day in Japan, called ‘haha-no-hi,’ was first celebrated by Christians in 1913, but became more popular in 1931 with the establishment of the Imperial Women’s Union. The holiday fell out of favor during the Second World War, but has since become an important date on the family calendar. Japanese kids often make cute crafts or draw pictures for their mothers. Carnations and roses are the most popular gifts for Mother’s Day, so you see lots of colorful flowers sold in supermarkets around this time of the year. Devoted children help out with household chores and give meaningful gifts to show their gratitude.

Purim Gift Ideas to Israel

Purim in Israel is one of the most joyous and fun holidays on the Jewish calendar. It commemorates a time when the Jewish people living in Persia were saved from extermination by the courage of a young Jewish woman called Esther.

Purim in Israel is celebrated on the 14th of the Jewish month of Adar, which usually corresponds to the middle of March, this year, though, it fells on February 27. Despite the gruesome overtones of the holiday, nowadays Purim is, actually, a merry and joyful festival, featuring costumed parades and family feasts with much eating and drinking. Two other principal Purim customs are giving Purim gift baskets brimming with food to friends and gifts of charity to the poor. The charity custom prescribes that everyone – rich and poor – should give the same amount of charity, reminding that every person has an equally crucial role in the destiny of the Jewish people. The custom of giving Purim gourmet baskets to friends and family, known as Mishloach Manot or “sending portions”, prescribes that the Purim basket should contain two different types of ready to eat food. There are two rationales behind this custom. The first one is practical: to ensure that everyone has enough food to enjoy the Purim feast. The second reason for giving Purim gift baskets to Israel is more veiled: to increase the feelings of friendship and love. Harkening back to Haman’s evil plot to destroy the Jews, the gift giving custom is an attempt to perennially repair that rift.

If you also want to experience the joy of giving gift baskets on Purim to Israel, start with making a list of all your friends, neighbors, family members, colleagues and business associates you would like to congratulate. Then think about what kind of a Purim gift basket you want to send. A traditional Purim gift basket to Israel contains a small bottle of grape juice, candies, dried fruits and nuts and hamantashen. The traditional Purim pastry, a hamantashen (or Oznei Haman, as it is called in Hebrew) is a three cornered cookie stuffed with poppy seed or jam.

But there’s really no reason to get stuck in standard components for your Purim gift basket. You can go thematic and make a package up two or more food items that go together to form a fun theme. Italian gift basket or any other gourmet basket is a good choice. Sweet basket is ideal for children, while adults may want something a bit more adventuresome like spirits or wine basket.

Think creative and fun and you are sure to give the best Purim gift basket to Israel ever!