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Customer Testimonials

Quotes from customers who used the service from Gift Baskets Overseas

Fruit Basket to Wellington, New Zealand

Really impressed with this company. It can be a bit hit and miss when trying to send gifts overseas but they were very professional and also very flexible when the recipient of the gift was unable to receive the gift on the delivery date I had booked. They arranged a more suitable delivery slot with the recipient and kept me informed the whole time. Great personal service, would highly recommend!

Flowers & Chocolates to Mumbai, India

What to say about them… Firstly I’m immensely thankful for all the help and support gave!! I asked to change the delivery location and the new location was out on nowhere on the mountain!!! But even thought this they anyway took a cab till there and brought my lover 3 amazing chocolate box which where her favorite brand !! And extremely beautiful roses! I’m extremely satisfied with this service!! It worth every cent spent! AMAZING service, AMAZING chocolate, AMAZING company. Thank you! Will order again for sure!!

Amine Si Tayeb

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Wine Gift Basket to Arequipa, Peru

Sending gifts to any place of the world.

My experience with this company has been very good. They have always delivered what I asked and most importantly, no matter the time, they are always giving shipment status and answered the questions I had. Very satisfied!
Amarilis Espinosa

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Birthday Gift to Tbilisi, Georgia

I got home after a long day at work and realized my friend’s birthday was in couple of hours In Rep. Of Georgia which is 9hrs ahead. I had heard of the, but had never used them. I frantically placed the order for a teddy bear and chocolates for same day delivery and hoped for the best. While confirming my order I realized I had misspelled my email address and since i had confirmed it there was no way to change it. I was furious with myself for forgetting to order the gift earlier and messing the surprise up. I had no hope for the gift ever reaching my friend at all. But couple of minutes later I received a call from customer service; they confirmed my order and fixed my email, also told me they would try their best to get the basket on time even though they require two days prior notice. To my amazement, my friend received the gift the same day before her work closed.

Thank You Guys! you are the best !!!!

Natiatus Mg

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Romantic Gift Basket to Nice, France

Excellent Customer Service!

Although, I placed my order quite late (one day before i wanted it to be delivered), the company did their best to deliver the gift the very next day. I would recommend using their service to EVERYONE! They also contacted me through email to make sure the order is correct and if i have any questions! Btw, the gift was exactly the same as on the picture on the website. I’m very happy with this service! Will definitely use it again! Thank you so much!

Arina A.

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Chocolate Basket to Cape Town, South Africa

I had some problems with the delivery but not because of the company or your service: the phone of my grandmother was not working but I sincerely appreciate doing your very best to deliver on Saturday, 8pm and very prompt communication during the process. Thank you very much for such a great service that allows to reach the loved ones from overseas. I will certainly use your service again!

Julia M. (Auckland, New Zealand)

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Birthday Gift Basket to Albuquerque, USA

Every year I sent my Mum in Albuquerque NM a Gift Basket for her birthday and Christmas, this year was no different, however due to an error at the warehouse at GiftBasketsOverseas the Christmas delivery which was to be delivered on the 22 Dec 2015 did not happen, I spoke with my mum on the 25th Dec, only to find out it had not been delivered. I called GiftBasketsOverseas and spoke with a number of people in customer service about the issue, under normal circumstances you might not go back to that company, HOWEVER, they immediately admitted their mistake and assured me they would call me back, they did call me back (in Australia) and followed up with emails keeping me informed of their investigations and what they were going to do about it. They arranged for the delivery (while a few days late), but my Mum understood, they called her to explain the situation and even sent her an extra gift. They emailed me today (5th Jan 2016) to tell me it had been delivered. What impressed me was how quick they responded (no excuses as to who’s fault was), to me this Customer Service at its best, so many companies could learn from the team at GiftBasketsOverseas – few names to mention (Annette, Maria, Miriam). Thank you, I will continue to use their service, while mistakes sometimes happen (and they do in every company) its all about how you respond to your customers and treat them, and the team at GBO sure know how to do that – “love your work”.


Gerry F. (Australia)

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Spirits Gift Basket to Melbourne, Australia

Thank you so much for being able to deliver the gift basket we ordered, especially as it was such short notice. Our friend is only staying at this address for a few more days, so it was important that it arrived on time. We are all very satisfied with the service in general.

Your effort is much appreciated.

All the best,

Viv Drummond

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Fruit Basket to Beijing, China

Thank you so much for a great experience… great selection, timely delivery, and freedom from having to deal with customs and shipping. My business partners in China were very impressed and pleased with the gift. Your company is bringing positive emotions to so many people. Great experience overall. I would recommend to anyone.


Janet S. (Arlington VA)

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Holiday Gift Basket to Warsaw, Poland

I think you guys are awesome. Pretty perfect I think. Your positive attitude and such quick, respectful and thorough responses to my constant questions is an inspiration. You should all feel very proud. Obviously I don’t see an end result in terms of the actual gift baskets, the packaging or specific content quality as such but I find you to be one of the best companies I have ever dealt with regards to customer service. I have been a personal assistant for over 20 years working with high profile people in the USA and originally Australia; so I have had experience with all sorts of places whether it’s hotels, airlines, retail outlets and what have you the list goes on and I honestly can you guys are my absolute favorite and you make my work easier due to how you function. I am curious to know how many full time employees do you have and are you all based together in the one office; apart from your external vendors etc of course. Just wondering how you operate and are able to keep it so organized and seamless with no crossed wires? How do you oversee things staying on top of the minutia and also to cope with the massive volume of orders and shipments going all over the world whilst at the same time responding to every little thing plus also caring about my health. Maybe you are superhuman?!!

You don’t have to answer tonight. I just realized its already past 8pm so very late for you.
Anyway just can’t keep thanking you enough.


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