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Holidays In South Korea & Other Gift Tips

South Korea is a stunning country in East Asia. It boasts dizzying high-tech cities alongside deep-rooted traditions. The combination of new meets old makes an exciting and dynamic culture. If you aren’t from there, navigating the holidays in South Korea, their traditions, and the gifting culture at large can be daunting.

But never fear! You’ll find general gift tips, brief explanations of popular holidays in South Korea, and gift suggestions. The most important advice we can give you is right at the top. Don’t hesitate to ask your friends, family, and coworkers about their favorite holidays in South Korea! Yes – even ask them about the gifts they like receiving and when. You’ll build a more personal connection, and your gift choices will benefit greatly from the insider information. If you want to impress them with a surprise, keep on reading.

Holidays in South Korea - view of Seoul Skyline

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How To Celebrate Mother’s Day Long Distance

Hey, do you see it?

Mother’s Day is hiding and winking at you just around the corner! This year in the USA and many other countries, Mother’s Day falls on May 14th. Make sure you double-check the date for the country you’re in! Even though one day a year isn’t enough to honor one of the greatest women in your life, Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity to celebrate that special woman. The woman who gave light kisses on the skinned knee to make the pain disappear, checked for monsters under the bed, and raised you with love and tenderness.

When this day rolls around, you want to make the day all about Mom. But what if you are separated by distance and can’t see each other in person? Living miles apart and being on different sides of the country or even on different continents may be tough and stressful.

However, distance doesn’t mean you can’t still show your love and care. Believe it or not, there are actually plenty of ways to celebrate Mother’s Day long distance!  Keep reading to find tons of ideas for bridging the gap between you and Mom until you can see each other in person once again!

Celebrate Mother's Day Long Distance: Woman on a video chat

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Gifts For Autistic Adults – Navigating Neurodivergent Joy

Since 1970, April has been Autism Awareness Month. Over the years, the information and reception of autistic and neurodivergent adults have changed drastically. In many countries, the shift has been a largely positive one. Thanks to platforms like TikTok, many people with autism have found a community to lean on, learn from, and support them as they become more comfortable being transparent about their journey. This blog aims to help you in selecting gifts for autistic adults. However, it’s impossible to do that without mentioning some potentially uncomfortable truths.

To begin – I will answer the question you’re probably asking yourself. What are my credentials to speak about gifts for autistic adults? I’ve spent over 9 years diving into the world of gifts. Pouring over the cultural dos and don’ts of dozens of countries. I’ve done this as an autistic woman myself. If you continue reading, you’ll find a general guide. A starting place, if you will, to help you navigate the wild and wonderful world of neurodivergence.

Gifts For Autistic Adults

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Mean Gifts to Give: An April Fool’s Gift Guide

In the spirit of the day of tom-foolery and practical jokes, you may be considering mean gifts to give to your frenemies. Whether it’s a co-worker, a spoiled cousin, or your friend’s insufferable boyfriend, we all have individuals with whom we just can’t see eye to eye. And, ironically, they’re usually the people we can’t seem to avoid. The situation may become even more frustrating or awkward when we have to offer them a gift!

Fortunately, we’re experts in all things gifts. And, yes, we even dabble in the kind of gifts to send to recipients you aren’t too fond of. So, if you’re bold enough, take a dive with us as we provide you with ‘shady’ gift suggestions, fun wrapping ideas, gifts for friends, and some plain old April Fool’s fun. And like good friends should, we also give you some tips on how to make sure there are no hard feelings when the jokes are all over.

Mean Gifts to Give: It's April Fools Day!

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How To Wrap A Gift: The ABCs Of Gift Wrapping

How to wrap a gift: you’ve probably searched for this exact question every year right around Christmas. Maybe you’ve given up and become a devoted fan of the gift bag, a very viable option. Perhaps you’ve become an expert, and you can wrap even round objects with ease! Maybe you’ve decided to give up wrapping gifts entirely – and outsource the problem to experts!

Whatever your skill set – this blog has a little something for everyone—starting with how it all began. 

How To Wrap A Gift: Wrapped presents in paper and cloth

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Weird Gifts – Tales from the GBO Team

When you’ve been in the gifting business for nearly 20 years, you’re bound to see a few requests for weird gifts. And hey! At Gift Baskets Overseas, we think weird can be wonderful, so we don’t judge. At this point, we’ve had requests for just about everything, from pets to cooked dinners, even some things we just dare not mention in front of polite company.

We can’t always make it happen, but it sure is fun when we can. If you want to hear more about some of the things we have been able to pull off in the past, check out this video from 2021!

And if you want to hear some new stories about weird gifts – we’ve got you covered too!

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Why do we Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?

 What did one Irish ghost say to the other?

Top O’ the moaning to ya!

Hopefully, we’ve put a smile on your face and given you a little chuckle! You might have already guessed that we want to talk about one of our favorite world-renowned holidays, rooted in Irish heritage, and you’re right! Beautiful parades, beer, good luck charms, and all things green! We’re talking about Saint Patrick’s Day! Let’s take a deep dive into the luckiest holiday and let us help you find out how Irish you are with our short and sweet Irish quiz! So, why do we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?

Why do we celebrate saint patrick's day: saint patrick's day green gifts, coins, and irish clover.

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International Women’s Day: Tips to Celebrate with Success

Despite this holiday being around for over 100 years and recognized by the United Nations since 1977, many people still ask: When Is International Women’s Day? This important holiday falls on March 8th and serves as a reminder to champion equality and women’s rights. While you should certainly celebrate the contributions of the women in your office year-round, every company can benefit from ensuring they recognize and honor Women’s Day.

How your team celebrates International Women’s Day can speak volumes about the health and diversity of your team. A unified company effort to celebrate the holiday can earn your brand some much-needed credibility with customers, investors, and future partners. Most importantly, if done right, this holiday can help improve your employees’ morale and your teams’ health. If you want to learn more about the do’s and don’ts of celebrating International Women’s Day, keep reading.

International Women's Day - Typewriter writing Happy Women's Day

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Japan Gifts: Unwrapping Do’s and Don’ts

Steeped in history and symbolic meaning, the ritual act of gift-giving is an important cultural tradition in Japan. Gift exchange is a common way to show respect, gratitude, and social status in many different types of relationships. Whether it’s for birthdays, weddings, graduations, or business meetings, the act of giving gifts in Japan is highly nuanced. And, there many different customs and expectations to be aware of. One of our favorite traditions is the Japanese thank you gift. After receiving a gift, it’s common for Japanese people to send a small “thank you” gift back to the sender. They call this sweet gesture an O-kaeshi.

The choice of gift, wrapping, and presentation are all carefully considered, and can say a lot about the giver and their relationship with the recipient. From traditional items such as wagashi sweets, to the latest gadgets and luxury goods, the options for gifts are vast and constantly evolving. Understanding the significance of Japan gifts and Japanese culture is essential for building strong relationships and navigating social situations in Japan. Let’s take a deep dive into Japanese gifts and the do’s and don’ts of gift giving in Japan.

Japan gifts. Japanese temple in Nachi Japan surrounded by green landscape.

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Care Package Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Care Packages in 2023

It is no secret that the world has faced a challenging past few years. But, despite these trying times, as humans, we continue to look for ways to stay connected and show our care for one another. Thus, it’s no surprise that the search for care package ideas has surged in popularity over the past few months. And as your go-to gift experts, we’re here to share a few of our own. 

Receiving gifts and feeling cared for are two of the best experiences life has to offer. Since care packages offer both, sending them to your loved ones, friends, and family members can provide them with a feeling of joy and comfort. Whether you’re sending it to congratulate them on an outstanding achievement or want to send aid to someone in need, we have plenty of care package ideas to help you create the perfect gift. Read below for the ultimate guide to care packages in 2023. 

Care Package Ideas: The ultimate self care package for 2023.
Self-care package, seasonal gift box with plastic free zero waste cosmetics products.

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