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Oktoberfest Traditions: Cheers to the Weird and Wonderful!

“Partying it up at brew-tiful Oktoberfest!”

Have you noticed the sounds of flowing beer pints and folk music increasing in your head recently? Have you been dreaming of grilled sausages, chickens, and giant pretzels while sleeping? Did everything start sharply in September, and the “symptoms” are progressing? If your answers are yes, it’s the chronic shortage of vitamin O – Oktoberfest! The German festival is a worldwide phenomenon celebrating Bavarian culture.

Don’t panic! Sit back, relax, and exhale. There is a cure – today, we will take on a big journey with the planet’s biggest kegger and will show you how to experience Oktoberfest’s magic. *jazz hands*.

Oktoberfest can be an exciting event to experience Bavarian culture. Still, it can be hectic and challenging to navigate for the innocent and uninitiated one, especially after a few (many?) liters of Lowenbrau. Thus, let us help you to know a whole buncha stuff you didn’t even know you needed to know about Oktoberfest traditions!

Read on! And Prost! 🍻

Oktoberfest Traditions: Oktoberfest banner with beer and pretzels on the table

Love and Affection Returned to Sender: The Timid Scammer

Before, we created an exhaustive — but hopefully not exhausting — overview of the most common types of scammers. Today, let us start our deeper immersion into the world of dishonest gift recipients by nearing our magnifying glass to the most innocent of their types. Make yourself comfortable as you are about to unearth the modus operandi of the typical timid scammer. Those that lie and hide their address.

Why people hide their address: an investigation

Creative Customer Appreciation Ideas to Build Brand Loyalty

In the fast-paced world of business, building strong relationships with your customers is essential for long-term success. This is because customer appreciation goes beyond simply providing a good product or service; it involves fostering a sense of loyalty and connection that can set your brand apart from the competition. By showing genuine gratitude for your customers’ support, you can create a positive reputation and drive repeat business. Coming up with creative customer appreciation ideas doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, some of the old ideas are the best.

We’ve worked hard to put together a comprehensive list of ways to make customers feel valued and appreciated. All you have to do is keep reading! Or if you’d like to jump right into it, our corporate gift experts are ready and eager to help you send loyalty gifts to customers worldwide!

Customer Appreciation Ideas - We love customers

Mexican Holidays and Traditions: Unwrapping Mexico

There’s so much to explore in the majestic country of Mexico! This vibrant country is already popular for long vacations and irresistible foods. But this blog is here to dive into something else: Mexican holidays and traditions!

Strap in and get ready to explore some of the most popular holidays and traditions in Mexico. Don’t worry; we’ll also answer some of the most pressing questions you’re likely to have, like how to send stuff to Mexico! Spoiler – the best way to send gifts to Mexico is by using the experts,!

Mexican holidays and traditions - women dancing for a holiday

Journey of a Gift: From Your Click on a Button to Their Joy on a Platter

It’s a beautiful morning; you woke up, stretched yourself, practiced those yoga poses, and thought: today, I’m ordering a gift for my overseas daughter, friend, or grandson. That’s a fantastic idea, and I support you in this endeavor, not only because I’m from the Gift Baskets Overseas Customer Support team. I applaud your determination to make it finally happen. Surprising your loved ones with a carefully chosen gift brings them happiness and delight; part of these heartwarming feelings makes you feel fantastic. Strengthening family bonds when you’re miles apart, sending a gift as a token of appreciation for someone’s efforts, or contributing to the abundance of scrumptious treats on their party table will give you good vibes.

The journey of a gift: a woman and her child are on a video call enjoying their treats.

Now, you’re all set and ready to order a stunning gift basket. Recent advice from a friend or a Google search lands you on our website. You might be pondering: what now? Here we are to explain how to order and tell you about the entire journey of your gift evolving from just a thought in your head to something tangible in the addressee’s hand.

Fresh Delivered: How to Gift Perishable Delights Without Breaking a Sweat

There are many reasons why you might need to send a parcel of items that might potentially go bad. Ever promised yourself that you’ll start a new life on Monday, and will revise your diet by adding more fruit? Imagine you are actually in for a couple of weeks now, and have reached a completely new state of consciousness! So much so that you are inexplicably possessed to share your new attitude with others by sending them fruit baskets. Or is it that you simply want to craft a healthy hamper for your grandchild, but you’re worried about its condition after it leaves your house? At the end — or actually any time — of the day, you could be considering sending a gift as a token of support to someone who is in recovery.

Over many years of fruitful cooperation with our clients, we’ve helped them deliver all kinds of gifts, from electronic devices and stationeries to food gift baskets, both with long-lasting contents or fresh, perishable products. The latter, undeniably adored by our customers, showcases your heartfelt intention to let the recipient indulge in the goodies as soon as possible. We are ready to help you with tips on sending that kind of basket.

Tips on how to send perishable goods: a shipment with fruit and charcuterie being assembled on a kitchen table.

Holidays In South Korea & Other Gift Tips

South Korea is a stunning country in East Asia. It boasts dizzying high-tech cities alongside deep-rooted traditions. The combination of new meets old makes an exciting and dynamic culture. If you aren’t from there, navigating the holidays in South Korea, their traditions, and the gifting culture at large can be daunting.

But never fear! You’ll find general gift tips, brief explanations of popular holidays in South Korea, and gift suggestions. The most important advice we can give you is right at the top. Don’t hesitate to ask your friends, family, and coworkers about their favorite holidays in South Korea! Yes – even ask them about the gifts they like receiving and when. You’ll build a more personal connection, and your gift choices will benefit greatly from the insider information. If you want to impress them with a surprise, keep on reading.

Holidays in South Korea - view of Seoul Skyline

How To Celebrate Mother’s Day Long Distance

Hey, do you see it?

Mother’s Day is hiding and winking at you just around the corner! This year in the USA and many other countries, Mother’s Day falls on May 14th. Make sure you double-check the date for the country you’re in! Even though one day a year isn’t enough to honor one of the greatest women in your life, Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity to celebrate that special woman. The woman who gave light kisses on the skinned knee to make the pain disappear, checked for monsters under the bed, and raised you with love and tenderness.

When this day rolls around, you want to make the day all about Mom. But what if you are separated by distance and can’t see each other in person? Living miles apart and being on different sides of the country or even on different continents may be tough and stressful.

However, distance doesn’t mean you can’t still show your love and care. Believe it or not, there are actually plenty of ways to celebrate Mother’s Day long distance!  Keep reading to find tons of ideas for bridging the gap between you and Mom until you can see each other in person once again!

Celebrate Mother's Day Long Distance: Woman on a video chat

Gifts For Autistic Adults – Navigating Neurodivergent Joy

Since 1970, April has been Autism Awareness Month. Over the years, the information and reception of autistic and neurodivergent adults have changed drastically. In many countries, the shift has been a largely positive one. Thanks to platforms like TikTok, many people with autism have found a community to lean on, learn from, and support them as they become more comfortable being transparent about their journey. This blog aims to help you in selecting gifts for autistic adults. However, it’s impossible to do that without mentioning some potentially uncomfortable truths.

To begin – I will answer the question you’re probably asking yourself. What are my credentials to speak about gifts for autistic adults? I’ve spent over 9 years diving into the world of gifts. Pouring over the cultural dos and don’ts of dozens of countries. I’ve done this as an autistic woman myself. If you continue reading, you’ll find a general guide. A starting place, if you will, to help you navigate the wild and wonderful world of neurodivergence.

Gifts For Autistic Adults