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Your Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

Okay Valentine’s Day is on its way, and if you’re like me you’re really only just starting to notice. So it’s too late to book the most popular places, and you probably don’t want to even look at flights to Paris right now. Don’t stress, you’re going to get through this. We’re going to get through this. For all the pressure Valentine’s Day brings us, it also brings endless opportunity and ideas to make a magical moment for you and the one you love.  Follow these tips for Valentine’s Day survival and you’re going to make it through any romantic moment, just fine.

Valentine’s Day is not the end all be all of romance.

You read that right, I’m bold enough to say it. Valentine’s Day, while hugely popular, well advertised, and romantic as anything, isn’t the only time for romantic gifts. If it’s important to you and your love then you should absolutely celebrate it. Indulge in the warm fuzzies of rom-coms, chocolate, flowers, and a night out, or in. But if you don’t care for it, or you have to miss it, please don’t panic.

Any day can be just as romantic and loving with the same amount of time and effort. As a matter of fact, you’ll find it easier to book your favorite restaurant, or yes a flight to Paris, during other times of the year.

Anything is romantic with the right effort.

Okay maybe ANYTHING is a stretch, but seriously you can make something as simple as a post-it romantic with a little effort. What makes something romantic is how personal and sweet it is. It also helps for it to be a surprise. There is nothing more romantic than a gesture of love done for no reason at all. Chocolates on Valentine’s Day are AMAZING! But chocolates delivered just to make her week a little brighter? Yeah, that’s even better to be honest.

You can never go wrong with flowers.

No matter who you’re dating, we’re bet they’d love a surprise of flowers. Unless they have a severe allergy: even then have you tried succulents or fake flowers?)

If you’re trying to make any day extra special, yes Valentine’s Day included, added a charming bouquet to the mix can really send it over the top. Rose petals scattered on the best are lovely (but be warned a pain to clean up!) and adding a few to a bubble bath can turn even the most simple bathroom into a mini spa.

Setting is key!

I mentioned this in tip one, but setting the mood is as much about setting the scenery as anything. Go ahead and use those flowers to spruce up where you’re at. If you’re going out to dinner, as the restaurant if you can have a small class to place a single rose at your table. Chances are if its Valentine’s Day they’ll have this out already.

Candles make any room feel a little more intimate and honestly full of just a touch a magic. Unless you know exactly what scents your partner likes (and all your candles match) I recommend sticking to plain unscented candles. They are there for mood lighting more than anything.

If you can’t go out, and you can’t rent a hotel, and you’re just staying at home for the love of everything CLEAN! There’s no mood killer bigger than having a date night in with a sink full of dishes and an unswept floor.

Gifts can say more than words

I don’t care if it’s Valentine’s Day, a birthday, your anniversary, or a particularly awful Tuesday. Giving your partner a gift can work wonders on their mood. It doesn’t have to be big (though if they like big, and you can afford it, go all out especially on Valentine’s Day!).

If you stop to get gas, go ahead, pick up their favorite chocolate assortment. If you see something weird and think of them (hello random chip flavors that keep popping up for some reason), grab it and try it together! A gift shows you thought of them.

A small gift you get in the moment shows them you think of them even during your day to day adventures. Yes, even grocery shopping. It doesn’t get more romantic than that.

A large gift shows you plan ahead and are willing to spend time and effort on them. It shows there’s real commitment and a future here. And let’s face it, big gifts just have a way of making someone feel so special.

Saying you love someone is great, definitely do that, never stop doing that. But showing them can mean so much word. Words are easy to dismiss; actions are a lot harder to.

Instead of buying them something special, DO something special.

If your partner isn’t the gift getting type, or if you’re low on cash, don’t panic. You have everything you need for a great Valentine’s Day gift right at your fingertips. Literally!

Gifts are amazing and doing something special for someone is a gift in and of itself. If you can’t afford to buy them an hour at a massage parlor, try giving them one yourself. You may not be great at it, sure, but if you watch a few videos and they give you feedback it’ll be a good time all around.

Or, cook a meal yourself. It can be simple, it’s the thought that counts. Shoot for comfort food, or something simple and nostalgic. Or if you’re a whizz in the kitchen it’s your time to shine with something fancy.

You probably have other talents I can’t possibly start to think of, put them to use! Write her a song, make her a mix tape (mix playlist?), paint a picture. Whatever it is, make it unique, and make it just for them. They’ll love it, and if you’re really lucky they’ll return the favor in the future.

Whatever you do, make it personal.

This is the most important advice anyone can give you about being romantic. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, weddings, or anniversaries, what makes the best ones is how personal they are to the couple. So bring that into your every romantic moment. Don’t worry about what media tells you to do, worry about what you know your partner will love, or is curious about. A romantic date can end in you two discovering together that you really don’t like the food you just had, or the activity you did.

The most important thing is to be together and to show your special someone they mean the world to you. Valentine’s Day is a great time to do that, but so is every other day of the year!

You’ve learned a bit more about romance, what’s next?