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Celebrate World Chocolate Day with a Chocolate Drink

We know there’s a lot of unofficial “World [something]” holidays out there, but we think this one is pretty important: World Chocolate Day is July 7th, and we encourage you to celebrate with a decadent chocolate drink! Because what’s better than having a international holiday as an excuse to make sure your chocolate stash if full of delicious wonders! In fact, we are absolutely positive you already know how you’d like to celebrate. You have your go-to chocolate. That fantasy artisan chocolate shop nearby that you couldn’t justify shopping at until now. As well as plenty of friends to give you tip on their go to chocolate craving fix.

World Chocolate Day

While you’re thinking about chocolate bars, brittles, cakes, ice-creams, sauces and more. Take a moment to consider the under appreciate but much beloved chocolate drink this World Chocolate Day! If you can’t think of any new chocolate drinks to try, here are 10 of our some international favorites!


Is a popular chocolate drink found in France and comes in both an instant form which you can prepare in milk, and form that needs to be cooked with milk for 10 minutes. Featuring cocoa, banana flour, cereals, honey, and sugar it’s easy to see why this drink became such a hit!


Is a hot chocolate drink native to Turin, Italy. It is made with espresso, drinking chocolate, and whole milk. The way it is presented is key, as it’s traditional layered style offers both elegant presentation and the drinking to decide if they should mix it or enjoy alternating flavors. After all, taking control of one’s food adventures is simply how it is done in Italy.


May not be the drink with the easiest name, but it is one of the more unique. This warm and thick Mexican drink has been around since pre-Columbian Times! The drink is made with some type of thickener, either corn flour, masa harina, or masa de maiz. Combined with water or milk, and various other spices this drink is hearty and satisfying! If you’re feeling extra celebratory, adding a bit of alcohol to this drink is also very traditional.


Also known as Cecemel in Belgium is a beloeved chocolate drink widely available in the Netherlands and Germany as well.  Like many chocolate drinks it comes premixed either in single portions to be enjoyed on the go, or cartons for treating yourself at home.

Cola Cao

When you first read the name this chocolate drink may seem like a World Chocolate Day don’t. The idea of cola and chocolate together is unusual to say the least.  However the cola in the name stands for the cola nut and not the fizzy soft drink you may have been fearing. This chocolate drink is actually an energy drink, fortified with vitamins and minerals. Origninating in Spain this drink as become a popular go-to for an afternoon burst of energy.


Is a popular Icelandic chocolate milk drink. This simple and delicious drink is a staple in Iceland that may be familiar to you. While it certainly has a local spin it is very much like many other ready to drink chocolate milks you can find throughout the world.


You have likely already had this delicious and easy to make drink, and just forgotten about it. Made in Switzerland, Ovaltine quickly became an international hit because of how easy it is to make. Mix the powder into milk, warm or hot, and you are ready to have a glass of chocolate goodness. The nostalgia, the taste, the availability all adds up to a World Chocolate Day must!


This chocolate drink originates in Nicaragua. It is a powder made with sweet cornmeal and cacao that you can add to either water or milk. The texture is usually a bit rough or gritty, but the stuff is so popular that is has become a symbol of Nicaraguan culture. Traditionally it is served out of the shell of the jicaro fruit, but glasses are also fine.


Is a playful chocolate milk drink from Sweden. Locals know that “pucko” is also slang for “idiot” in Swedish, but that hasn’t’ stopped the drink from becoming an international hit. Like many other chocolate drinks, Pucko come bottled and ready to drink.


In the United States it’s hard to find a child that doesn’t know that Yoo-Hoo is. This drink is probably the most processed drink we have on our drink list today, so drink with caution. However it is also one of the most popular. Known for its sweet and slightly tangy flavor this chocolate milk drink boasts a long shelf life and unforgettable taste.

Of course you can always just experiment with your old favorites. From chocolate liquors, to good old hot chocolate, there’s always a way to spice up your favorite chocolate drink this World Chocolate Day. And if you find you need a break, you can always try pairing it in different ways. Fruits, crackers, even some beers, and yes meat go great with chocolate and can keep you from indulging in too much sweetness. Whatever you decide to enjoy, make sure you share it with your friends and family.

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