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Long-Distance Relationships: Bridging the Gap

Long-distance relationships! As you read that, you probably considered what these words mean to you. In the days of the internet, Instagram, Tinder dates, telecommuting to work, and getting to be your own boss, the definition of long-distance relationships has grown. No, it has EXPLODED! And so, today, long-distance relationships come in all shapes and sizes.

long-distance relationships - image of a map and two hearts in separate countries

It might look like a friend or family member serving in the military. Maybe you’ve moved away from family, anywhere from a 4-hour drive to a whole new country, and visiting them in person isn’t as practical as it used to be. Perhaps you’re in college, and between work, class, and trying to get enough sleep, even just one town over feels like an ocean away. Business partners are now traveling the globe looking to expand their reach. And yes, we can’t forget the traditional romantic long-distance relationship. You may have met online, or maybe you’re just traveling for an extended time.

However brief, however deep the emotional investment, we’ve all seen some form of a long-distance relationship in our lives, and we are sure to see more. So, since they’re here to stay, how do we live with them? How do you feel closer when the miles stretch out between you? How do you kindle the spark of love, friendship, or healthy respect, when meeting face-to-face is reliant on your internet connection or a really sweet deal on airfare? I won’t lie and tell you it’s simple. But don’t fret because it is doable and very worth it.

Hack Number 1 – Physical Reminder of Your Affection

Send them gifts. Don’t worry about the gift being lavish or expensive; even something silly is a charming reminder of your affection. Try sending them their favorite bottle of wine to enjoy during your next Skype call. This gesture can go a long way in making them feel closer to you. Yes, this works for business partners too!

You can also contact local food delivery services, or send them a gourmet gift basket, to give them a little boost of energy and a night off from cooking.

Even a gag gift, like a silly hat or dorky key chain, can make the miles feel shorter and give them a much-needed reminder of just what made the two of you close to begin with.

Hack Number 2 – Don’t Be Afraid of Silence

You probably read that and rolled your eyes, but, let me explain. I’m not saying that you should be okay with weeks of no contact; quite the opposite. What I’m saying is; go ahead and call them even if you have nothing to say. Send them a text that simply says, “Miss you.” Do not feel bad if you have no real original thought or exciting story to share today. Sometimes just a phone call while you both do your own thing can be great.

While that last part isn’t practical for business partners, it’s great for friends and romantic relationships. Seriously give it a try! Call each other while you do your meal prep. You can both grumble at your fruits and veg together. Don’t be afraid to send over a text bragging about the fact that you washed AND folded your laundry on the same day. Sharing in life’s little victories and dull moments are part of the bonus of living near one another, and with technology, you can bring that to your long-distance loves as well.

long-distance-relationships: envelope full of hearts

Hack Number 3 – Meet in the Middle

I mean this both physically and with basic compromise.

When you plan to meet in person, try making a vacation out of it! Meet somewhere that is physically in the middle for both of you. If that’s not practical, be mindful of each other’s schedules. If you go to meet your friend, family member, or partner, don’t demand it only be on a week you both have off. You can use the chance to explore their city while they’re at work and hang out at night together.

Switch who’s missing out on sleep. By this, I mean if you’re in drastically different time zones don’t always leave it to one person to flip their schedule to make a phone call work. Unless that’s absolutely what they want and what makes the most sense. Instead, rotate who shuffles things around if you can’t find a middle time that works easily for both of you.

It can be expensive to be apart, don’t put the finances all on one person. This is doubly true if one of you flies out to meet the other more often. If you can’t physically travel as much, then do what you can to lighten the load of your friend or partner by helping with the expense of travel. Letting them stay at your place is a great start! You can also offer to take care of meals or help with tickets. Trust me, the extra help can go a long way in showing your appreciation and making sure they have the energy and funds to see you more often.

Long-Distance Relationships – There’s Still More To Learn

These are just 3 essential steps to help your long-distance relationships flourish. This isn’t all there is to it; you can learn hundreds of small tips and tricks from just talking with your friends and family. You’ll only figure out what works best for your situation by experimenting, so get out there and do it! Try new activities together (virtually), make that extra sweet gesture, or buy them a care package to let them know you’re thinking of them. So long as you’re both trying, you’re sure to find that the distance does feel just a little bit shorter.

Whatever you decide to try, you can contact us 24/7 for help sending gifts worldwide. We’re here to help bring loved ones closer, which means communication with the experts!

So you’ve heard what I have to say about long-distance relationships, now what?