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Fresh Delivered: How to Gift Perishable Delights Without Breaking a Sweat

There are many reasons why you might need to send a parcel of items that might potentially go bad. Ever promised yourself that you’ll start a new life on Monday, and will revise your diet by adding more fruit? Imagine you are actually in for a couple of weeks now, and have reached a completely new state of consciousness! So much so that you are inexplicably possessed to share your new attitude with others by sending them fruit baskets. Or is it that you simply want to craft a healthy hamper for your grandchild, but you’re worried about its condition after it leaves your house? At the end — or actually any time — of the day, you could be considering sending a gift as a token of support to someone who is in recovery.

Over many years of fruitful cooperation with our clients, we’ve helped them deliver all kinds of gifts, from electronic devices and stationeries to food gift baskets, both with long-lasting contents or fresh, perishable products. The latter, undeniably adored by our customers, showcases your heartfelt intention to let the recipient indulge in the goodies as soon as possible. We are ready to help you with tips on sending that kind of basket.

Tips on how to send perishable goods: a shipment with fruit and charcuterie being assembled on a kitchen table.

Tips on How to Send Perishable Goods

The most important thing to remember is that many items, from cured meat and cakes to your chocolate and grapes, must be kept at the appropriate temperature at all times during transportation. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to ensure that you:

— Place frozen gel packs or throw some dry ice in the box, so that your fruit enjoys and finds it cool to travel;

— Consider using insulated packaging: let your travelers have a pleasant journey as a group. This will keep their morale up, ensuring they don’t give up during the trip;

— Seal loose items individually. If one of them gets spoiled, this won’t affect the others. It’s like keeping the rowdy kids separate at a family gathering so they don’t cause too much chaos;

— Mark the shipment as perishable: this will instantly make the delivery service realize they couldn’t care more about your gift;

— Use a company with overnight shipping: it would feel nicer to pay a little extra now than to partially cover the intended person’s visit to a doctor later;

— Ship the gift early in the week: you don’t want the three kilos of weight off your shoulders to spend the whole weekend at a potentially unrefrigerated storage facility.

But Wait, There’s More!

Other points to consider include giving your eager recipient a heads-up that their delightful package is whizzing towards them. By the way, to ensure the content is not damaged, you can use packing noodles or wadded paper to fill in the rest of the space in the box. This cushioning acts like a shock-absorbing barrier, protecting your goodies from bumps and bruises along the way. Also, be sure to stick more tape on that box than your grandkid would on a craft project to withstand even the bumpiest of delivery routes. Now, your package is ready to go.

Phew, that was some work! You used gloves when working with the frozen ice, didn’t you? Securing the shipment of a parcel with perishables on your own is not always easy if you’ve never done it before. You are now not sure if, after all the hassle, you will be that enthusiastic about shipping fruits any time soon. Another worry is in what state the gift will arrive (“state,” get it? You did write your recipient’s address in the USA neatly, we hope). Jokes aside, the thought of not knowing how the fruit is doing can be gnawing. You want to keep pampering your loved ones with similar gifts in the future, but you’d better find an easier way to do it.

Tips on how to send perishable goods: a basket of cheese and fruit ready to be enjoyed!

How to Send Perishable Goods the Easy Way

It is here that Gift Baskets Overseas comes to the rescue like your very own gift-sending superhero! We are experts in this field, and while we may not grow your apples and oranges ourselves, we make sure they’re the freshest and juiciest ones around. Our extensive selection of fruit hampers, cakes, and other delectable treats is sure to satisfy even the most discerning taste buds.

Not only do we offer overnight delivery to ensure your perishables arrive in tip-top shape, but we also keep you in the loop with email and SMS notifications about the successful delivery. It’s like receiving a virtual high-five for your thoughtful gift-giving!

While we don’t recommend setting the delivery date for Monday (we don’t want your precious cargo sitting around over the weekend), we do offer express Saturday delivery for those last-minute gift emergencies — although it comes at a slightly higher rate. But hey, what’s a few extra bucks when it comes to making someone’s day, right?

Picking the Perfect Gift

You might be interested in our diverse gift categories featuring perishable items, perfect for any occasion or recipient:

Get-well gift ideas;

Care packages

Cakes for the occasion of your choice. Mmm, those cheesecakes look so tempting!

— Or even bouquets? Flowers are enjoyed when fresh and have always been a great gifting idea, so how about combining presents in your order?

If you haven’t found a gift that caught your eye yet and you think your plan on sending a healthy gift is going pear-shaped, we have a solution! Try our Create-Your-Own Fruit Basket feature when you’d like to send more of a customized hamper.

We deliver gifts locally, they never cross borders, and this helps us guarantee the best arrival condition of your gift.

By having you choose and embark on your gift-giving journey with us, we hope a seed will be planted of a long-lasting relationship. Together, we’ll nurture this connection, ensuring that all your gift-giving needs are met — with ease and expertise.

So why not sow the seed today? Reach out to us by emailing or calling us from anywhere in the world, and let one of our gift experts guide you through the ordering process. We can’t wait to watch our relationship blossom and grow!

You’ve learned how to send perishable goods — what next?

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