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How To Celebrate Mother’s Day Long Distance

Hey, do you see it?

Mother’s Day is hiding and winking at you just around the corner! This year in the USA and many other countries, Mother’s Day falls on May 14th. Make sure you double-check the date for the country you’re in! Even though one day a year isn’t enough to honor one of the greatest women in your life, Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity to celebrate that special woman. The woman who gave light kisses on the skinned knee to make the pain disappear, checked for monsters under the bed, and raised you with love and tenderness.

When this day rolls around, you want to make the day all about Mom. But what if you are separated by distance and can’t see each other in person? Living miles apart and being on different sides of the country or even on different continents may be tough and stressful.

However, distance doesn’t mean you can’t still show your love and care. Believe it or not, there are actually plenty of ways to celebrate Mother’s Day long distance!  Keep reading to find tons of ideas for bridging the gap between you and Mom until you can see each other in person once again!

Celebrate Mother's Day Long Distance: Woman on a video chat

Tips To Celebrate Mother’s Day Long Distance

Making Mother’s Day special from a distance is not an easy task to do. But we are kind of magicians! Ready to give you some creative long-distance spells to make the day sweet and memorable, even if you’re miles apart.

1. Call Her or Have a Skype Date For Mother’s Day

God Bless the technology, making it easy to celebrate Mother’s Day long distance! These days it’s possible to feel like you’re together, even if you’re not near. If your mum can’t be surrounded by her favorite kiddos in person, she will love seeing you on screen. Set up a time to have a digital chat with your mom on Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime. Spend quality time chatting, gossiping, and sharing a glass of wine. Get bonus points when you send her a bottle (or two) to enjoy! Setting aside time to cook the same meal together to share during your chat is a great bonus! The important thing is ensuring you use the moment to catch up, just as you would in real life.

Send her Mother’s Day gift in time to open during the call for an extra surprise! 

2. Celebrate Mother’s Day Long Distance With A Virtual Party

Some long-distance mamas value experiences and emotions. Why not host a surprise virtual party for her that she will never forget? It doesn’t matter which activity you choose – enjoying each other’s company will make your mum’s night. Why not throw a luxurious spa party? Nothing says, “You’re a queen of the world,” like a good foot scrub and fresh nail polish accompanied by Whitney Houston songs playing in the background. Send your mom fun face masks, candles, spa sets, and more to pamper yourselves and recreate that nostalgic taste of High-School sleepovers. 

Celebrate Mother's Day Long Distance - Woman enjoying a spa day

3. Watch a Movie Together

If Mom prefers a “quiet cinematographic party,” why not schedule a movie night where you can watch a film together? Pick her favorite movie (it’s her day, after all), and play it on your computer, sharing the screen so that you can watch simultaneously. By the way, we’re pretty sure that watching a film without your favorite snacks reduces the amount of serotonin in your body. Play it safe and send Mom a snack box for the full movie night experience! 

4. Set Up a Flower Delivery

Who doesn’t love a surprise that shows up at their front door? Especially if it’s a gorgeous bouquet appearing at your doorstep, like in those sweet romantic movies in the 2000s. Plan early to have flowers delivered to your mama’s porch to make her feel like a main character in her favorite rom-com. An extra tip from us – a special note makes her flower bouquet extra touching and personal. But don’t forget to sign it! Otherwise, this rom-com story can turn into a horror movie! Leaving your mom scared and wondering if a creep sent the flowers instead.

5. Book a Weekend Getaway

Life is short! Don’t wait for a Fairy Godmother and the right moment to come. Make your life full of memories! Be adventurous and impulsive! Note: but not that impulsive like in the “Hangover” movies. Your mom deserves the world, not less. Book a weekend trip for both of you and discover the world together! Taking plenty of pictures during your trip and creating a digital or physical scrapbook ensures the memories last for ages! If you’re a procrastinator, this scrapbook can always be next year’s gift. 

6. Buy Her Online Classes

It’s never too late to learn something new. Maybe she’s always wanted to try something but was afraid to start. Give her the encouragement and gentle nudge she needs to pursue her passions! Photography, cooking, piano lessons; whatever her interests are, buy her a class, and she’ll love it. 

Celebrate Mother's Day Long Distance - Woman forming a clay bowl.

7. DIY Your Gift

From the first time you brought home that ceramic craft and cute drawing from preschool, Mom was always your devoted fan. It’s time to show your creative skills one more time! There is no limit to your imagination. Get together all the fav pics of your mum for a presentation. Include photos from when you were little, every family vacation, and more recent candids. Make your presentation unforgettable and include sweet captions along with her favorite music.

Think outside the box! Design a calendar she can hang on her fridge filled with photos that will make her smile. Or do your best – recreate your first ceramic craft to show off how much you’ve improved. 

8. Give Her a Certificate

Bad at drawing and ceramics? Don’t worry. We have a great ready-made idea for those lacking creative skills. Sometimes the best gift is the one she chooses for herself. Give her a gift certificate so she can pick out her favorite treats. Or, go the extra mile to give her an experience gift certificate! Channel her inner Beyoncé: give her a massage appointment, book a yoga session, and buy a certificate to a hair salon. Make her inner woman shine bright like a diamond in that song by Rihanna.

9. Celebrate Mother’s Day Long Distance With Pampering

Everyone loves to be taken care of, and your Momma is no exception. And let’s be honest, most of what moms want on Mother’s Day is relaxation, good sleep, and no cooking! Having her favorite treats delivered takes care of that! Magic outside Hogwarts. 

For Mother’s Day gifts that show you care, check out our collection of lovely and extra sentimental gourmet gift baskets. Delivered internationally, they’re a meaningful way to show you care – distance or no distance!

Celebrate Mother’s Day Year Round

The most important thing about celebrating Mom on Mother’s Day – is to keep it up. Flowers, gifts, phone calls, and more are all wonderful ways to make the day extraordinary. Ensuring you have regular plans for seeing each other, even virtually, means more than celebrating on a single day. So follow up your Mother’s Day gifts with more acts to keep your mom close in your life. 

You’ve got some tips about celebrating Mother’s Day at a distance; now what?