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How to Be Happier in The New Year

It’s hard to disagree that New Year is the perfect time for a fresh start. It’s that time of year when we are all motivated to zero in on personal goals and shake the things up in all aspects of life. But unfortunately, according to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, less than 10% of people actually keep their New Year resolutions. We often set goals which are either too ambitious or too restrictive to maintain in the long term. These unrealistic plans are very hard to stick with throughout the year and most of them don’t last more than a month. Another problem is that in pursuit of fulfilling our New Year resolutions we often forget the ultimate goal: our personal happiness. Here to help you is our guide to how to be happier in the New Year.

How to Be Happier in The New Year -- Gift Baskets OVerseas Blog

Make 2019  the year to “reset” your goals rather than setting them and concentrate on your inner self. Make it the time when your main resolution is to become a happier person and bring happiness to everyone around. Because what can be more important than your mental and physical well-being, really? Happiness is not only the key to good immune system, it also unlocks creativity, improves memory and productivity. Once you teach yourself how to be happy you’ll notice drastic changes in other spheres of your life right away.

Dalai Lama used to say that “happiness is something that comes from your own actions”. So, here’s what you can do to become a happier person in 2019:

Giving Thanks Can Make You Happier

Gratitude is the gateway to optimism and greater happiness. According to Harvard Men’s Health Watch editor Harvey B. Simon, M.D., it “helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve overall health, and build strong relationships.” Gratitude forces you to become aware of the good things in life and causes your brain to shift from negative to positive mental outlook.

It’s important to express gratitude on many different levels. Constantly retrieving positive memories and blessings from the past is as important as not taking good fortune for granted and maintaining a hopeful and optimistic attitude about the future. Luckily, regardless of the current level of your gratitude, it’s something you can successfully cultivate in yourself at any point in your life. Celebrating little everyday joys and frequently appreciating the things you have reduce anxiety and promote positivity and contentment. You can also express your gratitude by giving back to society that will instill a sense of purpose in your life, boosting your mood and self-esteem.

Optimism and happiness go hand-in-hand. While a positive mindset won’t necessarily make your problems disappear, it will definitely help you overcome them more effectively. So try to stay away from toxic influence from the outside as much as you can, practice self-love and surround yourself with people who make you feel motivated and good about yourself.

How to Be Happier in The New Year: Meditation


How to Be Happier in The New Year: Spread The Love

One of the important ways to express your gratitude (and earn some extra karma points) is to give thanks to your nearest and dearest. Even if you made sure to verbally thank them for all the love and support sending a little appreciation gift will go a long way. There’s no need to wait for a special occasion when you simply want to say “Thank You”. Besides, there are so many ways to surprise them no matter where they are! In the world of online shopping you are just a click away from sending a gift basket overseas or luxurious flower arrangement to another state and making your loved ones feel really appreciated.

And just think how good gift giving makes you feel! There is an actual scientific basis to it. Numerous studies have proven that we feel a greater sense of happiness when spending money on others as opposed to spending it on ourselves. Giving is also beneficial for your health. A wide range of research has linked different forms of generosity to better health, even among the sick and elderly. Well, I can’t think of a more enjoyable way to promote happiness all around!

Spend More Time With Loved Ones

There’s nobody who can make us feel good about ourselves more than our loved ones. Whether it’s your significant other, parents, children or close friends, spending time with them significantly reduces stress levels, helps you unwind and feel content. Especially if you’re going through rough time at work or personal life confiding to someone trustworthy and empathetic helps you release bottled emotions, get a different perspective on the situation and feel better in a matter of minutes.

Balance Is Key

Work is extremely important, there’s no doubt about that. It doesn’t mean though you should get so caught up in the rat-race that you forget to live your life. There’s not a single thing that is more important than your health, your mental well-being and your family, no matter how often they tell you otherwise. Always find time to look inside yourself, learn to separate your own desires from the false ones imposed by the outside world and don’t be afraid to say “no”. Going against yourself is not only counterproductive but can also mess with your health.

Way too often work is related with too much stress that you don’t want to take home with you. So, make it a goal to leave office on-time and all its worries behind until the next morning. Constantly elevated stress levels can be really detrimental for your health. Make a conscious decision to prioritize things in life and realize the importance of restoring your energy and happiness levels outside the work environment.

How to Be Happier in The New Year: Smile More

Don’t Forget To Smile

Did you know that smiling can make you feel happier? That’s right, as simple as that. The scientists have proved that smiling, whether it’s natural or forced, causes your brain to see that physical reaction as positive and will then interpret any activity you’re doing as pleasant. Try it yourself. When you feel sad or anxious put a pencil between your teeth and force yourself to smile for at least 30-60 minutes. After your take out the pencil from your mouth you’ll automatically start smiling and will feel joy rising inside. So, put on a cheesy grin while you’re trying to finish a challenging task, deal with a negative person or go through a personal drama, and you might just find yourself feeling a little bit better about the situation.

Another good idea is to surround yourself with things you enjoy. For example, something like a bouquet of flowers on your desk or dining table can make you feel happier and more energetic simply by looking at it. Flowers also promote creativity and brighten up a room. So, go ahead and buy a bouquet for yourself or send one to someone who needs a little pick me up and see how it will change your life right away.

The time for New Year resolutions is here and whether you’ve set your mind on eating healthier, exercising more or learning new skills make sure that “being happy” is on top of your list. While there are many ways to be happy concentrating on yourself, your inner peace and balance in life is the key to real happiness.

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