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How to Celebrate Greek Name Days

Continuing our tour through the world, gift by gift, we’ve landed in Greece. A beautiful and rich country, Greece is the go-to destination for many tourists. But that raises the question: how do you spoil people who live in a beautiful nation nestled near the sea? Along with that, how do you surprise friends and business partners with gifts? Additionally, what rules are there for sending a gift basket? Finally, what holidays are you forgetting?

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The secrets to sending gifts to Greece aren’t hard or complicated at all, so breathe easy. When you choose presents for loved ones in Greece, your main focus should be that you send plenty! Greek people often share their gifts with others (even when you send them to just one person). So sending a little bit extra goes a long way to winning over your loved ones.

All the major holidays are celebrated in Greece, so you already know when to send gifts for those. But the Greeks celebrate name days as well. If you really want to connect with a Greek friend or colleague, here’s your guide on how to celebrate Greek name days.

What are Greek Name Days?

According to Orthodox tradition, almost every day on the calendar is dedicated to a saint or martyr. When someone is named after these people, the day dedicated to the saint that shares their name becomes their Name Day. As a result, you can think of a Name Day like a second birthday! It’s celebrated much the same way, with gifts, parties, and fun! Some of the most popular name days are:

Celebrate Greek Name Days - a rich tradition of gift-giving and appreciation
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January 7th – Ioannis, Ioanna, Prodromos.
January 17th – Antonis, Anotonia.
January 18th – Athanasios, Athanasia.
February 14th – Valentinos, Valentini (for Valentine’s Day of course).
June 29th – Petros, Peter, Petra, Pavlos, Paul, Pavlina, Pauline.
July 26th – Paraskevi, Paraskevas,
August 30th – Alexandros, Alexandra.
September 17th – Sofia, Elpida, Agapi, Pisti, Sonia,
November 8th – Stamatios, Stamatia, Michalis, Gavriel, Gav riela, Taxiarchis, Aggelos, Aggeliki, Matina, Serafim.
December 15th – Eleftherios, Eleftheria, Anthi, Sylvia.

What to give family and friends on their Name Day?

The most popular gifts to send to loved ones in Greece are flowers and cakes. Surprise them on their birthday with a beautiful flower arrangement inspired by the birth month flower. Or, pick a bouquet whose colors inspire happiness. If you want something that needs a little less care, send cake! A cake is both delicious and big enough to share, making it a huge hit in Greece. Be a bit unique and send a box of assorted cupcakes to make sure they can try a new flavor (or two).

Gourmet Spring Hamper to Celebrate Greek Name Days  Strawberry Dream Cake to Celebrate Greek Name Days Fruity and Chocolate Rejoice to Celebrate Greek Name Days

If you know they don’t have a sweet tooth, don’t worry. Any gourmet food basket or a bottle of wine will be just the thing to help them celebrate their namesake.

What to give business partners and co-workers on their Name Day?

Looking to impress a VIP with an extra personal touch, that isn’t TOO personal? Sending a gift on their name day is a great way to show clients, business partners, and employees that you care. The best professional gifts to send in Greece might surprise you. Liquor hampers are the crème of the crop! Sending that VIP a bottle of their favorite spirit is just the thing to lift their mood and wish them a happy Name Day.

If you know their office won’t allow them to receive liquor, you can always send a big arrangement of flowers to Greece. A tasteful arrangement to help brighten up their space with a thoughtful card will make a lasting impression. Go trendy and send an edible arrangement, or mix in a side of fruit to add that extra touch of indulgence.

Cheese Board Delights to Celebrate Greek Name Days Tender Moments Bouquet to Celebrate Greek Name Days Irresistible Wine Duo to Celebrate Greek Name Days

Other Gifting Tips for Greece

For the rest, gift giving in Greece is simple! As you already know, nearly every holiday is celebrated here. In addition, the people of Greece enjoy any excuse to celebrate, so if you can’t wait for a holiday send the gift anyway! That means a surprise in the middle of the week is a very welcome thing, and is sure to have them smiling. Just keep in mind the busiest times of the year, when businesses often close, and people may be out on vacation or visiting family. In Greece, this tends to be around Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and New Year.

Whatever you’re sending, make it big, make it bold, make it bright, and make sure you send it with all of your best wishes. When you do that your gift will be a huge success!

You’re ready to send a gift to Greece, now what?

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