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Unwrapping Cyprus – A Guide To Cyprus Gift Traditions

Sending a gift to another part of the world isn’t as complicated as you think. Sure, there’s a lot to consider: local gifting customs, holidays, traditions, etc. But that stuff is a lot easier to navigate than you think. To help, we’re giving you a cheat-sheet about traditional gifts to Cyprus. Here’s our quick reference to Cyprus gift traditions: what you should send, when you should send it, and a brief history about why.

Cyprus Gift Traditions. First, what major holidays are celebrated there?

As you might expect, people in Cyprus celebrate most of the major international holidays like Christmas and New Year. The population is a good mix of people living and vacationing in Cyprus, so its culture and traditions are as diverse as the options for seafood. However, there is one noticeable difference, and that is that Cyprus takes Name Days very seriously. Name Days are a lot like birthdays; they are a celebration of a day associated with the name given to you. There’s often a party, some gifts, and sweets. The most popular Name Days in Cyprus are:

  • 21st of  May – Konstantinos, Eleni
  • 26th of October – Demetrios, Demetra
  • 8th of November – Gavriel, Gabriella, Michalis, Agelos, Agela
  • 21st of November – Maria, Marios
  • 26th of November – Stelios, Stella
  • 30th of November – Andreas, Andri
  • 6th of December – Nikolas, Niki

What are the most popular gifts to send in Cyprus?

The number one gift to send to someone in Cyprus, is flowers. Wedding flowers, birthday flowers, apology flowers: you name it and there is a flower for the occasion. Large, vibrant bouquets are a clear display to friends, family, and neighbors that the recipient is being spoiled.  Don’t think for a moment we’re just talking about the ladies. In Cyprus it is very common to send everyone flowers, men, women, children, young and old. It just makes sense, flowers are a sweet and comforting gift no matter who you are.

If you want to spice up the gift for a business partner, or celebrate a big life achievement, then add a bottle of liquor, or a gourmet gift basket to your delivery to Cyprus. Food and booze go hand in hand there, but that’s true in every country!

What gifting traditions are there in Cyprus?

In Cyprus, there are very few gifting rules, but the ones that exist are important. If someone has a Name Day, birthday, or other celebration on a public holiday or Sunday, it’s common practice to send their gift ahead of time or the day after. On Sundays and public holidays, Cyprus all but shuts down. Off time is very important and highly respected.

When you send flowers for a funeral, it is very important that you do not send the flowers to the person’s home address. Always make sure flowers will be delivered to the church or place where the service is. People mourning in their homes will not accept flowers there, since it is a place for private grief.

The last thing you should know when picking out a gift to send to Cyprus is: Relax! Really, the most important thing about any gift to Cyprus is that you send it with sincerity and love.  The people in Cyprus are full of life, joy, and appreciation for any acts of kindness.

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