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Gift Baskets Overseas and Climate Action: What We Do in Partnership with Rainforest Trust and Beyond

With current shift of corporate focus to sustainability and environmental action, we often hear from our enterprise customers that they need to make sure their gift programs comply. So, Gift Baskets Overseas and climate action. What are we doing here in order to make sure that your gifts are delivered responsibly and don’t harm the environment?

Gift Baskets Overseas and Climate Action

That was a gift order that went wrong right from the start. The client could not confirm delivery addresses of their recipients, telephone numbers were missing, gift selection criteria such as recipient preferences and dietary restrictions were vague… And you know, we really need such pieces of information in order to make sure a gift of your choice arrives at a door exactly on time and as you want it to be!

At some point of mutual frustration, the customer said to the service representative trying to assist them: Know what? We are all for climate action here, we and our partners to whom these gifts are intended. Do you have anything related?

Then, everything clicked. Of course we had! Three years into a partnership with Rainforest Trust, a US-based nonprofit environmental organization focused on the purchase and protection of tropical lands to strategically conserve threatened species, we were ready to provide a customer with a list of options.

Gift Baskets Overseas and Climate Action: Partnering with Rainforest Trust

For us at Gift Basket Overseas partnering with such organization is a privilege and honor. Each month, a portion of sales of selected products goes into this charity. Our team makes sure to follow regular updates from Rainforest Trust to learn about the projects and initiatives to which the funds go.

For example, this year Rainforest Trust expanded the Bigal River Biological Reserve by 200 acres. The Bigal River Biological Reserve in northeastern Ecuador contains dense tropical forests that protect a wildlife corridor from highlands to lowlands. Its foothills are a critical part of the Northern Andes Endemic Bird Area and a globally recognized Key Biodiversity Area. Despite its importance, the surrounding area has become a checkerboard of human settlements, and a network of roads fragment wildlife habitat, threatening the rare abundance of species.

Gift Baskets Overseas and Climate Action:  partnering with Rainforest Trust

To save this vibrant landscape, Rainforest Trust and together with Fundación Sumac Muyu began strategically expanding the reserve in 2019. Now it total 1,950 acres. Bigal is a permanent home to resident species such as the Endangered White-bellied Spider Monkey and the Vulnerable Military Macaw and Common Woolly Monkey. The new reserve is also full of scientific discovery, providing a safe haven for many species not yet identified. (Information and image courtesy of Rainforest Trust).

Gift Baskets Overseas and Climate Action: Beyond Donations

However, our involvement in addressing the most important crises of the new millennium doesn’t stop here. The business model of Gift Baskets Overseas itself creates eco-friendly processes from start to finish.

All the orders that corporate and individual customers place on our website are for international deliveries. There are some exceptions, and if you are curious about the change of geography of international business gifting, I would recommend our recent research here. However, the gourmet products and exclusive items never actually cross the border!

Dedicated team of gift specialists in each country fulfill your orders locally. This ensures your gifts travel the shortest possible distance. When you order a gift that should go thousands of miles, you can rest assured that it actually will never board a plane. So sending a gift this way will never contribute to these types of pollution.

Gift Baskets Overseas and Climate Action: What’s Next

Our dedicated corporate account managers work with local suppliers to ensure that gifts comply with corporate requirements. This means you will be able to select eco-friendly, environmentally safe products that will be packaged and delivered in the most sustainable way. Now you can:

  • – Find the corporate gifting program most suitable for your business;
  • – Fill out our gift wizard to receive carefully selected options for your budget;
  • – Join us on LinkedIn for special promotions and corporate discounts.

Is there anything you can learn about gifts that give back to givers and the environment? Let’s talk about it on social media, follow and comment!