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FIFA World Cup 2018 – A List Of Gifts For Diehard Fans

Some call it soccer, some call it football, and everyone calls it fun! Once every 4 years, the whole world comes a little bit closer. 32 countries gather to play some amazing matches and discover the world’s best soccer (football) team! The FIFA World Cup 2018 is here. This is a unique time where nations all over the world bond over a single sport. Differences are all temporarily put aside in favor for cheering on your favorite team! But how do you celebrate it?

FIFA World Cup

At GBO, we have TONS of soccer fans, so it’s only natural that we worked together to write a blog about some of the countries we are from. What does their team history look like? What’s the most popular gift to send to that country?   Below you’ll find our team’s comments on a few country’s soccer teams, and how best to cheer them on and support their fans!


 Russian Delights Gift Basket

The host country for this year’s World Cup would not normally be mentioned in an all-star list of soccer teams. However this year, they’ve really given it their all. They had a knock out 5-0 game in Saudi Arabia during their debut match, putting them back on the map.

Russian Delights Gift Basket

And to inspire the Russian fans after the first game, the best gift for Russia is any gift basket with vodka of course! This iconic drink of the nation pairs well with any gourmet assortment. As a bonus, your friends are sure to need a few extra bottles if they’re following every match with a group of friends.


Tudo sobre cerveja Presente VariedadeThere is no way to make a list with highlights of a World Cup and not talk about Brazil! A country of soccer champions, they’re looking for some redemption this year by winning the title. Last year they were shut out in a frustrating 7-1 loss to Germany. Neymar, Coutinho, William and Co. will do everything to bring joy to Brazilian fans this year.

All About Beer

And if we send a gift to Brazil to help the Brazilian fans keep cheering, it would have to be beer.  The basket to the right, besides other snacks, brings 8 different varieties of Brazilians’ preferred drink, in national and imported brands!  The only beers you may want to avoid are German brands, it might be too soon.

Perfect Bites to BelgiumBelgium

Belgium is not usually a favorite in the world of soccer. However, they have always stood out by having a strong defensive system and great goalkeepers. This year, things may have changed, and there  some who are betting on the Belgian national team. With all-star names like Hazard and Lukaku, things are looking bright for the team’s future. They’ve started strong with a 3 – 0 win in their debut.

The best gift for Belgium? Chocolate! After all, the best in the world is made there, like Godiva. The more variety you send, the better. Don’t forget to send enough for your friends to share, as these heated matches can go on for a long time!

 Espanhol Cesta Delícias Presente Spain

The 2010 world champion deserves to be on any list of highlights in the world of soccer.  Home to some of the biggest teams in the world like Real Madrid and Barcelona, Spain only brings all-stars to its line-up.

And to send a gift to Spain, we selected a basket that brings out the best in Spanish cuisine. A delicious Spanish wine, a fabulous olive oil and delicious ham. This gourmet basket promises to help you savor any game. Any gourmet basket will do, as soccer is a social event in Spain, full of food, friends, and fun.

FIFA World Cup 2018 - The REAL winners are the fans!


 Portuguese Delights Portugal has the best player in the world today, Cristiano Ronaldo, and that alone would be enough to make them the favorites to win the 2018 World Cup. Not only that, they were champions of the last Euro Cup in 2016.

Portuguese Delights

Since Portugal boasts some of the world’s best wines, sending a gift to your loved ones is a no brainer. Any gift to Portugal almost has to have a decadent bottle of wine to live up to what your friends are used to there.

Keep their mouthwatering with this delicious basket that contains a Portuguese wine, an olive oil, and other delicacies of Portuguese cuisine.


Beer from All Over The World The current champions of the world come to Russia with the mission to keep up the momentum that won them the last world cup! So, just like Brazil, they are always favorites.

And a gift to Germany has to have beer, a drink traditionally enjoyed in the country. A basket with a mix of beer and savory meats is the perfect way to help your friends celebrate.

What about Beer from All Over The World? With a selection of beers like this, even Oktoberfest will be in second place.


 Variedade de confeitos acima e fora France’s national team always surprises us in every World Cup. This year, they may not be among the favorites, but we think it’s best not to underestimate underdogs.

And just like the French players, we decided to surprise everyone with our choice of what gift to send to France.

If you were expecting a French sparkling wine, you guessed wrong. This selection of sweets from different regions of France will certainly surprise anyone who receives this special gift.


The More The Merrier This team came in second in the last World Cup. The team counts on one of the biggest stars of the soccer, Lionel Messi. Making Argentina one of the most outstanding team selections in the planet.

With wines that are almost as enchanting as their star player any  gift to Argentina should include a bottle. This gift brings 3 wines that will wow your friends as much as Di Maria, Messi, and Aguero.

With this gift, you cannot go wrong.

World Cup 2018 – The biggest celebration between countries

If you are a sports fan, the World Cup is an incredible opportunity to know more about the participating countries. Not only through the games but also through contact with fans and people of different nationalities.

If you are lucky enough  to go to the World Cup and make friends from other countries, always remember we make it easy to stay in touch.

We at GBO work all over the world, so we take keeping in touch with loved ones far away very personally. If  you want to send a gift to your new French, German, Argentinian or Russian friend that you made during the World Cup, just visit our website!

You know some of the most popular team picks, now what?

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Images of soccer ball by Marco Verch