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Father’s Day Beer Shopping Guide for Beer Haters

Father’s Day is on June 18th, and besides neck ties, golf clubs, and about 10,000 grilling accessories, everyone is giving advice about beer. Because what dad doesn’t love beer? Actually, we know that quite a few Dads aren’t really into it, but we’ll get to that later. Buying the perfect gift for Dad can be hard. When you know that the perfect gift is beer, Father’s Day beer shopping can be downright brutal if you don’t drink beer yourself.

Do you play it safe and give him the same old thing he always drinks? It shows you listen, which is good. But many people secretly hope for a surprise and a bit of adventure when they get a gift. So, you might do better if you find Dad a new beer.

Father's Day beer
My Dad is My Dad, Your Dad is Yours

What if your dad doesn’t fit the mold that marketers are trying to sell you? Commercials show a type of dad that we see on TV shows. The macho man, the man’s man. But in 2017, we are all aware of these clichés and they’re getting old. So yes, some dads may really be aching for their millionth neck tie this Father’s Day, but there are some who might like flowers. The point is that no salesperson is going to know your dad better than you know him.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the tie.

To help you get started, here’s how to shop for beer on Father’s Day, even if you don’t like it. If your dad doesn’t like it, we still have a few Father’s Day gifts suggestions that may just do the trick anyway.

Onward! Father’s Day Beer Shopping Awaits

First, you need to know what kind of beer your dad drinks. Or would drink if the beer tasted as good as the label advertised. There are 5 types of beer: ales, lagers, stouts, porters, and malts. Each boasts a different kind of flavor that they may or may not live up to.


These beers boast a full body, and rarely mess with too many bells and whistles. The rule of thumb here is that the darker the ale, the more aggressive the flavor (which isn’t always a good thing). Most labels will speak of things like “fruity head” or “bitter over notes”. Generally, ales are served at a warmer temperature, which is convenient if Dad likes to drink in his shop.


If your dad doesn’t like ale, but thinks the full-bodied flavor, fruity bouquet, and slightly bitter taste sounded nice on paper, then buy your dad a cheese tray. Make sure it’s full of hard cheeses whose older ages offer hints of bitterness that pair perfectly with a robust cracker and actual fruit.


Not to be confused with loggers who might enjoy a glass or two, or maybe wine instead, who knows?  Lager is often hailed as the world’s most popular type of beer, which might make you think it’s a safe pick on Father’s Day. However, this style of beer is easy to get lost in, they range from pale to black, bitter to sweet, and every single thing in between. If your dad likes puzzles, he’d probably appreciate navigating his way through a variety of lagers. The fermenting process for these beers is long, and done at colder temperatures. The beers themselves are often served cold and their labels promise things like crisp flavors, medium to high hops, notes of citrus, and most importantly high carbonation which offers a playful mouth feel.

The Father’s Day beer novice might only find notes of bread, perhaps toasted bread. So, if your dad isn’t a beer man, but really liked the idea of something crisp and refreshing, then buy him a fruit hamper. Try sending him a fun spirit with a tonic or soda chaser. You could also take him out for a great sub or sandwich so he can have actual bread.

Stouts & Porters

Even the experts warn that stouts and porters are easy beers to confuse. So, unless your dad’s the beer whisperer who can sniff out all the subtle aromas in beer like it’s a fine wine, then don’t stress much about it. Believe it or not, beer tasting – like wine tasting – is a thing. That means, if you want to impress your dad here are some key points on what makes them different.

Porters are so dark they are often almost black, and they have a sweeter flavor than stouts. This makes them more common when a menu is trying to pair them with something like a dessert. The coffee and chocolate flavors make them great for an after-dinner sip.

Stouts are often thicker and fuller-bodied, with an extra bitter taste to them. They also have coffee and chocolate notes in them, but are described as more intense than porters. Think of the difference between milk chocolate and dark chocolate – kind of.

For non-beer drinkers, you could just go with actual coffee and chocolate on Father’s Day. Get real crazy and send one of those giant assortments that are just a little more fun.


Last but not least, the Father’s Day beer shopping wouldn’t be complete without a look at malts. This is the beer that made hops the least important part of its flavor. Instead, malt breweries get experimental with things like toasting time (for the raw plant materials before fermentation), roasting temperatures, and additional flavorings.

If your dad enjoys unique flavors and experimentation, malts are the beer for him. As an added bonus, they also play well with classic flavors like caramel, toffee, and even nutty flavors; which makes malts sound like the candy section of beers!

That’s why you might not be shocked that we suggest buying your dad a sweet hamper instead of Father’s Day beer, if it isn’t for him.  We also recommend adding caramels to your dad’s gift even if you are buying him a malt, as the two pair really well together.

So, beer, ties, sweets, flowers, complicated grills, or just dinner together. Whatever you give your dad for Father’s Day, just make sure you order it on time. Nobody likes it when their gift is late, it makes them feel like you forgot.

Now you’re basically an expert on beer – What’s Next?

  • Order the perfect Father’s Day gift for dad. From bold beers to succulent sweets, we have gift baskets that are sure to win him over.
  • If you want to try surprising him with a homemade gift, try giving Dad breakfast in bed. We even have some amazing pancake recipes you can try.
  • Finally, don’t forget to share this blog to remind your friends they still have some shopping to do. Just click on a social media button below.

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