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Celebrating an Employee Milestone with Chocolate Covered Strawberries

How do you celebrate a 4-year anniversary at work?

We think such an important employee milestone deserves a delicious corporate gift, so when the time came to celebrate our Social Media Manager’s 4th year with the company, we sent something we knew she’d love: Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Sempronia was kind enough to film the unboxing and taste the first one one camera for us. Check it out!

Gifts to USA | Berry SweetThese chocolate-enrobed treats are cold-packed and delivered quickly. Giant strawberries are wrapped in a thick coating of milk, dark, or white chocolate. Then they’re hand-decorated to match the season.

This sweet, gourmet gift is perfect for celebrating an employee milestone like an anniversary or a birthday at the office. The giftee of honor can share easily, or keep the goodies to themselves. Besides being a generous, sending a gift that shows you know at least one of their favorite things makes the people who work for you feel valued. What better way is there to thank them for their hard work than with a delicious gift they’ll love?



How are You Celebrating Employee Milestones?

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