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Easter Basket Ideas For Grown-Ups

Easter Basket Ideas For Grown-Ups

Somewhere between not believing in the Tooth Fairy and Santa, we gave up on the Easter Bunny too. It’s no wonder! As we got older, Easter got less and less about hunting for the Easter Eggs, more about hiding them. Less about dyeing eggs, and more about minimizing the mess younger kids made as they dyed. It’s time to take Easter back for the adults! What better year than one where Easter falls on April Fools Day?! Here are our favorite Easter basket ideas for grown-ups.

Easter Basket Ideas For Grown-Ups: Skip the egg hunt

The first step in making Easter adult friendly, surprising each other with baskets. You planned the parties, baked the cakes, hid the eggs, made the food, and fired up the grill. Make sure you and other adulating bad-asses out there have an Easter basket to sink into Sunday evening when the kids are tucked into bed, and the dishes are looming in the sink.

What does one send a successful man or woman who could buy whatever they want for themselves you ask? EASY! All of the things you know they’ll talk themselves out of in favor of adulating. Easter is about Spring, fun, family, and being thankful.

For the Foodies

Spring for that gourmet wine, cheese, or special charcuterie they’ve wondered about but couldn’t justify. Are they adventurous? Buy them any one of the 100 weird foods they’ve rambled to you about and give them the excuse they’ve been looking for to actually TRY it. Send them a gourmet basket with a theme, for instance regional foods from a country they want to visit.

Easter Gift BasketIf they’re a little more down to earth, try something practical. Chocolate and sweets aren’t just for kids. Indulge their sweet cravings by sending them a gift bursting with all of the things they used to love as a kid. Make sure to send gourmet chocolates as well, so they can excuse the evening of indulgence by saying they had something sophisticated.

A spice gift basket, or a BBQ gift basket are perfect for the foodies who prefer to do all of the cooking.

The Fans Of Night Caps

Sending a bottle of wine or liquor is something just about everyone will appreciate. Adding a bottle of scotch, or rum, or vodka, or wine, or any other adult beverage can really make it clear that this basket is about them. Add to it a basket of fruit and you’ll have given them what they need to make a vibrant spring cocktail that they can enjoy after an Easter well done!

For Your Friends Who Are Wound Too Tight

We have a few of those in the office ourselves. They would like join us in screaming: send spa baskets please! You may feel like it is silly, sending a grown adult soap and a loofah. What you’re really sending your BFF when you send them a spa gift basket is an unavoidable reason to take some ME time. So go ahead, order that lavender-scented spa basket paired with the candles, the slippers, the wine, and some chocolate. Order two, you’ve earned some TLC too. Spring is about rebirth, and washing away the stresses of life is one of the best ways to welcome spring.

Easter chocolate

The Newly Weds

We aren’t talking about just any newly weds. We’re talking about the couples so new to each other and so excited to be together that they’ve nearly blurred into one person. If they have a joint Facebook account, they’re stuck DEEP in this phase. Before the crawl out, encourage them. This kind of love doesn’t last nearly long enough. Send them an Easter basket built to share. A gourmet hamper filled with a mix of sweet and savory can be just the thing to inspire them to go on a picnic. A bouquet of flowers can help them set the mood in their home. Whatever you send, address it to both of them and send your sincere congratulations.

The Ones Stuck In College

Before you send them money, try sending caffeine. A tea and coffee hamper can go a long way to making sure they can make that big push toward finals. With so much on their plates, and so little time to worry about eating right, sending a fruit basket along with their coffee will help keep their shaky hands steady.

For Everyone Else

Ask! Think about the last time you were asked what you would like for a surprise and how good it felt. When you’re in doubt about what to send someone that makes them happy, and none of the advice you find online feels right, pick up the phone and ask. Tell them you want to surprise them for Easter, and you’d like to make sure they actually enjoy it. Make it a bit more fun and ask them for several somethings so they won’t know for sure what you send them. Or better still, so you can make a gift basket that’s customized just for them!

Easter Basket Ideas For Grown-Ups: Flowers are great, too.

This Easter remember you’re never too old to join in on the fun. So go on, enjoy the egg toss, hop around in that sack race, and send gift baskets to all of your friends and family no matter what their age.

So you have an idea of who to shop for, now what?

– Make sure you actually buy the basket, we have plenty for everyone here!

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