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Care Package Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Care Packages in 2023

It is no secret that the world has faced a challenging past few years. But, despite these trying times, as humans, we continue to look for ways to stay connected and show our care for one another. Thus, it’s no surprise that the search for care package ideas has surged in popularity over the past few months. And as your go-to gift experts, we’re here to share a few of our own. 

Receiving gifts and feeling cared for are two of the best experiences life has to offer. Since care packages offer both, sending them to your loved ones, friends, and family members can provide them with a feeling of joy and comfort. Whether you’re sending it to congratulate them on an outstanding achievement or want to send aid to someone in need, we have plenty of care package ideas to help you create the perfect gift. Read below for the ultimate guide to care packages in 2023. 

Care Package Ideas: The ultimate self care package for 2023.
Self-care package, seasonal gift box with plastic free zero waste cosmetics products.

What is a Care Package? And Why Do We Send Them?

In its simplest form, a care package often includes an assortment of treats and pleasant non-necessities gathered together in one hamper. But, care packages have also evolved into gathered necessities for people who are sick, going to college, or have just had a baby. Whether you want to celebrate a milestone or help them transition into a new phase of their life, the diversity of care packages can elevate or ease many of life’s important moments. 

The reasons for you to send care packages are endless. And ultimately, it’s up to you! If your friend is going through a breakup, a care package is certainly a gift they would appreciate. When you consider sending a care package, know that there is no moment too small. 

Care Package Ideas By Category: What to Put in a Care Package

Being in the gifting industry for many years, we’ve sent all kinds of care packages worldwide. And, while we can’t list every single one, we have compiled a list of our most popular categories, along with care package ideas that will help you curate the perfect gift basket of goodies for your recipient: 

A Long Distance Friend 

It is often true that maintaining a friendship requires a little more effort than maintaining relationships with family. And if your friend happens to live far away, it can become even more challenging to keep the connection. However, sending a thoughtful care package can undoubtedly bridge the distance! 

Consider showing them how well you know them by creating a care package filled with their favorite thing(s). For instance, if they’re a chocolate lover, send them a gift basket filled with their favorite chocolate treats. They’ll be delighted that you remembered the small things. Or, if they recently moved away and feel homesick, send them a care package filled with goodies that remind them of home. 

A Long Distance Romantic Partner 

Even when distance isn’t involved, keeping the spark alive is challenging for most long-term couples. So, when your lover isn’t within reach it’s normal to feel as though the romance may be slipping too. But, with years of experience in romantic gifting, we can assure you that all your partner needs is to be reminded of how much they mean to you. It’s important to remember the obvious romantic occasions, but it is just as essential to surprise them on a random day of the week. Mix up when and how you show them your appreciation to keep your gifts playful!

Your romantic care package should be a reflection of the love you have for your partner. So, include items that you know will be special to them, that represent an intimate moment you shared, or something they are passionate about. If you know that they’re working hard and deserve an evening of relaxation, a spa care package is just what they need! You can also plan a virtual date by sending them their favorite treats and a bottle of wine to indulge in over a video call. No matter how you choose to spoil them, make sure your gift shows thoughtfulness. 

Romantic gift ideas for care packages in 2023.
A basket full of flowers and a gift box.

A New Mom

It’s normal for first-time parents to feel other emotions besides excitement. Bringing a child into the world can be a wonderful experience, but it’s also a role that requires learning on the job. Fortunately, you can make this life transition easier for the new mom in your life with a thoughtfully curated care package. 

While she’s grateful for all the baby clothes and toys, she could probably use some TLC as well. Send her goodies that will make her feel pampered. Bubble bath, essential oils, a scented candle, a face mask, a soft robe, and other at-home spa items will elevate her ‘me time.’ If you’re the babysitting type, adding handmade babysitting coupons to her care package is a practical yet thoughtful way to give her the break she needs. 

A College Student 

Although college is an exciting adventure for the student in your life, sometimes, being far away can feel a little daunting. Staying in a dorm with a stranger doesn’t exactly feel like home. And eating ramen almost every night certainly makes them miss the home-cooked meals they once took for granted. But, a college care package is the perfect way to make their experience as comfortable as possible. 

This care package should include a good balance of practical items and non-necessities. School supplies, electronics like hard drives and chargers, laundry products, blankets, a desk lamp, and reusable water bottles can make a huge difference in their day-to-day lives. But don’t forget to include items like their favorite snack, coffee or hot cocoa, gift cards, books, and most certainly a personal note to let them know they are missed! 

Stationary for care package ideas in 2023.
Desk with stationary set up for work and studies.

A Sick Person (The Covid Care Package) 

Sending a care package to someone who isn’t well is often a comfort to both the sender and the recipient. If you’re in the unfortunate situation where someone you care for has contracted Covid or is recovering from it, we hope it is relieving to know that you can still be there for them. By sending one of our ‘get well soon’ gifts, you can provide them with the care they need without having to come into contact with them. 

If you wish to create a care package, useful goodies to include are soup, tea, lemon, ginger, honey, and games or movies for quarantine entertainment. Avoid adding any medication to your care package, as they have probably already received the necessary prescriptions from a doctor. 

How to Send Care Packages to Ukraine 

We embrace peace, and openly condemn the Russian military action in Ukraine. And, as we continue our efforts to send aid to Ukrainians in need, we are truly grateful for the support of our team and our customers. Gift Baskets Overseas has donated over $8000 to local vendors and volunteers to help deliver food and medicine to the hardest hit areas of Ukraine. 

And now, we ask for your help once more. If you wish to send a care package to Ukraine, our team has put together a meal kit that will provide Ukrainian families with everything they may need to get them through this difficult time. Please show your love and support by sending the Meal Kit for All to Ukrainians in need. 

However you choose to show TLC to your friends, family, and those in need – remember, it is the thought that counts. If you can’t send anything right now, try resharing this blog to help your friends and family with their future gifting endeavors.

Now You Have a Ton of Care Packages Ideas, What’s Next?