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7 Halloween Tips for 2020

The whole of 2020 hasn’t been what anyone expected. As we slide into fall, we’re still feeling the impact of COVID 19 around the world and wondering: will things go back to normal? While no one quite has the answers to when that will happen, there has been a beautiful outpouring of ideas to make this new normal more fun. Halloween is no exception. Halloween lovers worldwide have cried out that they will not let Halloween go, and the spooky celebrations must continue. But how? This largely depends on where you are in the world and how recovered your area is from COVID 19. Below you’ll find our Halloween Tips for navigating the spookiest holiday this year, with a lot more treats and a few less tricks. Let’s be honest; the spook factor has already been off the charts this year!

Halloween Tip #1

Send treats to their door – Rather than going out to trick or treat, try sending a goodie bag to your favorite ghost or ghoul. Make sure you ask them to send you a picture of them enjoying their goodies in their costume this year! Sweet treats are perfect for little ones and adults alike! But if your friends are a bit older, you might sneak in a bottle (or two) of their favorite wine, beer, or liquor!

Halloween Tip #2

Dress up anyway! – With so many social media platforms to show off, there’s no reason you can’t go all out on your costume. So use this year to practice your special effects makeup. Make last-minute alterations to an old costume. Work on a custom design. Or just break out an old favorite. Whatever the costume, enjoy a fun photoshoot and post it for your friends and family to see.

Halloween Tip #3

Make your own scary movie – This is for the more creative among us, I’ll admit. But hear me out: you don’t need a million-dollar budget to make a fun movie. Play dress up and have fun improvising a 5-minute film with a nail-biting jump scare. Copy some of your favorite scenes from Halloween classics. Or have fun playing the hero. Whatever you do, share it with your friends and family to feel a bit closer.

Halloween Tip #4

Decorate your home – Chances are if you are a Halloween lover, you’ve been doing it anyway, but this is the year to go absolutely wild. Some neighborhoods are already organizing drive-through events for children to see spooky yards and whimsical decorations. Why not add yours to the list! If you live in an apartment building, you can hang ghosts from your window. Put bloody cutouts in it. Hang a festive pumpkin wreath on your door. Or just have some fun lights to add color to the night. If you have a yard, plant a few cheesy gravestones complete with goodbyes to some of the worst of 2020, a few spider webs, and before you know it, you’ll be Halloween ready!

Halloween Tip #5

Have a virtual party – Thanks to Skype and Zoom and other online call programs; it’s possible to do so much virtually. Take this opportunity to have a virtual party with your loved ones who can’t make it out.

Halloween Tip #6

Go to a drive-in – A lot of cities are opening up drive-ins just in time for fall! Pack yourself a cozy picnic and enjoy a scary movie (or two) from the comfort of your car.

Halloween Tip #7

Try your hand at your own spooky cocktail or treat – If you can’t go trick or treating, nothing is stopping you from making your own treats at home. Get the whole family involved to decorate delicious cookies or cupcakes. Team up to make a one of a kind 2020 cocktail. Or maybe try those zombie meatloaf recipes that are running amok on Pinterest.

Whatever you do, don’t lose hope. Halloween is a time for fun, scares, and childlike wonder, and we shouldn’t lose that just because 2020 has been rough. If you have any fun social distancing tips for the spooky season, leave them in the comment below! Together we’ll make this Halloween shine.

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