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5 Easy Ways to Have a Long Distance New Year Celebration

Without having to commit to stupid long drives, dry overcooked dinners, annoying children, or being drunk without your own bed to pass out in.

Celebrating the New Year with all of your friends, family, and loved ones is pretty much impossible in this day and age. With the internet and international travel making long-distance relationships a norm in most people’s lives, it’s a safe bet that you have multiple people you want to see spread across a few continents. So how do you throw long distance New Year bash and celebrate with everyone? How can  you really connect with loved ones this New Year when they’re all so far away? How do you start 2018 with no guilt and no extra stress?

Who needs decor with a long distance New Year celebration?
Image by Shari’s Berries

Okay, so not even we can solve everything. But here are a few tips to help make your long distance New Year a success. We’re giving the advice, all you have to do is pour the drinks. And hey, if you’re looking for liquor we can send that, too!

Long Distance New Year Tip #1: Don’t forget about video calls! 

Today there are dozens of reliable applications to help you call anyone and use a webcam. Set up a group chat room and make a toast over the internet.  You might have to plan ahead to make sure everyone understands what you’re doing, and how to use the application. It’s worth taking the time to help get Grandma set up on Skype, we promise. You may not get the benefit of real life hugs, but, you do get to help everyone save on travel time and costs, stress, and most importantly leaving their home if they know they plan to get drunk. Invite the people that are close to you come in your front door, while those that are far away come in through your laptop.

Long Distance New Year Tip # 2: Send a gift!

Face it, you forgot someone on Christmas. Or someone got you a WAY nicer gift than you got them. It happens to the best of us. New Year’s is the time to make up for that. Send a bottle of their favorite champagne or liquor, or a gift basket to help them nurse away their hangover. This is also a great addition to your video call party. If you’ve sent everyone on the invitation list a gift ahead of time, everyone can open their gifts together and extend the spirit of Christmas.

Long distance New Year celebrations don't need designated drivers
Image by Piviso

Long Distance New Year Tip #3: Send a digital greeting card

Maybe you can’t make it for a live call because you have a work event. Or you’re bar hopping. Or you just don’t know that you want to call mom and dad after that third glass of champagne. Whatever the reason, record a Happy New Year video to send to them at midnight. This way, you aren’t drunk texting, and you still come out looking like a shining example of thoughtfulness and love.

Long Distance New Year Tip #4: Drink Responsibly

Wherever you end up, if you’re drinking, make sure you’re safe. You loved sleepovers as a kid, and there’s no reason not to love them all over again as an adult. Designating a safe place for you and your friends to sleep after a long night of partying lets you have more fun. It also helps make sure everyone’s friends and family know their loved ones are safe. You can send good morning texts to your friends that didn’t make it the day after. You can also all help clean up one place, and if you’re really brave make some breakfast together. Giving your friends and family the peace of mind that you aren’t on the roads drunk is one of the best gifts you can give them.

Long Distance New Year Tip #5: Make a resolution list!

If you and your loved ones want to stick to this year’s resolution, try setting up an online document where all of your friends and family can sign up and mention their goals for 2018. You can offer each other support, advice, and accountability. Check in throughout the year to encourage them, and see what encouragement they have for you. Changing any habit is hard work, and maybe you still won’t stick to it 100%, but adding extra people for accountability makes  you much more likely to get further than you would alone.

Long distance New Year celebrants count down together with video calls!
Image by Piviso

Spending New Year’s with the people that mean the most to you in the world is important, but don’t let it stress you out. It’s okay to offer up a phone call instead of driving, or flying, miles to see them. The important thing is that you’re thinking of them and you let them know it. Make New Year’s as much about recharging to be a bigger, better, more badass you, as it is about wishing everyone well.

Now you’re ready to connect on New Year, what’s next?

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