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5 Creative Valentine’s Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is nearly here and we’re sure many of you haven’t planned a date yet. This is bad news if you want to book a reservation at the most popular restaurant in town. But you probably don’t want to do that; after all, you’re a free spirit, an innovator, a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of person who likes to go against the rules and do things last minute. Or, maybe more honestly, you’re reading this on February 13th and won’t for the life of you be able to do any of the more traditional things and that’s okay.

Just for you, dear romantic voyager, we’ve put together some of our favorite date ideas that aren’t the typical Valentine’s Day package. Some cater to those who “plan” last minute, some cater to those who like adventure, and all can be enjoyed by couples, singles, friends, and family alike. After all, Valentine’s Day is a day we think should celebrate love in all of its many amazing forms.

1. Spend the night Scrapbooking (digital, Facebook, or physical forms are all acceptable) – This may seem cheesy, but if the night is about celebrating you and the person (or people) you love most, then this is a perfect way to cherish them. Pop open your beverage of choice, order in (or cook together), and spend the night reminiscing about your favorite moments together. Once you’ve finished putting together your album of memories you might be surprised to find that you feel closer than ever before, all while ditching crowds and having an evening more intimate than any dinner and movie combination could hope to provide.


2. Enjoy one of your favorite childhood activities This can be anything from paintball to staying up late and watching a comforting TV show. The love of your life should welcome all sides of you, even your childish moments and you may find the nostalgia comforting.  This is particularly great for a singles night together. Have everyone bring their favorite board game and spend the evening battling it out! Winner gets to pick what wine you open next!

3. Support local art A lot of cities have different concert venues large and small, art galleries, and independent film showings going on during Valentine’s Day. While they may not make the top of everyone’s list that is part of their charm. You get an evening filled with culture and new experiences the two of you can share. You also get the satisfaction of knowing that your date is supporting local creative arts and helping enrich your community. There is nothing sexier than a partner who cares about community!


4. Volunteer This may not be the most romantic way to spend your evening we admit, but it is one of the most fulfilling. Volunteering is something you can do together with friends, family, and a partner who doesn’t like the idea of a traditional Valentine’s Day. A lot of people are starting to think that a big date on Valentine’s Day is somehow cheating since every industry in the world is reminding you to participate. So don’t! Go against the grain, and ignore the date all together.

As a bonus, you’ll feel amazing! Nothing makes you appreciate the people and things in your life like helping out the less fortunate. If you do pick this route, we recommend you plan a romantic night later. Maybe at the end of March. Show her you want romance to make her happy, not because a calendar reminded you too. Besides, it’s a great bonding experience! You will discover the qualities in your special someone you never knew existed. Sometimes it’s an unusual experience that helps us to know each other better and to connect in a way we weren’t able to before.


5. Schedule a classWhat would you like to learn together? There are cooking classes, guitar classes, acting lessons, pottery classes, painting classes, couples massage classes, dance classes, and more. If you can name it, someone out there is teaching it. Why not use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to learn and grow together?! If you two are into completely different things, make it a weekend event. Go to the class you know your partner would love one day, and a class you would love the next. That way you both walk out happy, with skills to last you a lifetime. The most romantic gift of all is one that helps your love grow and fulfill their passions.

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