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Toni T.

Toni T. is a writer, mother, amateur makeup artist, and coffee addict -- not necessarily in that order! A lover of all things vintage, she's an encyclopedia of useless 80's trivia and adores a bold red lip. She is a second-generation Greek American with dreams of traveling abroad to see the land on which her ancestors walked but, for now, she resides in the 'burbs of New Jersey with her husband and children.

The Ultimate Guide to Newborn Gifts and New Parents

Who doesn’t love a baby, with their those tiny fingers and toes; the sweet scent of cotton soft heads and warm breaths curling into your neck – not to mention all the adorable miniature newborn gifts! There is something magical about holding a new life in your arms. We commemorate it as a monumental moment in our lives. A new beginning we cannot wait to celebrate. We shower babies and their parents with gifts and wishes for a bright future to share in their joy. 

Couple announces pregnancy

The act of gift-giving is a fundamental behavior that dates beyond the existence of humanity. Long before humans walked the earth, animals have been giving gifts in exchange for potential mating, receiving favors, and also to welcome new arrivals to the pack. However, the way we view and take part in gift-giving in the modern-day only really began in the 19th century, when technological evolution made it easier to give a wider range of gifts. While cavemen gave gifts of teeth and stones, we twenty-first-century humans know the best gifts for new parents are those that make their lives a little easier. This is traditionally done at a baby shower.