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Sempronia Hobgood

A foodie, nerd, book lover, and eager taste tester. I'm a night owl with a need to expand my knowledge of other cultures and places to give myself better perspective.

Do I Have To? How to survive Bridal Plans & Wedding Cakes

Do I Have To? Your Guide to Wedding Cakes, Bachelorette Parties & Bridal Season

You’re part of the bridal party, and you’ve found it’s more like a bridal army since you’re in charge of tactical decisions like: how many wedding cakes can we taste, are these the best flowers for the bouquet, and really – penis straws? If you’re her best friend, her maid of honor, or have somehow become a colleague’s impromptu wedding planner: this starter guide to wedding planning is for you.

Do I Have To? How to survive Bridal Plans & Wedding Cakes

Father’s Day Beer Shopping Guide for Beer Haters

Father’s Day is on June 18th, and besides neck ties, golf clubs, and about 10,000 grilling accessories, everyone is giving advice about beer. Because what dad doesn’t love beer? Actually, we know that quite a few Dads aren’t really into it, but we’ll get to that later. Buying the perfect gift for Dad can be hard. When you know that the perfect gift is beer, Father’s Day beer shopping can be downright brutal if you don’t drink beer yourself.

Do you play it safe and give him the same old thing he always drinks? It shows you listen, which is good. But many people secretly hope for a surprise and a bit of adventure when they get a gift. So, you might do better if you find Dad a new beer.

Father's Day beer