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Sempronia Hobgood

A foodie, nerd, book lover, and eager taste tester. I'm a night owl with a need to expand my knowledge of other cultures and places to give myself better perspective.

Holiday Traditions in the UK: Unboxing the Magic Behind Popular Holidays

The United Kingdom is a land steeped in history and rich in traditions, especially during the holiday season. From the cozy and festive Christmas celebrations to unique regional holidays and the spirited St. Patrick’s Day festivities, the UK offers a diverse tapestry of customs and rituals. In this blog, we’ll explore the holiday traditions in the UK. Additionally, we’ll give you tips on the gifts to send to your loved ones in the UK and how to send them!  

Holiday Traditions in the UK: Night view of Trafalgar square at Christmas, London

Customer Success Story – Client Appreciation Gifts

In a world where every company has competition, standing out is vital. It’s no longer enough to have a flashy website or catchy sales tactics. Today, savvy customers and clients are looking for a personal touch to help them decide which companies should get their business. That’s where the power of client appreciation gifts comes in! 

I was fortunate enough to be able to pick the brain of one of our valued corporate clients, Jane Allan – Head of Demand Generation at Velocix. Keep reading to see how Jane and her team utilized the corporate gift services at to show their key clients appreciation during the holiday season. 

Man writing Happy Client
Man writing Happy Client on a virtual screen conceptual of feedback, support and quality service and products.

Enhancing Corporate Gifting: The Art of Sending International Gift Cards

In the ever-evolving landscape of business etiquette, one trend has been on a remarkable upswing: the art of corporate gifting. Gone are the days when a generic gift would suffice. Today, businesses are recognizing the importance of thoughtful gestures that transcend borders and cultures. And, at the forefront of this transformation is the rapid rise in international gift cards. A trend that’s capturing the attention of companies worldwide! Let’s delve into the reasons behind the surge in corporate gifts. And, the soaring popularity of international gift cards.

International Gift Cards - Photo of a woman holding up a box

Creative Customer Appreciation Ideas to Build Brand Loyalty

In the fast-paced world of business, building strong relationships with your customers is essential for long-term success. This is because customer appreciation goes beyond simply providing a good product or service; it involves fostering a sense of loyalty and connection that can set your brand apart from the competition. By showing genuine gratitude for your customers’ support, you can create a positive reputation and drive repeat business. Coming up with creative customer appreciation ideas doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, some of the old ideas are the best.

We’ve worked hard to put together a comprehensive list of ways to make customers feel valued and appreciated. All you have to do is keep reading! Or if you’d like to jump right into it, our corporate gift experts are ready and eager to help you send loyalty gifts to customers worldwide!

Customer Appreciation Ideas - We love customers

Mexican Holidays and Traditions: Unwrapping Mexico

There’s so much to explore in the majestic country of Mexico! This vibrant country is already popular for long vacations and irresistible foods. But this blog is here to dive into something else: Mexican holidays and traditions!

Strap in and get ready to explore some of the most popular holidays and traditions in Mexico. Don’t worry; we’ll also answer some of the most pressing questions you’re likely to have, like how to send stuff to Mexico! Spoiler – the best way to send gifts to Mexico is by using the experts,!

Mexican holidays and traditions - women dancing for a holiday

Employee Appreciation Gifts a Customer Interview with Linda Kvaase – Gift Baskets Overseas Corporate Podcast ep. 8

Welcome, to another episode of Long Distance Short. Today’s host, Sempronia, got to sit down with a valued Gift Baskets Overseas corporate customer Linda Kvaase, Senior Executive Administrator for Uniform. Linda is kind enough to open up about her experience sending gifts on behalf of her company using Together the two dive into the importance of corporate gifting, how to save time and effort with one-stop shopping, and the value of employee appreciation gifts.

How To Send Anonymous Gifts

We always tell our customers to be sure to sign their greeting cards so their recipients know whom to thank. We’re so serious about this; our customer service team will get in touch with you if we don’t see a name on the greeting card! But, what should secret admirers do? Or Secret Santas? For all those moments when you want to send anonymous gifts, this blog is here to help.   

If you’re wondering why someone would send a gift anonymously, we’ll cover that too.  Keep reading for a quick rundown of how to send anonymous gifts and when to send them!

Anonymous Gifts - woman holding a stack of gifts

Unwrapping The Land Down Under – Guide to Gift Traditions in Australia

Learning how to surprise the wonderful people of Australia can be as simple as a conversation. After all, Aussies are quite open about their lives and what makes them so unique from other countries in the world. However, navigating such a conversation can be somewhat tricky and can take a lot of time. Or rather, you’ll need time between the conversation and when you send the gift so that they aren’t expecting anything!

But if you want to plan a real surprise – then take a quick look at the gift traditions in Australia that will help you settle on what to send and when to send it. This blog aims to teach you a bit about the gift traditions in Australia. Pair that with a look into some of the major holidays celebrated there, and you’re ready to go! Dive in to get a head start on picking out the perfect gift to Australia!

gift traditions in Australia - a box with red ribbon

Success Stories – The Power of Sending Corporate Thank-You Gifts

All hard work and cooperation in business deserve acknowledgment. The best companies around the world know this and take it to heart. While recognizing stand-out employees and business partners at companies can go a long way toward building positive relationships, you can take this even further! Allowing an annual budget for sending corporate thank-you gifts can significantly increase your team morale and your company’s relationships with valuable partners.

We’re fortunate enough to have sat down and interviewed R – an executive assistant to several of the VPs of successful enterprise solutions business. Keep reading to get her thoughts on our service and how sending corporate thank-you gifts has impacted the company’s relationship with the recipients.

Corporate Thank-You Gifts - Thank you ribbon on paper package