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Lizzie Young

Lizzie is a full-time content creator with Gift Baskets Overseas. Before that, she worked at an International Department in a Canadian College for 3 years and moved to Belarus from Canada at 22. Lizzie is an enthusiastic explorer who travelled through Belarus, France, USA, Canada, Poland, Austria, and South Korea.

How To Wrap A Gift: The ABCs Of Gift Wrapping

How to wrap a gift: you’ve probably searched for this exact question every year right around Christmas. Maybe you’ve given up and become a devoted fan of the gift bag, a very viable option. Perhaps you’ve become an expert, and you can wrap even round objects with ease! Maybe you’ve decided to give up wrapping gifts entirely – and outsource the problem to experts!

Whatever your skill set – this blog has a little something for everyone—starting with how it all began. 

How To Wrap A Gift: Wrapped presents in paper and cloth

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The Best Romantic Gifts Without Flowers

What is romance? Perhaps it is the flurry of excitement that comes when Valentine’s Day rolls around for new couples. Making lists, searching shops, and dropping hints around their partners is an exciting time. Romance as stated in the dictionary is: a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. 

It’s those butterflies you get when you hold hands, the unknowingness when they cover your eyes for a surprise; romance is colorful. It’s so attractive to us because it provides fleeting moments of excitement from the mundane of day-to-day life. With romance comes gifts, and that can sometimes lead to indecisiveness. We’re here to help you figure out your next romantic gesture that isn’t limited to a bouquet of flowers. Let’s dive into the best romantic gifts without flowers!

Romantic Gifts Without Flowers: Man presenting his partner a romantic arrangement of heart balloons.

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Surprising New Year’s Traditions in Italy

Happy New Year! This is the perfect time to celebrate the year you’ve been through and reflect on all the beautiful things that have happened, the lessons you’ve learned, and the people you’ve met. Ringing in the new year with friends and family is a feeling like no other, and Italians definitely know how to do it. We’ve put together an article about New Year’s traditions in Italy that will have you planning to spend your holidays there!

New Year's Traditions in Italy : Glass Flutes of champagne on a gold background with white gifts and gold ribbons

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