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Year: 2014

Celebrating Christmas Around the World

The biggest and one of the most joyful holidays of the year, Christmas is almost here! There’s no other festival that is celebrated with such vigor and enthusiasm in so many countries around the world. Although Christmas traditions may slightly vary depending on the local customs this holiday is all about Christmas trees, festive meals, family time, and of course exchanging Christmas Gifts.

Christmas in Germany: “Frohe Weihnachten!”

Christmas season in Germany starts with Advent 4 weeks prior December, 25th. A wreath of evergreens with four red candles each lit every Sunday before Christmas is placed in every house.

On Christmas Eve after visiting church families feast on a big meal featuring traditional roast goose or duck stuffed with apples, fish, Christmas bread and marzipan treats. Before the dinner is the presentation of the Christmas tree. While children are waiting in the other room one of the parents brings out the Christmas tree and decorates it with apples, sweets, cookies, angels, and lights. When all is ready they call everyone to the room. It is under the Christmas tree where the following morning children find their Christmas gifts that are believed to be brought by Father Christmas – ‘Der Weihnachtsmann’.

Christmas in France: “Joyeux Noël”

Like in many other countries, the Christmas season in France begins with Saint Nicholas’ Day, December 6th. The preparations for the holiday start a few days before Christmas with the decoration of the Christmas tree and displaying a Nativity scene with figurines.

At midnight on Christmas Eve families go to church for a Christmas mass. Young children usually stay at home and go to bed early to dream of their Christmas gifts. Before going to bed, they leave their shoes by the fireplace to find it the next morning filled with gifts from Santa Claus (“le père Noël”).

The main Christmas dinner called ‘Le Reveillon’, is a grand feast served after midnight mass on Christmas Eve. The dishes are usually quite elaborate and vary according to the region.

Christmas in Mexico: “Feliz Navidad!”

Every year, Mexicans celebrate Christmas, Las Posadas for a full nine days leading up to Christmas or Holy Eve. Christmas is the time for church and family. After church services on Christmas Eve, families gather together for a festive dinner that starts with oxtail soup with beans and chili, followed by roasted turkey and a special salad of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The most important part of Mexican Christmas for children is pinata party. The pinata is a large clay or papier-mache figure shaped like a star or animal covered with colorful paper streamers. The pinata is filled with candy and small gifts and hung from the ceiling. The blindfolded children take turns trying to break it open and race to gather as many candies as they can.

Christmas in Russia & Ukraine: “Schastlivogo Rozhdestva!”

Christmas Day in Russia & Ukraine marks the birth of Jesus Christ according to Christian Orthodox church. Although banned during the Soviet Union, Christmas has finally regained its popularity and religious meaning in Eastern Europe. Observed on January 7th according to old ‘Julian’ calendar it is declared a national holiday.

People in Russia & Ukraine celebrate Christmas by preparing a festive dinner, attending Christmas liturgy, visiting relatives and friends, and exchanging Christmas gift baskets. There is a 40-day Lent preceding Christmas, which ends with the first star in the night sky on January 6 – a symbol of Jesus Christ’s birth. The first star also signals the start of the Christmas dinner. For many secular Russians, Christmas is a family holiday but it is not as important as New Year’s.

Christmas in Japan: “Merii Kurisumasu!”

Even though only 1% of the population in Japan is Christian and many people don’t know exactly what the origin of Christmas is the Japanese have adopted many Western customs related to observing Christmas. Along with decorating Christmas trees, hosting parties and exchanging Christmas gifts they have their own unique traditions. Eating special Christmas cakes on Christmas Eve is one of them. Stores all over carry versions of this Christmas cake and drop the prices drastically on December 25th in order to sell everything out by the 26th. Christmas Eve has also become a night for lovers to go out and spend romantic time together at fancy restaurants or hotels.

Without a doubt Christmas is very enjoyable time of the year for Japanese people, but New Year’s still remains a much more popular holiday.

Paniers Cadeaux Internationaux

Canastas de Regalo Internacionales

Fruit Basket to Graz, Austria

Getting fresh fruit in winter is a reminder that the warmth will return. We have put together a hamper of yummy goodies accompanied by a cheerful sunny bouquet that will give them the push they need to get to spring. Your dear recipient will receive a festive gift basket bursting with bananas, apples, grapes, oranges and other seasonal fruit. To satisfy their chocolate cravings we’ve included some sweet treats like delicious Belgian chocolate, gourmet cookies and more. Thank clients, employees or send best wishes to your dear ones for upcoming Hanukkah, Christmas or New Year’s with a gift to Austria that will boost both their mood and immune system!

Gourmet Gift Basket to Tripoli, Lebanon

Everything went perfect. The people working at the company are very attentive to detail and caring. And amazingly less than 24h from the time of purchase till the delivery! I’m impressed with such great service.

I want to thank everyone who was involved in delivery of my gift basket. You made my day! I will come back to you next week to order some Christmas gifts for my relatives living abroad.


Simón O.”

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Business Gift Giving Etiquette During Christmas

A tradition of corporate gift giving on Christmas and other big holidays has become a significant part of every business. First of all, business gift giving is an investment in your company. Sending out Christmas gifts gets the attention of your recipients and shows your thoughtfulness. It can help you solidify and re-establish relationships with your colleagues, business associates, employees or draw new customers into your company. Giving a proper gift to a fellow employee or a client keeps them happy and boosts employee morale. But corporate gifts for recipients in other countries can produce a wrong impression or even harm your business relationships if you don’t know the etiquette behind it. Nearly every business culture around the world has their own gift giving customs, so you may have to do your research before sending something out to a foreign client. So before you start shopping for your Christmas gifts for clients, colleagues or employees, consider the following basic business gift giving etiquette tips.

Make Sure Your Recipients Celebrate Christmas

It’s important to be sensitive to each person’s religion or beliefs. Giving a holiday gift to someone who can’t accept it because of their beliefs can make both you and them uncomfortable. Don’t just assume that all of your clients or colleagues celebrate Christmas. To avoid an awkward situation, you can simply ask if they celebrate Christmas, without getting into specifics about their religious preferences. Keep in mind that in Eastern Orthodox Church, for example, Christmas is celebrated on January, 7. Jews celebrate Hanukkah instead, and Muslims and Hindus don’t observe it at all. In this case sending a New Year’s gift will be more appropriate.

Set the Budget

Many companies have strict limitations on the type and monetary amount of gifts they can receive. In order to avoid embarrassment for both parties, check ahead and find out your recipients’ gift policies so you won’t make a mistake.

Quality is King

Regardless of the gift and economic climate, remember that quality is king. If you decide, for example, on a gift basket, make it a nice one. Even small gift baskets can look presentable and valuable. If you go with chocolate or spirits make sure they are of the highest quality and of a well-known brand.

Personalize Your Gift

It’s always nice, whenever possible, to personalize each gift for each recipient. Adding a personal touch can give even a small gift a much bigger impact. Your clients and colleagues want to know that you appreciate them. So giving an item that is specifically aligned with their interests can mean more than a generic gift or promotional item from your company.

On the other hand, if you don’t know much about your recipient, you’re better off sticking with a generic gift than sending something that might be considered offensive. Common business gifts include flowers or plants, gourmet and fruit baskets, gift certificates, etc.

Include Everyone

The most important thing you can do when giving corporate gifts for Christmas is to make sure you remember everyone. Don’t offer gifts to only certain team members. Your employees and even clients within a certain industry or group are likely to talk to one another. A kind gesture meant with the best of intentions, may turn negative if someone feels slighted. You don’t want anyone to feel less important or forgotten. To avoid overlooking anyone, keep a running list of recipients and check it carefully before sending out Christmas gifts.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

When autumn leaves are falling and Thanksgiving time is near
 It warms the heart to think of those
 Who mean so much all year.

A wonderful family holiday, Thanksgiving Day is here! Celebrated this year on November, 27 this popular holiday is usually observed with family and friends. The highlight of the celebration is a festive dinner that features such holiday favorites as roasted turkey with cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, dishes with pumpkin among other traditional food. During the meal family members usually express their gratitude to God for all His blessings and thank each other for their support.

If you are not able to spend Thanksgiving with your dear ones this year but want them to feel your love and care, sending a beautiful and delicious gift basket is a great idea! Sophisticated gourmet baskets with French and Italian cheeses, crackers, savory chocolate, complimented with good wine will become a perfect choice for the whole family, as well as business associates or colleagues. A fruit basket bursting with a great selection of local and exotic fruit will be a good choice for healthy eaters, sweet tooth and families with kids. Fresh bouquets or flower baskets can either compliment your tasty surprise or be given on their own. Elegant and cheerful they will help to set up the right mood and become the centerpiece of the festivities.

Let your recipients feel your care even from far away. Send them a tasty Thanksgiving gift basket and make sure they have a wonderful day filled with love, smiles and holiday cheer!

Flowers to Toronto, Canada

If you want to impress your significant other, friend, colleague, business partner or boss with an extravagant gesture this floral arrangement is exactly what you need. Classic pink roses and red carnations are accentuated with exotic Asian lilies and tropical bamboos to create a unique design. Delivered in a stylish package, this gift to Canada promises to be unlike anything your recipient has ever received before! Sophisticated and elegant it was artistically arranged by our florist to last for weeks.

Wish them happy holidays, anniversary, birthday or congratulate on other important occasion in their life with a surprise that will leave them amazed!

Send Healthy Gift Baskets Worldwide

Savory gifts can and MUST be healthy! Our food experts created guilt-free baskets overflowing with fresh veggies, crackers, cheese, jams and other gourmet treats that will satisfy their cravings and make the snack time enjoyable and wholesome.

A fruit basket is a great healthy alternative for a sweet tooth. Our baskets come only with the freshest local and exotic fruit complemented with gourmet chocolate, nuts, wine, or any other ingredients of your choice.

Just in time for major holidays has significantly updated their catalog and added a great many new gift baskets for delivery worldwide. Among others there’s a plenty of healthy gift hampers overflowing with ripe fruit and vegetables. Full of vitamins and essential ingredients for boosting the immune system this gift will become a perfect choice during cold winter season. Either you want to wish a happy Thanksgiving, say Merry Christmas, Get Well, Congratulations or just cheer them up, a healthy and delicious hamper from our new catalog will please any recipient on your list.

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Birthday Gift to Christchurch, New Zealand

“I’m very impressed, this was a truly outstanding customer service! The service delivery surpass any that I have dealt with before. My recipient contacted me right after he received the gift and sounded extremely satisfied with everything. He informed me that the people who delivered the gift basket were very courteous and produced a great impression on him with the presentation. I highly recommend GiftBasketsOverseas and give them 5 stars.

P. Liebenberg (South Africa)

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Chocolate & Wine Basket to Luxembourg

Pulling late evenings at work can leave your dear friends, relatives or colleagues with little time to relax together. This festive gift basket was created to help your recipients unwind and dive into their own comfort zone. A keepsake wicker hamper boasts a tempting selection of rich dark and milk chocolates, gourmet cookies, and other sweet treats complimented by a fine bottle of sparkling wine from the prestigious wine collection. Entice them into a long weekend home, thank your team for going above and beyond, welcome a new boss or wish happy holidays with this sophisticated gift basket to Luxembourg.

Romantic Gift Basket to Almaty, Kazakhstan

Red is the color of love and passion, that’s why our gift experts chose it to represent your romantic feelings to the special lady in your life. In this keepsake wicker hamper they skillfully put together all time women’s favorites. In the garden of opulent fresh roses they placed an adorable teddy bear holding a heart that says “I love you”. They went even an extra way hiding in the basket delicious gourmet chocolate she enjoys so much. Bring a smile on the face of your beloved one and let her drown in your love and care when you send this stunning gift basket to Kazakhstan.