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Celebrating Diwali in India

Deepavali, otherwise known as Diwali, is a five day festival of lights, love and celebration. Coinciding with the Hindu New Year, Diwali in India is celebrated by millions of Jain, Sikh, and Hindu people. It is a time of new beginnings, and the triumph of good versus evil and light versus darkness. Millions of people around the world participate in the festivities of Diwali through fireworks, prayer and celebrational events every autumn. For the current year, Diwali falls between Sunday October 27th and Thursday October 31st, 2019. The date does change every year as it follows the Lunar calendar instead of the Gregorian Calendar. Each day holds its own individual meaning, with the third day being the most import of them all.  

There are many different meanings and reasons for the Indian holiday. Some people celebrate Diwali as it honors Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth. They pray for a good and prosperous year for themselves and their loved ones. For Hindus, Diwali is a celebration honoring the return of deities Rama and Sita to Ayodhya after a fourteen year exile. For others, it’s a celebration of the day Mother Goddess Durga destroyed and eradicated the Demon called Mahisha, a buffalo demon who could shape-shift into different forms. 

In the countries that celebrate Diwali, festivals are held where people congregate to light up the streets and enjoy food, and the New Year, but for those that live outside of the area, it can be difficult to know what to do. Fear not my reader friends, I have a list of things you can do from anywhere to help welcome the Hindu New Year and celebrate a prosperous 2020. 

Eposide 3: Dealing with Long Distance in a Relationship Over the Long Term

Are you hesitant to dive into a long-distance relationship? Do you fear you won’t conquer the distance between you? We are here to prove you can have a successful long-distance relationship & tell you how. Ally and her new guest Fredrik will share their long-distance experience and give life-saving tips on how to keep your LDR alive. Starting with prioritizing the connection with family, Fredrick will discuss the very beginning of his relationship with his wife, as well as how the LDR works with his kids.

A need for sustainable gift giving solutions for loyalty programs is on the rise, study from GBO says

“We are quite satisfied with your offer, but what about the ecology factor?” In recent years, Gift Baskets Overseas’ corporate account managers hear questions like that about sustainable gift giving more and more often. It’s not enough to provide high quality gifts in wide assortments any longer. We need to make sure that our products, orders processing, and gift delivery service comply with the highest international standards for sustainability.

Sustainable Gift Giving: how to make sure you comply


We jumped on in. Our team wanted to know more about what our customers are looking for! That’s why, in summer 2019, Gift Baskets Overseas’ sales and marketing team conducted research to understand what exactly is needed for corporate loyalty and employee recognition programs in terms of sustainability and environmental safety.

Episode 2: Liquor and Long Distance Relationships – Yes or No?

What if we tell you that liquor can even connect people when they’re far away from each other? In our new episode of LongDistanceShort, we’ll show you how to get closer with the help of Drinkable Gifts! Our guests David Coyne and Sempronia Hobgood are alcohol experts here to share their favorite cocktail recipes, teach you how to deliver gifts with liquor in them, and discuss the etiquette of sharing a drink from afar.

Putting on Santa’s Hat. Carmen Monroe, GBO Corporate Gift Specialist, Interviews Vanessa Voorham from SMT Shipping Company

I love hats. And I’ve gotten to wear a lot of them while working with Gift Baskets Overseas for almost 10 years. Although these days I wear the Director of Marketing hat most often, during the winter holidays I put on my Corporate Gift Specialist hat – like a toboggan full of Christmas spirit.

Episode 1: How to Overcome Language Barriers in Long Distance Relationships

International relationships are no discovery nowadays, taking into consideration that they always existed in some form.  Nonetheless, it has always been a wonder how people fell in love with each other without the possibility to express themselves in their mother tongue. Our guests today are Ukrainian girls Liz and Liuba who have made their long way to international marriages through language and culture issues. They kindly agreed to share their life experience being a partner of a Mexican and Polish. Intrigued? Yes, this is not what happens to everyone though.
So if you want to know more about the struggles of international dating and communication pitfalls or think about finding the international partner – you are in the right place! Learn how Liz and Liuba made their language distance short and do not forget to take some notes, their advice is simply priceless.

Unique Summer Festivals Around The World

Our favorite season is here, and it ushers in a stunning array of international summer festivals! This most popular time for traveling offers endless opportunities for celebration. Honestly, no matter where you’re spending your summer vacation this year, you have plenty of exciting festivals to attend. Whether it’s the arts, culture, music, sports, food or wine you’re into, there is a festival that gathers like-minded people from around the globe to celebrate the things you enjoy the most. From the bizarre Burning Man to messy La Tomatina, here are a few international summer festivals for your bucket list.

Burning Man Festival

A Quick Guide To Gift Giving Traditions in Japan

A country deeply rooted in history, there are many long-held and important gift giving traditions in Japan that significantly differ from Western culture. While in other parts of the world, people give gifts without expectations, gift giving in Japan is an endless gratitude cycle. There’s a lot of emphasis placed on the act of giving rather than the gift itself. For the Japanese, gifts are not just a way of showing appreciation, but also a sign of respect, generosity, and friendliness between people. Gift exchange is common through during common celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations or housewarmings. There are also many other occasions when people expect to give and receive small gifts.

Gift Giving Etiquette in Japan