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International Gift-Giving Insights

Uncover the Art of Gifting: Expert Advice and Inspiration

The Best Gift Baskets for Christmas: Our Holiday Gift Guide 

If you’re on the lookout for the best gift baskets for Christmas, you’re in luck. Gift Baskets Overseas has the best in the world! And, of course, you’re thinking, “Well, can you back that up?” and the answer is yes! Yes, we can. We pride ourselves on offering (and sending) the highest quality gifts all year round. But, Christmas is, of course, one of our favorite holidays. So you best believe that when it comes to spreading festive joy with gifts, we take our role seriously! 

From gourmet gift hampers and wine gift baskets to Christmas-themed goodies and personalized presents! We have holiday gifts for every taste and preference. Read below as we present the best gift baskets for Christmas, curated by our gift experts. 

best gift baskets christmas gifts wrapped in brown wrapping paper

How to Write a Business Thank You Note 

It doesn’t take much to leave a positive impression on people. That’s why writing a thank you note in the business world can be more impactful than most realize. Whether you’re thanking a client for their business, or acknowledging a colleague for their assistance, a well-crafted business thank you note can foster stronger relationships, enhance your professional reputation, and open doors to new opportunities.

In our latest blog we will delve into the art of expressing gratitude in a professional setting. From choosing the right words, to understanding the appropriate timing, along with exploring the benefits of thank you gifts, this guide will help you navigate the nuances of writing business thank you notes with ease and sincerity. 

How to Write a Business Thank You Note

Best Christmas Gift Basket Delivery Services

In the digital age, when our lives are often busier than ever, gift-giving takes on even greater importance. Beyond the joy it brings, sending gifts during the Christmas season serves as a heartfelt means of staying connected with our friends, family, and business partners. It is an opportunity to bridge physical distances, express gratitude, and maintain strong bonds that might otherwise wane. Whether you’re separated by miles, oceans, or just a few blocks, the thoughtful gesture of a Christmas gift basket can reinforce the closeness we hold dear.

In this blog, we’ll embark on a journey to explore the best Christmas gift basket delivery services, discovering the enchanting array of options available to make this holiday season truly magical. Whether you seek to delight your loved ones with delectable treats, enchanting decorations, or heartfelt messages, we’ll help you discover the perfect gift basket to spread cheer and foster lasting connections during this most wonderful time of the year. So, let’s unwrap the joy of Christmas gift-giving and embark on a heartwarming journey to find the ideal gifts that will light up the season for your loved ones and colleagues.

Best Christmas Gift Basket Delivery Services - Christmas shopping cart

A Basket Case: The History of the Rock-Star Gift Container

Gift baskets, with their intricate weaves and bespoke contents, are a time-honored tradition woven through history and cultures. At Gift Baskets Overseas, we primarily talk about the goodies they contain, — but let’s take a moment to talk about the baskets themselves, not just the yummy stuff we pack inside them!

The history of gift baskets: a gift hamper in front of the Stonehenge.

Baskets have been around for ages, each one telling a story from a different time and place. They’re made from all kinds of stuff, like grass, leaves, and even pieces of clothing, depending on where they’re from. It’s like each basket has its own personality, shaped by the culture and history of its roots. So today, we’re not just going to tell about the treats inside; we’re going to dive deep and explore the baskets — where they come from, what they’re made of, and why they’re so special. Stick around, and let us uncover the magic that turns these simple containers into something much more meaningful.

Christmas Gift Ideas Based On Their Favorite Movies & Shows

People mistakenly believe that the greatest question of all time has always been the one from Shakespeare’s masterpiece: “To be or not to be?” But as soon as the first snowflake falls onto the ground, everyone quickly forgets it. With the arrival of winter holidays, another pressing issue bothers people’s minds: ’What gifts do I get for my folks for Christmas?’ Finding inspiration for gift ideas such as Christmas gift baskets, only comes naturally to the most talented gifters!

So let’s be honest, that’s a tough one! We bet you had to rack your brain on it at least once. The bad part is the more you explore alternatives, the more challenging things become. After all, the pressure rises with each gift you look at – because no one wants to disappoint a close person, giving them a mediocre gift. 

But what if we tell you there’s a 100% way to succeed in this challenging task and, even better, to enjoy the process? Yes, you read that right, it’s really possible. With just a little early gift-list preparation, you can save millions of neurons and say ‘no’ to the Hunger Games-esque adventure in the crowded mall stores on December 24thtion. To get some inspiration from modern media, keep reading to see what gifts we’d recommend based on their favorite movie or show!

Best Christmas Gift Ideas - Snowman in front of a Christmas tree

Italy Holiday Traditions: Embrace La Dolce Vita

Warning! This blog about Italy Holiday Traditions is highly recommended for reading for those who:

– Like to crush grapes with his feet to the songs of Andriano Celentano;

– Sit in a checkered blanket with a cat on their lap (you need to respect this person);

– Does not break spaghetti in half (this is almost a crime!)

 –And, of course, for all of those who loves Italia as much as I do!

Q: Where do people take vacations that revolve around food?

A: Eat-aly.

Chao, lovely readers! Frankly speaking, I think I was Italian, in a pasta-life. And it’s not a surprise that I have faced a great desire to write an Italian holiday aperitivo-guide for those of you fond of festivals, rejoicing, stunning pastas, and probably wine.

(Not to mention the sounds of laughter, glass tinkling, and a strong desire to write a reckless text message to your ex.)

Oops, we won’t tell anyone!

Whether planning your next vacation to Italy or just curious about its fascinating culture, knowing the calendar of holidays is important. This remains exceptionally true if you plan to surprise your friends, family, or business associates in Italy with timely gifts. The holidays can be great fun to experience (we know that!) and truly dive into the local culture, but it’s always best to prepare!

Italy Holiday Traditions New Year

Best 10 Global Gift Delivery Services — 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, sending a thoughtful gift to a loved one, friend, or colleague, no matter where they are, has become easier than ever. Thanks to the proliferation of global gift delivery services, distance is no longer a barrier to expressing your sentiments on special occasions or just to brighten someone’s day.

However, not all international gift companies are created equal. And, as many customers have found out the hard way, not every company is trustworthy. It always pays to do your due diligence and research before placing an order. Part of keeping our customers happy means staying on top of what our competitors are doing. So today, we’re sharing our research to help you find the perfect match for all your gifting needs.

  1. Gift Baskets Overseas
  2. Harry & David
  3. AceOfHearts
  5. Hampers
  6. Giftsenda
  7. DrinkableGifts
  8. FTD
  9. Good Choice Flowers
  10. Teleflora

Keep reading to take a closer look at the top global gift delivery services of 2023 and what makes them stand out in the crowded market.

Global gift delivery services - world surrounded by gifts on a keyboard.

Eco-Friendly Gifts: Tips About Gifting Responsibly

At, we believe that the act of gifting is a universal language that transcends borders and cultures. Obviously, it’s a way to connect, show appreciation, and share joy with loved ones, friends, and colleagues across the globe. As a brand dedicated to delivering sentiments and smiles across international boundaries, we understand the power of a carefully chosen gift. Moreover, we understand sustainability’s importance and strive for the most eco-friendly gifts possible.

In today’s world, where our environmental impact is more evident than ever, we recognize the importance of responsibly gifting. It’s not just about the thought that goes into selecting the perfect present; it’s also about ensuring that the gifts we give are in harmony with our planet. That’s why, in this blog, we’re excited to share insights, tips, and ideas for eco-friendly gifts that align with our commitment to sustainability.

Join us on a journey of discovering eco-conscious gifting, from selecting the right presents to wrapping them in a way that’s gentle on the Earth. At, we’re here to help you make every gift heartfelt and eco-friendly because caring for our world is a gift we all share.

Eco-Friendly Gifts wrapped in paper and other natural items.

Building Business Relationships: a Customer Interview with Deborah Douglas – Gift Baskets Overseas Corporate Podcast ep. 9

Welcome, to another episode of Long Distance Short. Today’s host, Sempronia, sits down with a long-term valued client: Deborah Douglas, Senior Executive Assistant at the Will-Burt Company to discuss building business relationships!

Deborah graciously opened up about her experiences using to send gifts to valued customers and team members for 14 years. Together, the two dive into the importance of building relationships in business and the power of personalized attention. Keep listening to learn more about the power of corporate gifts and how GBO can make sending them around the world quick and easy!

Holiday Traditions in the UK: Unboxing the Magic Behind Popular Holidays

The United Kingdom is a land steeped in history and rich in traditions, especially during the holiday season. From the cozy and festive Christmas celebrations to unique regional holidays and the spirited St. Patrick’s Day festivities, the UK offers a diverse tapestry of customs and rituals. In this blog, we’ll explore the holiday traditions in the UK. Additionally, we’ll give you tips on the gifts to send to your loved ones in the UK and how to send them!  

Holiday Traditions in the UK: Night view of Trafalgar square at Christmas, London