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Easter Traditions Around the World

06 Apr

Easter is a religious holiday when many celebrate spring and Jesus Christ’s resurrection. However, Easter traditions vary from country to country and even family to family. This year, Orthodox Easter and Catholic Easter fall on the same day, April 16th, providing the perfect opportunity to take a deeper look into Easter traditions around the world.  Many people enjoy sending Easter Baskets to friends and family, so knowing a little about how they celebrate can help you pick out the perfect surprise.


Easter Traditions in the United States

In the United States, Easter has become a holiday that is both religious and commercial. Many families observe Catholic or Christian Easter traditions, going to special services in church on Sunday and using this as a time to reflect on their beliefs. Some families have mixed religious views, so to include those who do not attend spiritual services, there is usually a big get-together on Easter, or Easter weekend.

This big party on Easter Sunday is something that a lot of families spend days planning for. The children get excited to decorate hard-boiled eggs in rich dyes, often pastel colors, to welcome spring. Parents and grandparents alike get together to cook, plan crafts, games, and Easter gifts for the whole family.

What should you include in your Easter Basket to family in the US? Chocolate eggs in bright colored wrapping and bunny-shaped chocolates are the most popular choices to fill up Easter Baskets for Kids. For adults, a more appropriate gift might be Easter flowers or a nice bottle of wine.

Easter Traditions in Spain

In Spain, Easter is the last day of a huge celebration called Semana Santa or Holy Week. During this week, the whole country transforms to observe centuries-old religious traditions. Most towns’ streets are filled with famous processions local groups organize. These groups are confradias, or ‘brotherhoods,’ who carry images related to the Passion of Christ over their shoulders.

Among these rich religious displays and teachings is music. Many processions are accompanied by bands that play religious music, calling on the whole street to watch and learn about their Easter Traditions. Family members still get together to reflect after and celebrate the end of Lent by eating a delicious Easter cake known as Mona de Pascua, a dish that features a boiled egg in the center.

What kind of Easter Basket should you get for your family in Spain? Gift giving isn’t a focus of Easter in Spain, but it will certainly still be appreciated. Find out what they gave up for Lent and send them a basket bursting with the goodies they can once again enjoy. Or, if you’re in doubt, send a mixed gourmet basket the whole family can share and it’ll be like a second celebration.


Easter Traditions in Russia

Like with most holidays, Russians are all about spending this time with family. Of course, many religious Easter traditions are observed, including a night service the day before Easter to organize processions around the church.  People in the procession and on the streets raise their voices in prayer and proclamation, saying “Khristos voskres!”  (“Christ is risen!”) to those they pass. In reply, people say “Voistinu voskres” (“Truly He is”) followed by hugging and a traditional triple kiss. To further spread the joy, many follow the old Russian Easter tradition of delivering gifts to poor families, friends, strangers, or really any place in need.  The idea is to show the same mercy and kindness they believe Jesus showed.

At home, family comes together to spend time with one another and enjoy delicious food like Paskha, which is a special sweet bread for the holiday. They also enjoy coloring eggs (traditionally in many shades of red) but there are no egg hunts like in the US. These eggs are often intricate and it’s fun to show them off to family and friends, or give as a gift to neighbors.

To send the perfect Easter Basket to your loved ones in Russia, there is really only rule – send something from the heart. Treat your loved ones to a gourmet basket that they can share during their celebrations or send tea and coffee to enjoy while they stay up chatting. Whatever you send, send it with your love and best wishes.

Easter Traditions in Brazil

People in Brazil celebrate their Easter holiday in the fall and the end of their “Holy Week.” The main celebrations during Holy Week start on Friday, where many areas have street plays to tell the tale of the Passion of Christ. The Saturday that follows is called “Sabado de Aleluia,”; on this day, many people create Judas Dolls. These dolls often have images of hated politicians or other figures on them. People hit them with sticks around the streets until they are destroyed.

Easter Sunday is not so different from the US. Families gather together to enjoy food and great company. Everyone gets chocolate eggs, especially kids. Very recently, some families have adopted the traditional Easter egg hunt for their kids.

Sending an Easter Basket to Brazil is simple – send something they love. Chocolate eggs and US-style treats are becoming popular, but a vibrant bouquet of bright Spring flowers will them smile too.


Easter Traditions in UK

Easter traditions in the UK have evolved into a cross between old customs from Anglo-Saxon times and Eostre worship, to modern customs from Christianity.  As in many places, Easter Sunday is a time of deep religious reflection. Many Catholics and Christians hold special services and also celebrate the end of Lent.

In many areas, you’ll find men dressed up in costumes with hats, ribbons, and bells around their ankles. They are performing a Morris dance. This rhythmic stepping dance includes performers wielding sticks, handkerchiefs, or even swords to aid in their display.  Eggs also play a big part in their celebration. They are boiled, dyed, eaten, and even rolled around! Many families play a game in which they roll eggs down a hill or across a yard to see whose egg can go the farthest un-cracked.

What should your Easter Basket include in the UK? Chocolate eggs are a huge hit with just about everyone. But any reminder of spring will do, from fresh flowers to fragrant teas. The perfect Easter gift should be something to indulge in.

No matter where you’re sending an Easter basket this year, or who you’re sending it to, remember to make it fun and personal! After all the very best part of the gift, aside from the surprise, is getting to enjoy it. Pick out something especially good and you may just get a gift in return to say thanks. 
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Easter Traditions Around the World

16 Mar

Kids in the US grow up expecting a delivery of eggs and candy from the Easter bunny each year, though it may seem strange to an outsider. Brought to the New World by German immigrants in the beginning of the 18th century, the practice is rooted in the belief that rabbits and eggs symbolize fertility and rebirth. While this may be the norm in US, other cultures have their their own, unique customs. Here are some of the most interesting Easter traditions from around the world and the history behind them.


Egg rolling is an important part of the Easter celebration in US that usually takes place on Easter Monday. The Egg Roll is an annual race, where children push hard boiled eggs through the grass with a spoon. The custom originated in Germany and was brought to America along with other traditions such as the Easter bunny. Another way of celebrating Easter in US is participating in Egg hunt. An Easter egg hunt is a fun festive game, during which decorated eggs (usually made of chocolate or filled with candy) are hidden outdoors or indoors for children to run around and find.


According to Gregorian calendar Orthodox Easter in Russia is observed 7 days after Catholic Easter. Preceding the holiday is a long 40 days Lenten fast during which no meat, dairy products, fish, eggs, or alcohol are allowed.  It ends on Easter Sunday when all the food prohibited during the fast is served along with famous Paskha (type of Russian cheesecake made from curd cheese in shape of a truncated pyramid) and Kulich (Russian Easter bread made with butter, eggs, raisins, and nuts).


Pouring water on one another is a Polish Easter tradition that has its origins in the baptism of Polish Prince on Easter Monday in 966 AD. To this day on Easter Monday, boys try to drench with water everyone around and especially the opposite sex. According to the legend girls who get soaked will marry that year.


Jews do not celebrate Easter. They do, however, have Passover this time of year. The eight-day festival also known as Pesach commemorates the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt. The most important part of the Passover celebration is the ceremony of Seder, an elaborate festive meal that takes place on the first two nights of the holiday of Passover. ‘Seder’ translates as ‘order’ and thus, all its rituals are observed in a particular order on this day.


A popular Easter tradition in Hungary also revolves around water and is known as “Sprinkling”. On Easter Monday men of all ages playfully spray perfume, cologne or just plain water, on girls and women and ask for a kiss. In the old days people used to believe that water had a purifying, healing and fertility-inducing effect.

Czech Republic & Slovakia

Men from Czech Republic and Slovakia went even further and on Easter Monday they follow the tradition of spanking women with long handmade willow whips decorated with colorful ribbons. Of course such playful spanking is all in good fun and not meant to cause pain. According to the legend, the willow is the first tree to bloom in spring, so the branches are believed to bring women the tree’s vitality and fertility.


Norwegians have an interesting Easter tradition of reading crime novels known as “Easter Thrillers”. At this time of year many people read mystery books or watch the televised crime detective series on national television. The tradition has started in 1923 when a book publisher promoted its new crime novel on the front pages of newspapers. The ads looked like real news and people didn’t realize it was a publicity stunt.

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