Grilling Gift Basket to New York, USA

01 Jul

On the 4th of July all Americans celebrate Independence Day. Send your congratulations and best wishes to your friends, family members or business associates in US with a thoughtful and useful gift. Our choice this week is a grilling gift basket to USA that includes all the necessary tools and condiments to make their grilled creation a true masterpiece to be enjoyed by everyone!


Sweet Gift Basket to Ganja, Azerbaijan

28 Jun

“A really excellent business centered around great customer service. I have sent many things in the past to Eastern Europe and so many times the gifts go missing or arrived in poor condition. These guys are perfect every time and it just gives you “peace of mind” that your loved ones are getting what you ordered and paid for on time.”

David G.

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Bouquet & Chocolate Basket to Rome, Italy

27 Jun

All we need is love but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt. Send your special someone a wonderful gift basket to Italy filled to the brim with all kinds of delicious chocolate to brighten up their day and make any occasion so much sweeter. To make a surprise more romantic add a stunning bouquet of red roses that speak of love silently, in language known only to the heart.


Ramadan Gifts and Eid Gift Baskets

26 Jun

Contemplate Spirituality, Practice Charity, and Celebrate Patience with Ramadan Gifts

 The biggest Muslim holiday Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, starts this year on July, 8. In the Muslim tradition in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, and other countries it is the time to pray, reflect, and explore the spiritual side of life. People observing Ramadan will also refrain from eating and drinking, from dusk till dawn – a tradition which requires a lot of dedication and discipline.

The end of the fasting period of Ramadan is marked with the significant holiday of Eid Al-Fitr, the time of sharing and giving. During the holiday people visit their relatives and friends, give sweet gifts to children, adults, and especially the needy – no one is to go without experiencing the richness of the celebration at this time. If your family and friends are far away, send them special Ramadan gifts to feel closer and let them know how much you love and care about them. is offering a great variety of gourmet foods, exquisite sweets, and other gifts for Ramadan and Eid that will satisfy the dietary needs of your dear recipients. Send a delicious, meaningful, and beautiful gift basket to your Muslim—and even non-Muslim—friends and relatives who are far away and keep the family spirit together even when you are apart.

Chocolate Gifts

During Ramadan, the Muslim holiday of sharing and giving, great joy and charity, there’s nothing more important than to demonstrate the significant people in your love how much you love and appreciate them. Send your warm wishes and blessings to family, friends, and colleagues this Ramadan by giving them a gift basket filled to the brim with all time favorite sweets. A large selection of premium chocolates will be enough for everyone in the family or office to share and indulge in great feasts to celebrate the victory of Ramadan, the attainment of higher spirituality, and forgiveness.


Healthy Fruit & Nuts Gifts

Want to demonstrate your family, friends, or colleagues how thoughtful and caring a person you are? Indulge them with an assortment of all time favorite Ramadan healthy treats. Mouth-watering chocolate covered and almond stuffed dates, crystallized and dried succulent fruit, heavenly nougat, an assortment of nuts are sure to turn a challenging fasting period into a delightful ritual. Just choose a presentation and the size of the basket depending on how many people on your list you want to please and prepare to receive a lot of thank you calls from the happy recipients!


Iftar Gifts

Iftar is a traditional Ramadan feast, when the whole family gathers together for a special meal after dawn, when the fasting is over. Select a gift basket full of traditional Iftar delicacies that will make your recipient’s celebration truly special. The meal usually starts with eating of a date, like Prophet Mohammad used to do, and our Iftar gifts include very delicious Dates Stuffed With Almonds. It also has a variety of delicacies such as Pumpkin Seed Flatbread, nutritious peanuts, gourmet chocolate, and much more treats to satisfy any palate!

Ramadan is the most important month of the year for the whole Muslim world. It is rather difficult to find appropriate and nutritious food allowed to eat during the fast, but is offering a great selection of Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr Gift Ideas to meet the dietary needs of your dear recipients. Make an unforgettable impression, and share your love with style and taste — not only on sacred days, but anytime you need to send a special message!


Gourmet Gift Basket to San José, Costa Rica

24 Jun

“The delivery has been completed, please give my thanks to the delivery man. The cheese and chocolates are of a high quality. Over all I am pleased with your service and the delivery you make, thank you.
 Kind regards,
Christopher C.”

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Sweet Gift Basket to Vancouver, Canada

21 Jun

If your boyfriend, husband, brother, dad or business associate has a sweet tooth, send him a tasty surprise straight to his office. Delicious cake and a gift basket to Canada full of sweets and chocolate is great for sharing and will make a perfect addition to any celebration.


Sweet Gift Basket to Galkissa, Sri-Lanka

20 Jun

Just imagine the happy face of your dear recipient when we deliver to their office or home this stylish treasure chest filled to the brim with grand flavors of wonderful and unique chocolate and sweets. The perfect pleasure for those who know and appreciate quality and taste! This great solution to your entire personal and corporate gift giving needs is sure to warm their hearts and make any holiday sweeter and full of flavor.


Gift Baskets to Poznan, Poland

18 Jun

Being far from your family is tough but you can get closer to them anytime by sending your love and attention with wonderful gift baskets from Either it’s a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day or any other special occasion your generous gifts will be highly appreciated by all those you love and care for.


Gourmet Gift Basket to Jerusalem, Israel

17 Jun

“Our Mom was very happy because she received few boxes, as far as I know she was waiting for her daughter to open everything together. 
One more time thank you very much for a great service. I hope she will love the stuff, fruits and peanuts in the front of television is her  favorite thing to do.”
Joanna C. & Eli S.

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Wedding Gift Ideas For Bride and Groom

13 Jun

Summer and early fall are the busiest wedding seasons of the year. During this time each of us has at least one wedding to attend and there’s always a tricky question popping up ‘Which gift to choose for the newlyweds?’

If you’ve pledged to be more creative than a blender-or-a-set-of-flatware type but you have a limited budget and are not quite sure about the tastes of the recipients these tips should help you with choosing the right wedding gift.

For those creative who wants to send an unforgettable surprise for the newlyweds without spending too much money we’ve chosen some simple, affordable but stylish gift ideas that will show how thoughtful a person you are and leave a wow-worthy impression on the newlyweds.

Flowers as a symbol of life, fertility and new beginnings are an essential part of every wedding. In many countries around the world it’s customary to give the newlyweds fresh flowers from stylish flower arrangements to luxurious flower baskets.

If you want to put into your bouquet a little bit more thought choose the flowers according to their meaning. Show your love to the just married couple by giving red roses, red and yellow tulips, white carnations. Orange blossoms to newlyweds symbolize promise and fertility. Give blue hyacinth for constancy and faithfulness, honeysuckle and peonies for happiness.

If you know where the bride and groom are vacationing for their honeymoon or staying for their wedding night, you can surprise them by calling ahead and arranging a nice bouquet of flowers to be placed in their hotel suite. You can also add a bottle of champagne, cake, chocolate dipped strawberries, or even gourmet gift basket to be placed next to the flowers, so the newlyweds can have a little romantic moment together.

Gourmet Gift Basket
Wedding is one of the most important events in our lives and it needs to be celebrated in grand style. Send the newlyweds a sophisticated gourmet gift basket featuring a wide selection of delicious goodies and drinks that were created to please. Exquisite cheeses and meats, various snacks, chocolate and desserts… there’s a great number of amazing food to be included in the hamper. Don’t forget about a bottle of good wine or champagne paired with stylish glasses so that the newly husband and wife can raise a toast to a happy life together the day after the wedding. Opulence? Definitely! And why not when those you love and care about are celebrating their marriage?

Romantic Dessert
Wedding is a romantic occasion and the newlyweds will definitely appreciate a gift built for two that will help to set a romantic and amorous mood. Gourmet chocolate, everyone’s favorite truffles, beautiful and delicious cakes, chocolate fondue or chocolate dipped strawberries, there are so many sweet ways to set the right atmosphere for the first wedding night. A bottle of sparkling wine, as well as a set of stylish candles and a bouquet of flowers will be a perfect addition to your token of love. With such a gift there’s no doubt the bride and groom will have an amazing and extravagant night and their honeymoon will never come to an end!

Wedding is a celebration of mutual love and respect so it’s important to choose a gift that will be enjoyed and appreciated by both recipients. Send your heartfelt wishes of happiness, love and prosperity to the newlyweds with a creative and stylish gift and be sure it will make their wedding even more special and memorable!