Flower Basket to Sofia, Bulgaria

24 Jun

This extraordinary mix of royal red roses, soft pink tulips, snow-white chrysanthemums and exotic calla lilies in a keepsake wicker hamper will produce an unforgettable impression on anyone with a sophisticated taste. Our florists did their best to turn this delicate arrangement into a masterpiece that will last for weeks bringing your dear recipient lots of positive emotions and joy. Perfect to send to anyone from a business associate to a family member this stunning flower basket to Bulgaria will make their birthday, anniversary, housewarming party, or corporate event extraordinary. For extra special occasions compliment the hamper with a bottle of great wine or champagne, famous chocolate or gourmet basket filled to the brim with delicious treats and snacks.


Sweet Gift Basket to Beirut, Lebanon

23 Jun

“I found your company after long search of how to send gift surprise from Europe to my family in Lebanon. I saw your company first, read very good reviews and contacted you. Your representatives answered me immediately, were very helpful and polite. I really liked the whole experience. The gift was also great and you satisfied both me and my recipients.

Thank you very much.

Omar H.”
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Happy Father’s Day!

20 Jun

Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad!
Today is the day to honor our beloved father and a perfect chance to express all the love and gratitude we have for him. If he’s already had his breakfast in bed, handmade card or ticket to the favorite game the only thing that is missing is an amazing gift basket delivered to him as a surprise. Chocolate for those with a sweet tooth, snacks and beers for sport lovers, wine and gourmet treats for connoisseurs, fancy writing set for serious businessmen… there’s a perfect gift for any dad out there. If you forgot to get a Father’s Day gift this year, go ahead and do it now, because it’s better late than never!


Father’s Day Gift to London, UK

18 Jun

This Sunday, June 21st all dads around the world are celebrating their main holiday of the year – Father’s Day. For almost a century the 3d Sunday of June has been set to celebrate fraternity and pay tribute to fathers. Honoring all father figures in our lives including grandfathers, fathers-in-law, stepfathers, older brothers and uncles is a wonderful yearly tradition observed by people in many countries with lots of enthusiasm and joy. Along with Father’s Day favorite activities like watching or playing sports, fishing, going to a picnic, cinema, etc there’s gift giving. No Father’s Day celebration can be complete without presenting dear dads with beautiful gifts and flowers. From simple bouquets and handmade cards to sophisticated gourmet hampers and personalized items dads are given all types of of gifts on this day. Regardless of your budget, don’t forget to demonstrate your dear dad how much you love and appreciate him in your life by sending a wonderful Father’s Day gift basket. Order your gift before June, 20 and get a special 9% discount with a coupon code WSG21.


Gift Set to Dushanbe, Tajikistan

16 Jun

Lilies are the royal flowers beloved in all cultures and given for all major holidays and significant occasions. When you need to wish a happy birthday, send greetings to business associates or even declare love to your significant other a stunning bouquet of refined fresh lilies mixed with seasonal flowers is always a great choice. While white lilies symbolize purity and virtue, pink lilies represent wealth and prosperity bringing your dear recipients good luck. Easily customized with plush toys, gourmet baskets, delicious chocolate or exquisite wine a simple bouquet of lilies can have plenty of different meanings and become suitable for all occasions, from neutral business gifts to Tajikistan to passionate romantic surprises.


Gift Basket to Istanbul, Turkey

15 Jun

“Two months ago I used this company to send a gift basket to Turkey and I was very satisfied with this services so this month I decided to go with them again but this time there was an issue with the delivery to my friend. The package was delivered and signed for by someone other than the person I sent the gift to. I was upset at first but the excellent customer service representatives got in contact with the local gift shop and they resent the gift. My friend as well as myself are very pleased. I’m appreciative of their prompt and kind customer service reps!”

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Gift Basket to Prague, Czech Republic

12 Jun

“It isn’t the size of the gift that matters, but the size of the heart that gives it.”  ~ Eileen Elias Freeman
When you need to surprise recipients of all ages a gourmet basket filled to the brim with a nice selection of snacks and drinks will do the trick. There’s nothing more suitable for a big family celebration then a hamper that has a little something for everyone’s taste. An assortment of savory snacks, sweet treats, potato chips, popcorn and more are accompanied with local beer for the grown ups and chocolate for the little ones. Congratulate graduates, send a surprise to schoolkids who are enjoying their summer vacation, wish happy birthday to a friend or just send your best wishes to the one you care for with a delicious gourmet gift basket to Czech Republic.


Father’s Day Traditions From Around the World

10 Jun

Every year on the third Sunday in June dads all over the world celebrate a wonderful holiday, Father’s Day. Even though the origins of the celebration are dating back to 4,ooo years ago, the holiday gained its momentum only at the beginning of the last century as a complement to Mother’s Day. Now a day to honor fathers, grandfathers, fathers-in-law, stepfathers, and all father figures in our lives has become a tradition in most countries around the world. Put a new twist on your Father’s Day by incorporating some of these international customs into your celebration plan this year.

Father’s Day in Germany is annually observed on Thursday about 40 days after Easter. Also called “Men’s Day” or “Gentlemen’s day” the holiday was born in the Middle Ages as a religious procession. Traditionally, men celebrate it together in what is probably one of the oldest act of male bonding on the books: drinking alcohol and pulling a wagon around town. The modern celebration usually begins with a male’s only hike, lots of traditional food, beer and wine. In German cities, the party has taken on a more urban tone, with men taking a load off by gathering together and drinking all day.

To celebrate the German way, help organize a group of dads who enjoy sports, fishing or even wine-tasting and let your dear Dad make a day of it!

In Thailand, Father’s Day is celebrated on the same day as the birthday of the King, ‘The Father of the Nation’, who is very beloved by Thai people. Children start the day off by giving their father a Canna flower, which is considered to be a man’s flower in Thailand. There is also a tradition of wearing yellow on this day (the official color of the day the King was born) that is now being replaced by wearing pink instead, inspired by the color of the King’s jacket.

To bring these traditions into your own family, tell all the family members to wear Dad’s favorite color on Father’s Day and surprise him with a stylish flower or plant in a pot.
Chichi No Hi or Father’s Day annually observed in Japan on the third Sunday of June is the perfect time for kids to get crafty. Personalized champagne bottles, beer glasses, and origami are some of the most popular handmade gifts for Father’s Day in Japan. Flowers, perfume and local candies are some of other great choices for Japanese dads. Another important holiday tradition is serving crab, shrimp or fish dishes during festive lunch or dinner.

Bring Japanese traditions to your Father’s Day celebration by having a special seafood meal. Let the kids wrap some of Dad’s favorite sweets as a special after-dinner treat.

South Africa
The emphasis of the Father’s Day in South Africa is on celebrating fatherhood and the role of fathers in the lives of their children. Similar to a typical Father’s Day in US, South African children start the holiday with giving their dads flowers, cards, neckties and other small gifts. Father’s Day in South Africa is a family holiday and people often enjoy having picnics or spending time fishing in hopes of catching their dinner.

Tying into that theme, you can start the tradition of fishing with your dad or as a whole family each Father’s Day. Additionally, make cute handwritten notes to thank your dad for all the little things he helped you with during the year.


Gourmet Basket to Manila, Philippines

08 Jun

“Dear Catherine,
Thank you so much for all the assistance and good care you took of us and our clients. You helped choose the gift basket within our budget and even came extra way with switching some items for us. I really appreciate this kind of customer care which is not typical. We received the confirmation from the recipients and they were very thankful and impressed with the presentation. I really appreciate all you’ve done. Looking forward to use your service again soon.
Nath H.”
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Romantic Gift Set to Montreal, Canada

04 Jun

There are things women love throughout their lives regardless of the age. Roses, chocolate and plush toys are one of them. Send dear wife, mother, daughter, sister, or girlfriend a surprise that includes everything that she enjoys so much. Right on time for a big day they will receive a bouquet of stunning long-stemmed red roses surrounded by a cloud of delicate white gypsophilas and greenery. A cuddly Me to You Bear will deliver a customized message and help you to reveal your heart in a romantic way. For even sweeter impression our love experts have complimented this wonderful gift set to Canada with a box of delicious gourmet chocolate that your dear recipient will indulge while thinking of your love and generosity.