Sweet Basket to Ukraine

17 Dec

Don’t forget to make your sweet tooth colleagues happy this Christmas season.


World’s Largest Basket Building

16 Dec

Dear customers!
With your help we will soon be able to afford to build a new office in a shape of a basket as The Longaberger Company once did.
The Longaberger Company is an American manufacture of handcrafted maple wood baskets that also offers other home and lifestyle products, including pottery, wrought iron, fabric accessories and specialty foods.

What started out as a dream by Dave Longaberger, Founder of The Longaberger Company, has been built into a giant basket to house the entire corporate offices of the company. Longaberger believed the idea was one of his best and […] Continue Reading…


Gift Basket to USA

16 Dec

Thank you very much for your good and fast service! I live in Italy and have co-workers from US and I needed to send them a present. I was so glad when I found that you have Italian gift basket! The people were very impressed. I want to use your service in the future.”
Domenico T.


Christmas in Germany

15 Dec

In Germany, the Christmas season begins with Advent. A wreath of evergreens with four red candles is placed in the house. One candle is lit on each Sunday before Christmas.
On Christmas Eve, 24th December, families go to church, then feast on a large dinner of roast goose or duck (stuffed with apples), “stollen” (Christmas bread) and marzipan candy. Prior to the evening feast, is the presentation of the tree. The Christmas tree, as we know it, originated in Germany. It has a mysterious magic for the young because they are not allowed to see it until Christmas Eve. While […] Continue Reading…


Roses delivery

14 Dec

A big bunch of roses is a gift suitable for any occasion.


Fruit and flower basket for seniors

12 Dec

A fruit basket and flowers is the most suitable gift for elderly people.


Holidays DISCOUNT from, Russia & Worldwide Gift Delivery

12 Dec

Thank you for your loyalty in 2008 which helped us build a better business.
Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones !

Please use a DISCOUNT coupon to save $10 off any order to Russia, Ukraine or anywhere in CIS & Eastern Europe.

Just enter: KORZ2008 at the end of order form. Please order soon, as this offer ends on December 19th.

Additionally, all delivery FEES are included: so you can expect NO hidden charges.

Please check out our Holiday Catalog for Christmas, Hanuka and a New Year

Please order early in advance to ensure timely delivery!

Please don’t forget to play with our […] Continue Reading…

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Christmas in Denmark

11 Dec

In Denmark Christmas is celebrated on December 24th. Preparations begin several weeks before Christmas Eve with the baking of cookies, breads and sweets, the making of gifts and the visiting of friends and family.

Christmas Eve is a special time. At this time parents secretly decorate the Christmas tree with home made wood and straw baubles. The children are only able to see the tree before dinner when it is lit up and the family gathers to sing carols and hymns.

The main Christmas meal in Denmark is eaten on Christmas Eve. It begins with ‘ris á la mande’ (a special kind […] Continue Reading…


Christmas in France

10 Dec

Like many countries in Western Europe, the Christmas season in France begins with Saint Nicholas’ Day, December 6th. Family celebrations begin with the decoration of the Christmas tree a few days before Christmas.

At Christmas time nearly every French home, as well as many churches, displays a Nativity scene or crèche, which serves as the focus for the Christmas celebration. The crèche is often peopled with little clay figures called santons or “little saints.”

At midnight everyone attends the Christmas mass. All the churches and cathedrals are magnificently lit and echo the joyful melodies of carols ans bells. Ordinarily, young […] Continue Reading…


Gift basket to Germany

08 Dec

“Thank you very much guys!
You have delivered the gift basket to my  business partner to Germany just in time. He was very impressed and thankful and it is very important for my business.
Good Luck”
Joe M., USA